The founder of the present day Ooriapadickal Branch is known by the name “Cherian Kunju”. He was the youngest son of Avirah Nina, the eldest son of Nina Avirah the founder of the original Ooriapadickal Tharavad. In short, Cherian Kunju, son of Nina belongs to the third generation of the Ooriapadickal family.

Cherian Kunju

Cherian Kunju, the youngest among the five brothers namely, Avirah Adichithara, Philipose Kiliamparambil, Nina Puthenkayyalakkal, and Oommen Punnakkal was known for his high intellectual ability and organizational capacity. He was well known for his legal acumen. In those days of complicated legal litigation in the matter of land ownership, Cherian Kunju was very much sought after by the general public for his high valued legal opinions. It is no wonder he took care in directing his eldest son ‘Ninan’ to go for legal studies. After matriculation Ninan joined the law college, Trivandrum for Pleadership course.

Cherian Kunju married Achyamma, daughter of Koshy from the famous ‘Chakkalamannil’ family at Thumpamon. These two families had earlier connections through marriage. Achyamma was known for her deep concern for religious matters. She took great care in giving her children a thorough knowledge of Biblical truths. She was known for her piety devotion and deep prayerful life. She was very much loved and respected in the family circles as well as in the parish activities among the women. It is believed that all prosperity and fame achieved by her children in their later life was due to their mother’s deep religious training.

Cherian Kunju and Achyamma were blessed with six children- five sons and a daughter. The names of the sons are as follows in the order of their seniority- O.C.Ninan, O.C.Koshy, O.C.Abraham, O.C.Cherian and O.C.Oommen. The daughter Mariamma was the third child. She was married to M.M.Mammen of Madathiparambil family, Kozhencherry. Dr.M.M.Thomas, former chairman of the central committee of the world council of churches and former governor of Nagaland was the eldest son of Mammen and Mariamma couple.

Cherian Kunju passed away at the early age of 52 years. Achyamma had a pretty long life of 92 years and she was fortunate to see the progress and prosperity achieved by all her children.

Advocate O.C.Ninan Ex MLA (Kunjoonju)

Of all members of his generation in the Ooriapadickal family, perhaps he was the most well known person. His reputation as a lawyer of eminence was wide spread. Perhaps he has inherited the skill from his father who as mentioned earlier was very much sought after for his mature and valuable legal opinions. He was born in 1880 AD. After his early education at Puramattom, Thumpamon, Thiruvalla, he matriculated from Kottayam CMS College. Later he joined the Government Law College at Thrivandrum for his legal education. Soon he established legal practice at Thiruvalla Munsiff Court and other legal courts. Soon he established reputation as a leading lawyer and he picked up roaring practice, much to the admiration and envy of the fellow lawyers For more than four decades he practised law.He was president of Tiruvalla Bar Association for long. He was elected chairman of the Thiruvalla Municipality for three years. He was elected without any contest from Kallooppara constituency as a member of the Travancore-Cochin Legislative Assembly in 1955 on Congress Party’s ticket. To get elected without contest is an achievement without parallel. He was one of the senior most leaders of the Congress Party in the nineteen forties and fifties, when Congress Party was in full power. His contributions for the development of Mar Thoma Sabha can never be forgotten. For half a century he was the legal advisor to the Metropolitician Abraham Marthoma and Yuhanon Mar Thoma. He was a member of the Sabha Mandalam Sabha Council and the lay Trustee for more than three decades. In short he was in the lime light in social, political and religious fields for nearly half-a-century. He played an yeomen part in organizing the Vadakkethalakkal Maha Kudumbayogam. He was one of the persons who attended the first meeting of the Maha Kudumba Yogam held on Kunchattil house Mavelikara in 1915 under the presidentship of Decon Abraham of Maret family, who later became the Metropolitan of Mar Thoma Sabha by the name Abraham Mar Thoma.


married Kunjandamma, daughter of Iduculla, Maruthottathil, Vennikkulam. They were blessed with three sons namely O.N.Cherian, O.N.Idukulla and O.N.Ninan and three daughters Pennamma, Aleyamma, and Mariamma. Pennamma died soon after marriage. She had no children.


