Eramthottathu Kandiyoor Subdivision originated from Kiriyachan, younger son of Mr. Idichandi who has been marked as the first for-father in the family history.

Kiriyachan had 3 sons, Idichandy, Rev. Thomas and Ninan. Among them Rev. Thomas went to Puthencavu to serve as the secretary of His grace Mar Thevanniyasiou (Marthoma -VI). There he earned lot of properties. He died without offsprings. His younger brother Ninan who became the owner of all these properties also passed away without any successors.

Their elder brother Idichandy had the following children.

  1. Eramthottathu Kiriyachan
  2. Kanchirathumoottil Perumal Tharakan
  3. Vadakeethalakkal Rev. Kunju Ninan (Valiya Vicar)
  4. Polachirakkal Puthen Veettil Oommoomen.

These are the head of this family subdivision.

Eramthottathu Kanidyoor Sub Division

Kiriyan the fore-father shifted from Mavelikara and settled at Eramthottathu House. This house is located 3 miles away from Mavelikara on the westside West of Kandiyoor Temple (EdenThottam was shortened as Eramthottam) A special unavoidable circumstance forced Kiriyachan to take this decision. Mattathu Thumbungal Judge was a contemporary friend of Kiriyachan. They both had craving passion for playing chess. They played chess regularly at Thumbungal house with some other namboothiri friends. This friendship led to the shifting after building a house at Kandiyoor.

Out of his two marriages, Kiriyachan got 4 sons, Idichandy (died without issues), Idiculla, Yavana, Puthen purakkal Cheriya and 2 daughters Achamma and Annamma. Among the four sons, Idiculla and Puthenpurakkal Cheriyan left Kandiyoor and comfortably established themselves at Vazhuvadi in two different house namely Alummoottil and Puthenpurackal Achamma got married and went to Chennithala Kottathu Villayil. Annamma went to Chunakkara. Yavana had five children. Keevarethu Rev. Idichandy, Itty Cheriya were three sons. Anna, Maria were two daughters. Among them Rev. Idichandy returned to Mavelikara and settled at Vazhuvadi Eramthottathu House. After marriage, Anna went to Peedikayil House at Karthigapally and Mariamma to Thottakandathil at Veeyapuram.

Keevarichan (Kariyachan)
He got only son named as KunjuNina Thannimoottil.

Kunju Nina Thannimoottil
His first wife was from Muthukulathu Thandalathu House. After her death, he married Achiyamma from Veeyapuram Varachithu House. N. Geevarghese Thanimoottil, N. Alexander were the children from the first wife. N.G. Varghese and Achiyamma were the children born of the second wife. Achiyamma got married to Mathai (Kunjukunju) of Kuttemperoor Kopparathe House.

N. Geevarghese Thanimoottil
His wife Aliyamma was the daughter of Geevarghese, Kallimel, Kalluvalayam Kizhakkeveettil. They had 3 daughters Saramma, Annamma and Achiyamma and one son G. Ninan.

Among the daughters

  1. Saramma was wedded to Vennikulam, Olassery Mannil George.
  2. Annamma (B.Sc, B.Ed) got married to K. V. John (B.Sc., B.Ed) of Koonan Kulangara Kallelil House at Bagavathipadi.
  3. Achiyamma (M.Sc.)

Kaipattor Kodumannethumalayil Philip (M.Sc) son of John, married Achiyamma.

Rev. Fr. G. Ninan Thannimoottil
He was the only son of N. Geevarghese Thannimoottil. Apart from that he is the only priest from Eramthottathu family (Mother’s generation) at present His service was rendered to the following churches.

Thonakkadu St. George, Karippuzha, St. George, Hyderabad, St. Gregorious Kattanam St. Stephen, Pathichira St. John, Kadambanadu St. Thomas, Kunnam St. George etc. Not only that, Rev. G. Ninan put his initiations and efforts in the construction of churches and other institutions at different places.

