The foundater of Ooriapadickal family ‘Ninan Avirah’ was the younger brother of the founder of ‘Maret family’ Ninan Oommummen.

Both of them M/s Oommummen and Avirah were the children of Ninan, the second son of ‘Idichandy’ the great head of the original family. Unfortunately Naian passed away at a very early age. Nainan’s wife Achamma belonged to the famous ‘Adaangapurath’ family of ‘Kallooppara’ which is situated in the Mallappally Taluk of the present Pathanamthitta District. The brothers of Achamma M/s ‘Valia Panicker’ and ‘Kochu Panicker’ were highly respectable and influencial people of the locality and they wielded considerable influence with the ruler of the locality who was known as ‘Edappally Thampuran’. The Edappally principality comprised of Kalloppara, Puramattom, Mallappally and Anicad Panchayats of the present day. This area consisting of about 38 square miles was almost like the personal private property of the Prince of Edappally. The Adangappurath Panickers were very close to the Prince of Edappally and they managed the properties on this behalf.

Naian the second son of ‘Idichandy’ was the ‘Treasure’ of the Mavelikara Taluk. In his marriage with Acahamma of Adangappurath family of Kalloppara, he had two sons and a daughter. On the death of Naian, the widowed Acahamma and her children were brought to Kalloppara by her brothers and they continued to live with their maternal uncles. In course of time, the uncle bought a larger plot of land by the side of ‘Manimala river’ and built a grand house and named it ‘‘Maret Tharavad. Achamma and her children lived in this house. Avirah the younger son had much age difference (12 years) with his brother Oommummen. The elder brother was very kind and showed great consideration for the younger brother, Avirah in turn loved and respected his elder brother Oommummen, almost like his father. The elder brother who was twelve years older, took care to see that Avirah was given good education. Avirah learned Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam and others local dialetcts with the help of very learned Tutors who were employed by Oommummen.

As Avirah grew older after his education he got married to ‘Acharu’ from the famous Sankaramanagalathu family of the of the nearly place Eraviperoor. Oommummen bought an extensive house plot called ‘Ooriapadickal’ near ‘Manimala river’ at Kavumgumprayar from ‘Tharayil’ family by the side of Puramattom- Vennikulam road and a house was built there for Avirah and his family. Thus Avirah and family settled at the ‘Ooriapadickal ’house plot. Avirah was also given considerable landed properties by his elder brother. Ommummen who by this time has become the trusted aide of the Edappally Prince wielded considerable influence and power in the locality. He also saw that his younger brother attained the same status and power in the society. With the help and patronage of the powerful maternal uncles of Adangappurath family and with the generous help from Ommummen, Nainan Avirah soon became one of most powerful and respected men of the locality. His family soon became as powerful and wealthy as other reputed Christian families of the locality.

Avirah was very fortunate in having a very able, energitic and talented woman ‘Acharu’ of the Sankaramanagalathu family as his wife. She was able to cultivate the extensive land they obtained in Pyngalody area with the help of agricultural labourers belonging to scheduled castes who were available in plenty in those days. Since Avirah passed away at a middle age the whole burden of running the family and managing the extensive landed properties fell on her shoulder and she did this job with considerable skill. These are many stories which describe how she wonderfully managed to escape from the thieves who wanted to robe her gold ornaments which she wore on her ears and neck.

Avirah, the founder of Ooriapadickal family had three children, two sons by name ‘Naina and Oommummen’ and a daughter by name ‘Mariah’. After the departure of Avirah, Acharu had to take full charge of the family and she did her job, with considerable skill. ‘Naina’ the elder son was a brilliant, hard working boy and soon he acquired all the knowledge and skills required for a successfull living. ‘Oommummen ‘ the younger son liked an easy going life. Acharu wanted the young one also to be equally wealthy and influential. Hence she gave greater attetion to him and took special care to see that he lacked nothing.

Nina married from Banglave family Karthikappally and Oommummen from ‘Polachirackal’ family Mavelikkara. After their marriage, the younger son was shifted to a new house built in the compound which lies on the opposite side of the road. Acharu took the initiative to build the house with the help of her brothers who were living at Sankarmanagalam, Eraviperoor. This is the original “Oorial Tharavad” which can be still seen behind Mathews Koshy’s (Blue Nile Babu) house. It is a well known fact that Achara used all her personal earnings and savings to help her younger son who was her pet.

