Melathil Sub Branch was established by Gee Varghese, the second son of Oommummen, who is the founder of Adoor branch.

Gee Varghese was married to Chechamma of Kettilambattu and settled at Melathil. They had 3 sons named Oommachen, Keevarchan, Ekkechan and two daughters, Achiyamma and Mariamma.

Achiyamma was married at Chengulathu and Mariyamma at Chengamanad near Kottarakkara.

Among them Oommachen was a well known “Asan”. He was married to Achamma, Etayilangattu Veedu, Kaipattoor and settled at Melathil Kizhakkathil (now Vadackkethalackal Pulickal). His only son Gee Varghese married to Aleyamma, Chungathil, Kallada. Gee Varghese expired at the age of 92 on 17th September, 1978, Aleyamma died at the age of 93 on 31st December 1983. They had seven daughters and 3 sons.

One of the sisters of Gee Varghese, Chechamma was married at Puthen veedu, Aanamkottu, Ezhamkulam; Achiyamma was married to Arappurayil, Kannamkode, Adoor; Mariyamma was married to Nedumon Veedu, Konni.

The eldest son Dr. G. Kochummen was graduated in L.M.P., from Madras and returned to native place. In 1938 at the age of 29 he died as a bachelor. The second son P.G. George, Vadackkethalackal Ananda Bhavanam, Pannivizha, Adoor, an Ex-Serviceman died at the age of 74 on 5th April, 1994. Kunjamma of Alinte Thekkethil, Puthiyacavu, Mavelikara was the wife of P.G. George and they had three sons and two daughters. The eldest son P.G. Varghese working in Kuwait. Second son A.G. Thomas, a politician, residing at Vadackkethalackal Pulickal Villa, Mithrapuram, Adoor.

A.G. MATHEWS (Third son)
is working in Kuwait, married to Pushpa daughter of John Mathew, Mangattu Veedu, Pullad. They had two sons, Jijo George Varghese and Jiju John varghese and are students. A.G. Thomas was married to Sheeba, daughter of Kochummen, Chittarthundil. They had only one daughter. A.G. Mathews married to Shiny, daughter of late V. Kurien, Kulampattasseril, Vakathanam. They had also only one daughter. Among daughters Elamma was married to Oommen Varghese of Karippineli Mannil, Kumbazha and Annamma was married to N.V. Tharakan, Aanniyil, Charummoodu.

P.G. THOMAS: (Third son of Geevarghese):
After 25 years of service in Arabia returned to native place, residing at Vadakke thalackkal Pulickal, Pannivizha, Adoor and was married to Rahelamma, Kotturazhikathu. Kundara. Their eldest daughter Elizabeth Thomas, M.Sc., B.Ed. married to Abraham Varghese, son of Sri. V. Varghese, Tharayil Valiya Veettil, Kallooppara. Elder son George Thomas was married to Jili Mary Stephen, daughter of Abraham Stephen, Valiyaveettil Tharel Villa, Kallooppara. The second son Koshy Thomas woking in Dubai and married to Beena Koshy, daughter of Thomas Thomas, Puthen Veettil, Vattiyoorkavu, Thiruvananthapuram.

The eldest son of Geevarghese, Dr. Kochummen and among his seven sisters, Annamma was married at Kaimoottil, Mavelikara, Mariamma married at Tharayilazhikathu Veedu, Kalayapuram, Aleyamma married at Ponvanibham Veedu, Kayamkulam, Sosamma was married at Kottakkattu Parambil, Kozhencherry, Saramma was married at Nedumon, Konni, Rachel was married at Kunnuvila, Kundara, Rabecca was married at Punnamoottil Puthen Veedu, Koodal. Keevarchen, the second son of Geevarghese had two daughters and both of them married and hierarchy ended here.

Ekkechan (Third son of Gee Varghese):
He was a Contractor and a businessman and his wife was Aleyamma of Poovakkattu Veedu, Kallada. They had two sons and four daughters. Among the daughters Chechamma was married at Vadakkekkara Veedu, Chandanappally and Achiyamma was married at Alummodu, Ezhamkulam, Rahelamma was married to Puthen Veedu, Kallada, Mariamma was married to Kandathil, Adoor.

Among the sons, Adoor Melathil V.I. Varghese was a businessman, a Wholesale business at Adoor Central, died at the age of 78 on 24th December, 1978. His wife was Achiyamma, belongs to Pandakasala, Kambankode. They have six sons and two daughters. One of the daughters Aliyamma was married to Varikkothara Puthen Bungalow, Kattanam and Annamma at Thenguvila Padippurakkal, Chunakkara.