Rev. G. Ninan married marykutty daughter of Mr. Philipose from Mavelikara Kadavil House. She worked as a teacher and retired. These couple had 4 children. 1. Geevarghese Ninan (Kunju) B.Pharm, 2. Nicy Ninan B.Sc., 3. Annie Ninan M.Sc. B.Ed., 4. Philipose Ninan (Anil). At present Geevarghese Ninan is at United States of America.

Among the daughters, Nicy Ninan (B.Sc.N) was married to Kudasanadu Kuzhiyathu Mohan (M.Com) son of George. Annie Ninan (M.Sc., B.E.d) was wedded to George Jacob Vinu (B.Sc.) son of Late Jacob (Engineer). They belong to Gildha House, Kalluvalayathil Vazhuvadi.

Among the sons Geevarghese Ninan (Kunju) B.Pharm

He married Mini Kori (B.Sc.) daughter of Illamannur Poovathoor House Rev. Kori, Cor Episcopa. Now they are at Chicago (U.S.A.)

Philiphose Ninan (Anil) Thannimoottil (Second son of Rev. Fr. G. Ninan) He was working at Kuwait after completing I.T.I. training. He married Suja, daughter of Puthen Madathil P.C. Alexander. They had a son Ninan Philiphose (Vivek). After his birth, Anil met with an accident at Kuwait and died in 1997. Cremation took place at Puthiyakave St.Mary’s Cathedral Church.

N. Alexander B.A., B.L., Ex. M.P. (Cheriyachan)
The popular political leader and the General Convenor of Vadakkethalakkal Kudumbayogam Mr. N. Alexander was born as the second son of Eramthottathu subdivision, Thanimmoottil Kunju Ninan and Saramma. Due to the early demise of his parents his elder brother became his guardian in all respects; even he played an important role in building up a basement in his political carrier and acted as a guide.

Cheriyan was much impressed Gandhiyan thoughts and speeches even when he was just a school boy. While our hero was a resident of Thiruvanathapuram Govt. Hostel, he took the initiative to raise the Congress flag on the Hostel Day.

Cherian had just completed his B. A. Final exam and came home, while liquor prohibitation, rejection of foreign goods picketing etc were going on throughout the country.

He first married Kunjamma daughter of Kadammanethu Chacko who belonged to West Poovathoor family at Chengannur. The couple had only one son namely P.A. Ninan (M.A. L.L.B Advocate Bombay) after the death of his wife, he remarried Kayamkulam Pookkoyikkal Divan Bagathoor G. T. Varghese’s (Thomaskutty) fifth daughter Miss Simoni Varghese (Kunjumol). Simoni Varghese was a teacher. She retired as Headmistress from Vettiyar T.M. Varghese memorial High School. After retirement, after the demise of N. Alexander, she served as the manager of the same school. More details are stated else where. This couple has 3 sons.

  1. Pradeep (Thomas Alexander, B.Sc.)
  2. George Alexander M.Sc. (Dileep)
  3. Joseph Alexander F.C. A.

P. A. Ninan M.A. L.L.B. (Advocate Bombay) (He is the only son of N. Alexander Ex. M. P. in his first marriage)

Mr. P. A. Ninan was practicing as an advocate in the Accident Claim Section Bombay. He married Leela Mathew (B.A.) daughter of Mavelikara Shoppil Mathaichen and Mariamma. The whole family members are settled and staying at Bombay (Georgeon). They have four children Madhu (BA), Sudha (B.Com) Prabha (LLB) and Deeba.

George Alexander (Dileep M.Sc.)

First he was an employee of C.B.I. Office Bombay. Then he resigned the job and got employment at Doha and working there. He married Achamma Cheriyan (B.Sc.) daughter of Thumbaman Pallivathukkal P.J. Cheriyan and Mariamma. They have 3 daughters. All are students

  1. Serin V. George
  2. Merin V. George
  3. Simon V. George

Joseph Alexander FCA (Kochumon)

He passed Chartered Accountancy and practicing presently at Dubai. He married Anitha (Elizabeth Anitha Varghese M.Sc. Phd.) daughter of TV Varghese and Leelamma from Mallapally, Palathinkal South House.