Both Naina and Ommummen were members of Orthodox Syrian Church at Kalloppara. Later they joined the orthodox church at Vennikulam which was nearer to their home. By the first quarter of the Eighteenth Century (Seventeen Thirties) the ‘Reformation Movement’ led by the well-known priest ‘Abraham Malpan’ began to spread rapidly in Central Travancore areas. The Ooriapadickal family members also took active part in the reformation movement. They took initiative in establishing a church at Kavumgumprayar in the land donated entirely by the Ooriapadickal family. The present St.Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Kavumgumprayar stands on the land donated by the Ooriapadickal family. Later, very powerful and reputed families like Kalamannil. Ulasserilmannil, Tharamel, Madhuram poikayil etc. joined this church. This was a period of reformation in the Christian Church of Kerala. A few minor movements also took place, among which, the one led by a Tamil priest named “Vidwankutty Achan” is worth mentioning. This priest had a revelation from God that the second coming of Christ would happen with in a period of five and a half years. Many were attracted to this group and two of our members namely ‘Kilianparampil’ and ‘Puthenkayyalakkal’ wing also joined this movement. Kilianparampil Philipose was a powerful orator and he was one of the leaders of the movement. But as history proved, the movement itself ended in a disaster, because, the prophecy of Vidwankutty that Christ’s second coming would occur within 5 1/2 years was never fulfilled. Hence both Philipose and their family returned to Mar Thoma Church.

The Vicar of Kavumgumprayar Mar Thoma Church ‘Yacob Kathanar’belonged to Kalamannil family. He refused to bury the dead body of the daughter of ‘Avira Naina’ one of the members of Ooriel branch the in the proper ‘Cemetery’ of church because she died due to the attack of small-pox. In those days ‘Small pox’ was a dreaded disease, and people feared to go to the house of small pox patients. They were considered as out castes and hence this girl of our family who was a victim of small -pox was refused a decent burial. This was taken as great insult by our family members. They felt that they were denied justice inspite of the fact that the entire church and its premises including the burial ground was donated by Ooriapadickal family.

This incident provoked enemity between our family and Kalamannil and Adangappurath family. The fued went on for nearly two decades . But by about the early years of Twentieth Century there was general spiritual reawakening in our church. Some members of Kalamannil family took initiative in bringing about a rapproachment between these families. Ultimately good sense prevailed. Peace was established and to celebrate this event a love-feast was arranged for the members of both these families at ‘Purakkal’ branch of Kalamannil. In the feast members of both families embraced each other and requested for pardon. This was followed by similar‘love -feast’ hosted by the Ooriapadicakl family at their ‘Adichithara branch’. Those nice jestures brought lasting peace between both families, this brought an end to the many litigations that were going on in the various courts. This unity between two strong families brought peace and progress in the Kavumgumprayar Mar Thoma Parish. The name of Kochukunjachan belonging to Ooriel family is often remembered as a man of strong physical abilities and in that capacity he has done many adventurous feats, one of which is the construction of a water canal in one night with the help of labourers to mark the boundary of Kalloppara and Eraviperoor Villages which was under dispute for a long time.

Let us now return to the family history of Ooriapadickal Avirah Naina. He was blessed with eleven children, five among them were sons and six daughters. The eldest among the sons Avirah stayed at ‘Adichithara’ house second one Philipose at ‘Kiliamparampil house’ third one Ninan at ‘Puthen Kayyalakkal ’ house forth one Oommen at ‘Punnackal’ house and youngest among them ‘Cherian’ stayed at ‘Ooriapadickal’ house itself. In those days, it was the custom to give the original house to the youngest in the family. The youngest was considered as the weakest and hence he required much help from the parents and the elder brothers.

The daughters of Avirah Nina were given in marriage to young eligible bachelors from the various families which were known in those days for their wealth and high status in society as shown below. Acharu, the eldest to‘Perumadethu’house Arattupuzha. Kunjanda the second to ‘Pandakasala, Kaipattoor, Achiyamma the third to Tassiyil, Karthikappalli, Maria the forth to Meenathethil Chettikulangara, Aley the fifth to Idupadickal Velinellor (near Kottarakara) and Anna the youngest to ‘Payattuvila’ Kundara.

The second son of Nina Avirah namely Avirah Oommen who stayed at Ooriel had as three sons and three daughters

Among the sons the eldest Avirah stayed at ‘Ooriel’ and the second Cherian ‘Kurikkattupara.’ The third one Nina died comparatively at a young age after leaving behind his daughter Aleyamma.

Among the daughters ‘Acharu’ the eldest was given in marriage to ‘Poothicote’ house Mepral the second one ‘Maria’ to ‘Pullavallil’house Maramon, and Aleyamma the third and youngest to ‘Chakalamannil’ Thumpamon.