A written and known history of this Shakha is about three hundred years old and starts from Ayippora (Tharakan). Ayippora was a bold, service-minded and kind-hearted person who was engaged in doing a number of good things to the public and the people of his village. Some people became envious of his popularity and started fabricating fraudulent cases against him and filed complaints with the then Maharaja of Travancore. The King then sent out the secret service personnel to find out the truth and Ayippora was called to the Palace for a hearing. The family members and neighbours were in great dilemma as it was a period when the word of a King will be final and no question could ever be asked by anyone against it. Surprisingly Ayippora's mother, a staunch believer of God, never worried about this situation. She seems to have said "I delivered only once like a leopard, I am sure he will come back like a leopard, those who took him will bring him back'' Many days passed. In the absence of any means of communication during those days, no news could be heard from Thiruvananthapuram for so many days.

On a Sunday when Ayippora's mother was attending 'Kurbana' at Kandanadu Church, someone came rushing to her and whispered "son has come back". She just said "I know" and continued to attend the Church Services. She then turned back and saw her son standing with all magnificence and pride of a prince. They fondly embraced each other shedding tears of joy for the grace of God. What exactly happened? The king was very happy about the report given by Secret service personnel regarding Ayippora's noble intentions and all his welfare activities. The King then gave him the "sword and Shield" in appreciation of his goodness and also gave him the honorary name "Tharakan" and many other special privileges.

After the death of Ayippora and as per the traditions prevailed at that time his mortal remains were laid to rest inside Kandanadu Church on the south side between the doors. Ayippora (Tharakan) had five daughters and no sons. One of the daughters was married to Ulahannan from Cheriamadathil family and they lived in Karottu Veettil. (This was a very large house near Kandanadu junction with a stable and other facilities. At present the residence of Mathu Kunjicheriya of Karavattu Veettil is situated here). Another daughter was married to Thudiyantte Veettil family. (Details about other three daughters not available)

Kochaippora Tharakan, (grandson of Ayippora Tharakan) married Unichar and they had three sons and one daughter. This daughter was married to the brother of Chathuruthil Thirumani. Out of the three sons, the elder is Kunjikkora and the youngest is Ayippora. The second son became a priest and was later elevated as Shemavun Mar Deevanyasios Metropolita. Shemavun Mar Deevanyasios Metropolita, Kunjikkora, Ayippora and the generations that followed carried forward the name, fame and traditions of Kandanadu Shakha.