The couple has a son Alex Joseph and 2 daughters Simoni Joseph and Jeffy Joseph.

Thomas Alexander (B.Sc.) The whole family members are residing at Thiruvanathapuram.

Captain N.G. Geevarghese AVSM(In) Rtd, Thannimootil.
He completed his matriculation from Mavelikara Govt High School. In 1940 got selection in communication and electronics section of the Royal Indian Navy. His primary training was at Karachi. In between 1948 and 1953, twice he went to England, stayed 3 years and undergone higher studies in communication and electronics. He was appointed as commission officer in March 1953. Later at regular intels, step by step he was promoted to higher levels and finally attainded, the post of a captain. He served in different very important officials charges, even during a war time he was the sole authority of a warship.

During Indo-Pak war in 1971, he was incharge of the Signal Inteligence section whose duty was to keenly watch the routes and paths of the enemy Naval forces and their squardron of ships including the western border of the sea. For his admirable selfless distinquished service. The Indian President honoured him by awarding ‘Ati Vishistha Sewa Medal@.

A few years back he could achieve new techniques in the News broadcasting and communication section which was once considered to be impossible. He was posted as the Bureau Director of Research and Analysis wing of the Central Bureau of Investigation in the Central Cabinet Secretariat in the year 1974 and he served with utmost sincerity.

He married Rajamma eldest of Late Mr. P. J. Alexander (School Inspector) from Chengannur Poovathoor family. Commander P.V. John, Lt. Commander P.V. Alexander, P.V. George are the three sons and Susheela (Susan) is the only daughter of Captain N.G. Geevarghese. He retired from official service in October 1982. Now spending his retired life at Kochi.

Dr. Susheela (only daughter of Captain Geevarghese)
She was wedded to Varghese Zacharia B.Sc., B.Pharm son of Mavelikara Vadakkathalakkal Kanjirathinmootil K. Scariah and now they are at U.S.A.

Commander P.V. John

He completed his studies from Central Govt. Indian Military College at Serampoor. Passed Union Public Service Commission Exam and joined in National Defence Academy. Then he specialised in Electrical Engineering and completed Defence staff course in wellington. Now he is working as the chief of the Weapons and Radio Equipment Testing Team which is under the control of Western Naval Command.

He married Susan, daughter of Sri. George C. Oommen belong to Mavelikara Kuruthedathu family. This couple has a son.

Commander P.V. Alexander
Like his father, he too is an expert in Communication and Electronics. After graduating from National Defence Academy, rendering service as Staff Officer at Goa Naval commander.

Kottayam Vathiyapurakkal Sri. Philip’s eldest daughter Asha, is his wife. They have a daughter and a son who were twins. Commander P.V. George

He got selection at Manipal Institute of Technology to learn Engineering. But joined National Engineering College at Lonevale. During his course time itself he was selected as an officer in Commissioned Rank. After completing his engineering in May 1990, now serving as an Naval Officer.

Itty Cheriya- Eramthotttathu Kandiyoor
He is the grandson of Eramthottathu Kiriyachan and 3rd son of Yavanan who is the son of Kiriyachan. His wife Achamma is the daughter of Evoor Punnara Oommachen. They have Yavanan, Eapen (Pappi) and Aleyamma as their children. Ex. Minister Late Mr. T.M. Varghese married Aleyamma.

Yavanan- Eramthottathu
His wife was from Eloor and they have 3 daughters Kunjamma, Thankamma and Aleyamma.

Kunjamma got married to Pallikkal Kuttiyil Advocate John.

Peringalayil Kuttiyil Koshy unnunni from Kayamkulam, married Thankamma. Aleyamma’s husband Chengannur Budhanoor Daniel,son of Nanniyak Kurian, is adopted and staying in her house. Eapen (Pappi) Eramthottathu (Itty Cheriyan Second Son) Niranam Kalappuraparambil Oommen’s daughter Mariamma is the wife of Eapen (Pappi). He died on 6-6-1995 Mariamma died on 27-7-1998 at the age of 95. Her body was buried at Puthiyakavu Cathedral Church.