Aleyamma was married to V.C.Thoma, son of very Rev.V.T.Chacko, Vicar General, Vadakketh, Kuriannoor. V.C.Thomas retired as Superintending Engineer from the Public Works Department of Tamil Nadu Government.


Mariamma was married to Dr.A.K.Tharian son of P.T.Kurian, Pandanpadavil, Valanjavattom. Dr.Tharian achieved fame as the Founder Director of the famous Christian Fellowship Hospital, Oddanchatram, Tamil Nadu. He earned world wide fame for his missionary work in the medical field.

O.N.Cherian BA,BE (Kunjachen, eldest son of O.C.Ninan)

After taking his Engineering degree from Bangalore, he joined the state service as Engineer in the P.W.D. Later he left the state service to join the Durgapur Steel Plant, which is a public sector undertaking of the Government of India. He retired as Zonal Engineer. He married Mary Fenn, daughter of Abraham Fenn of the Fenn Family Kottayam. They have three children namely Denso, Aswathy and Feroz.

Denso (O.C.Ninan, eldest son of O.N.Cherian)

Denso, after taking his Engineering degree went to USA for higher studies. He married Soumini, daughter of C.T.Philip of Chelikkuzhi family, Kozhencherry. Denso and family are living in USA after obtaining citizenship. At present he is in California.


Aswathy is married to Col. Abraham, son of Rev.M.A.Thomas, Madathethu, Ayroor who is the founder of Ecumenical Christian Centre (ECC), Bangalore. Aswathy and family live in Bangalore.


(Dr.Abraham Fenn.) Feroz, second son of O.N.Cherian, after taking his medical degree from CMC, Vellore and serving Medical Mission Hospital, Kattanom for a couple of years went to USA for higher studies. After completing his medical studies he is practicing as Physician in United States. He is married to Dr. Cuckoo, who is also a physician. She belongs to Kottayam. They have two sons Aswin and Salin. Feroz and family also have taken US citizenship.

O.N.Idiculla A.M.I.E

(Aniyan Kunju, second son of O.C.Ninan) O.N.Idiculla after completing his studies in Engineering from Government Engineering College at Gundy, Madras joined Kerala Public Works Department in the roads and Building Divisions. He retired as Executive Engineer. He married Kuttyamma(Annamma) daughter of P.T.Thomas, Puthenpurackal, Mavelikara. They are blessed with three children, two daughters Ammukutty and Shilu and a son Thampy.


(Dr.Saramma Cherian) She is married to Dr.P.K.Cherian M.D belonging to … house Kottayam. Ammukutty and family are now settled in USA.

Ninan Idiculla(Thampy)

son of O.N.Idiculla Thampy after taking his Degree in Engineering from Kothamangalam Engineering College went to USA for higher studies and took his MBA degree. Thampy is married to Remani(Annamma) daughter of Professor Dr.P.E.Thomas, Pullolickal, Kottayam. They have a daughter Anju and a son Arun. Thampy and family are settled in Kansas, USA.

Shilu Susan

second daughter of O.N.Idiculla

Shilu is married to Dr.George John,a practicing physician. They are now settled in Puramattom.

O.N.Ninan BSc B.L (Retired District Judge)

O.N.Ninan(Kunju) after completing his graduation from Madras Christian College, joined Law College, Trivandrum and completed his legal studies. He followed the foot steps of his illustrious father by obtaining his practice in the judicial courts of Thiruvalla. Under the able guidance of his famous father, he soon became a brilliant young lawyer. But soon he was selected to the judicial service of the state and he joined as Munsiff in the legal department. In course of time he was promoted to higher posts and he retired as District and Sessions judge. He is married to Nalini, daughter of ………Panampunnayil family, Kottayam. O.N.ninan continues his legal practice with great eminence. He is blessed with two sons Suresh and Satheesh.

Suresh Ninan B.Tech

Suresh after taking his Engineering Degree joined “ALIND” a cable manufacturing company. Later he joined the famous “Malayala Manorama” publication Kottayam and he is now a senior manager in charge of the production.