Among the sons
Issac (Eldest sons)
Engaged in agricultural activities and a bachelor

V. Kurien (Second son):
He is a businessman. His wife Saramma, belongs to Nellivial, Kundara. They had three sons and one daughter. Daughter, Achamma Kurien, was married to Johnson, Melathil Parackode. Their elderson Varghese Kurien is working in Saudi Arabia and his wife Shanti working at Kottayam Medical College. She is the daughter of Paulose of Thottupuzha Palakkad. The second son Kochummen Kurien and third son Thomas Kurien were working at Poona. Kochummen’s wife was Ruby, daughter of Kurien, Madathum Muriyil, changanasserry. Thomas Kurien stills a bachelor.

V. John (Third son of V.I. Varghese):
He also does business at Adoor Central. His wife was Leelamma, daughter of Yohannan, Kuttiyil, Puthoor. They had three sons. Elder son Varghese John working at Poona. Second son John. M. John and third son Thomas. M. John were Contractors at Poona and were bachelors.

V. John’s second marriage was with Manichi of Palivila, Kundara and in this marriage he had two sons – Jibin and Jobin - and was students.

V. George (Fourth son):
Retired Revenue Inspector V. George started Melathil Hardwares Wholesale business at Adoor Central. His wife Omana, daughter of Geevarghese, Aban Mannoor Kalilazhikathu Puthen Veedu. They had two sons, elder son Varghese. M. George a Mechanical Engineer graduate now engaged in the business at Adoor, second son Alex. M. George, a B.B.A. student.

M.V. Thomas (Fifth son):
He was working in Kuwait and his wife was Annamma Thomas, daughter of Cheriya Kunju, Pallivathuckal, Kattoor, Thumpamon. They had two daughters. Elder daughter Rincy Thomas, a B.Sc. graduate now doing computer studies. Second daughter Rinchu Thomas, B.Sc. Electronics student.

Alexander Varghese (Sixth son):
He has a Sales Tax Officer in the Government of Kerala service died at the age of 46 on May 11th, 1993. His wife was Gracy Alex, daughter of Thomachen, Kaduvettoor, Chengannoor. She was the teacher at Kadambanad Boys High School. They had two daughters-Agi and Annie-and son Varghese. M. Alexandeer. Agi has studying for B.Sc. Computer course and Annie for Pre-Degree at Thiruvalla Marthoma College, son Varghese. M. Alexander was studying at Holly Angels School, Adoor.

I. Thomas (Ekkachen’s second son):
He was residing at Thenguvila Puthen Veedu, Pannivizha, Adoor. His wife was Sosamma, daughter of Kariachen Muthalali, Pullarikottu, Chathannoor. Sosamma Thomas died at the age of 53 on 26th June 1968. I.Thomas, an ex-serviceman now leading a retired life and engaged in social activities. He had three daughters and two sons. The elder daughter Marykutty, a teacher, married to P.K. Thomas (Teacher), son of late Oommen Sir, Plammoottil, Kadambanad. Second son George Thomas, a retired Air force Warrant Officer, went to Kuwait and employed there. His wife Rajamma, daughter of late Oommachen, Alinte Theckkethil, Puthiyacavu, Mavelikara. They had two children. Elder daughter Susan George, an Engineering graduate working at Bank of Baroda, Pathanamthitta Branch. She married to Arul Mathew, Engineer, M.R.F., son of Mr.G.M. Kolath, Kolath, Kozhencherry. Second son of Thomas George was an Engineering student at Chengannur.

Annamma Thomas (Third daughter of I. Thomas):
She has working as Telephone Assistant Engineer at Adoor and was married to T. Thomas, Retired Deputy Registrar (Co-operation), Pandalayil Thenguvila, Kottarakkara. Kurien Thomas (Fourth son of I. Thomas):

He is working as Special Grade Auditor (Co-operation), at Adoor. His wife is Moly, daughter of Pakkandathil Valiyaveettil, Kaipattoor. She is working as Sub Registrar at Eanath. This couple has two daughters and one son.

Elder daughter Susan T. Kurien is studying for B.Pharm. And second daughter Manju. T. Kurien is studying for Electronics Engineering. Son Tinju. T. Kurien is studying for Pre-Degree at Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta. Elamma, fifth daughter of I. Thomas, was married to Fr. K.O. Philip, son of late Oommachen, Kollasseril, Kulanada.