Their 4 sons are Thomas, Jacob, Alexander and Eapen and two daughters are Thankama and Mariama.

Thankamma got married to Kollam Perinadu Kaliyil Mathunni’s son Oommachan. Mariamma got married to George son of Ezhakkadavil Oommachen.

Thomas, Valsala Cottage,Valiaperumpuzha (Mattom North) Mavelikara
He married Kunjamma daughter of Haripad Cherattamkeril Geevarghese and Achamma. They got 6 children and their names as follows.

  1. Mary Thomas (Mary Kutty)
  2. George (Expired)
  3. Valsamma Thomas
  4. Biju Thomas
  5. Sheeju Thomas
  6. Mini Thomas.
Among the daughters

Mary Thomas B.Sc Nurse married George John (B.Sc) son of Kottarakara Aviyottu Thomas. Parakkottu Kulathil Karottu Philiphose, son of Kunju, married Valsamma Sheeju Thomas married Thumbamon Thekkekkara Maliyatthu Kizhakkethil Babu Thomas.

Mini Thomas is the wife of Kottarkavu Nadukke Puthen House Varghese. Biju Thomas is working at Kuwait

P. E. Jacob:- Jacob cottage, Valiaperumpuzha, Mattom North, Mavelikara.

He is a businessman. He married Mariamma (Teacher) daughter of Koshy, Mavelikara Kombasseril Mariamma retired from B.T. School. Their only son is Ninan P. Jacob.

P. E. Jacob died in the year 1953, when he was 27 years old. He was buried at Puthiyakavu Cathedral Church. Ninan P. Jacob

He is working as an L.I.C. Agent. A jewellery functions under his ownership. His wife Saramma (Lilly) is the daughter of Pathenapuram Kalluvettam Kuzhiyil Late Mr. Kuruvilla George and Kuttiyamma. They have two children Sona Mariamma Ninan and Sino Jacob Ninan both are students.

P.E. Alexander (Pappachen) Soni Villa, Kandiyoor P.O., Mavelikara.

He died on 17.09.1981. While doing banking business His wife Ammini (Gracy) is the daughter of Chengannur Thekke Veettil Late T.M. John and Mariamma. Latha Alex, Elizabeth Alex, Sara Alex, Susan Alex, Sony Alex, Ambili Alex are the children of P. E. Alexander.

Latha Alex ( is the wife of Kayamkulam Kappil Thomas. Son of Samuel.

Elizabeth Alex (B.Sc. Nurse) married Kuttemperoor Manapurthu Abhraham’s son Rajan.

Sara Alex (B.Sc. M.L.T.) got married to Koshykutty (Achenkunju) son of Thiruvananthapuram Neduvakkattu Kochukozhy.

Susan Alex ( is the wife of Thomas John son of Kottarakara Vadakkodan Veettil Thomas.

Sony Alex (P.E. Alexander’s only son) He married Shiny (B.Sc. B.Ed) from Kulanada Anikkadu Bhavan. She is the daughter of A.J. Thomas and Mariamma Thomas. She is working as a teacher at Pathichira St. John’s School. They have a son.

Ambili Alex (M.Sc. B.Ed) Her husband is Babu (ICW). He belongs to Chengamanattu Kanjirathum villa Puthenveetil Mathai and Mariamma are his parents.

P.E. Eapen: Eramthottathu Kandiyoor Mavelikara

P.C. Mariamma teacher working in T.M. Varghese Memorial High School is the wife of P.E. Eapen. She is the daughter of Kuttemperoor Pallattuceril P.J. Kochummen and K.G. Rachelamma.

Their two daughters are Anitha Eapen and Aji Eapen.

Anitha Eapen (B.Sc) she married Mr. Thomas (Prince) from Kallada Malayil Thoppil, son of Joy and Mariamma.

Aji Eapen (M.A. B.Ed)

She is the wife of Jacob Michel son of charummoodu Puthenveettil Michel and Ponnamma.