Suresh is married to Meenu, daughter of Vadakketh family, Kallelil. They are blessed with a son Veneeth.

Satheesh Ninan L.L.B

He is the younger son of O.N.Ninan. He took his degree Bachelor of law from Government law college, Trivandrum in 1990 securing first rank in the university. Soon he enrolled as a lawyer and started practicing with his father. After a couple of years, he moved to the ‘High Court of Kerala’, Eranakulam and he is now one of the brilliant young lawyers practicing in the High Court.

Satheesh is married to Elizabeth daughter of …… , Valiaveetil family … , Thiruvalla. They are blessed with a daughter Lija.

O.C.Koshy (Kochoi Kunju, second son of Cherian Kunju)

Like his father, Kochoikunju was a highly influential person of the locality. He has acquired extensive areas of agricultural lands and carried agricultural activities on a good scale. With support of his elder brother O.C.Ninan and a few others he has brought banking business to the rural areas and he was the manager of Kallooppara Bank, Puramattom. He gave leadership in the activities of St.Thomas Mar Thoma Parish, Kavumguprayar. He was one of the founders of Pyngalodi Bethel Mar Thoma Parish.

Kochoikunju was married to Sosamma daughter of Yohannachen of Nellimala family of Kumbanad. They have seven sons namely Cheria Kunju, Johny, Kunjenachen, Kunjunju, Kunjumon, Oommachen and Joy and a daughter Kunjamma.

Kunjamma was married to K.A.Eapen, LIC Development Officer,Kurudamannil Kurumpelalumkal, Ayroor.

O.C.Cherian B.A (Cheria Kunju)

Cheriankunju, the eldest son O.C Koshy had his education at American College, Madurai, St. Alberts College, Ernakulam and Law College, Bombay. After his education, he has been helping his father in his agricultural activities.

He is married to Mary, daughter of Chackochen of Palakkunnath Kuzhiyath family, Koodal, near Pathanapuram. They have three daughters namely Lalu, Pushpa and Sheeba. Lalu is married to Roy of Kurudamannil family, Ayroor. Pushpa is married to P. V. Abraham (Rajan). Palm View, Ernakulam. Sheeba , the youngest daughter is married to Mohan son of … of Kovoor family, Tiruvalla.

Cherian Koshy (saji)

son of Cherian kunju lives with his mother at their house after the passing away of his father in… .

O.C John B.A, B.L, B.T

He is the second son of Kochoikunju. After his education he practiced law for a couple of years at the law courts of Chengannur .After his marriage with Molly, daughter of Dr. T.K. Varughese of Thalathayil family, Elanthoor,. they both moved to Kannur and worked there as teachers. They have two sons, Sunu and Titoo and a daughter Suku.

Sunu (John K Sunu,M.Sc)

After his post graduation he lives with mother at Kannur.

Titoo (Dr. John George Titoo)

O.C John‘s second son. After his medical education he practiced in many hospitals in India. Later he went to Saudia Arabia. While he was working there he suddenly passed away.

Titoo was married to Dr. Mary Alex daughter of T. V Alexander Theyilamannil, Mallappally. They have two daughters, Jinu and Liza. Dr. Mary Alex is settled in Trivandrum.

O.C Ninan, B. Sc, B.T (Kunjen Achen)

Kunjanachen, third son of Kochoikunju after his education at University College, Trivandrum and Teachers Training College, joined St. Johns High School, Eraviperoor as a teacher. After a couple of years he moved to Noel Memorial High School, Kumbanad. From 1968 to 1984, for 16 years he served as the Head Master of the School. The school, prospered well under his efficient leadership. He was active in the social, political, cultural and religious life of Kumbanad and surrounding areas. He was member of Koipuram Panchayat for many years. He was District Congress Committee member of Alleppey District for nearly two decades. He was one of the founder leaders of Evangelical Church and he served as its trusty for many years. He attended the International Christian Conference held at New Jersey as a deligate of the Evangelical Church.

He also gave leadership to the activities of Vadakkettalackal Kudumbayogam and its Ooriapadickal branch. In the annual meeting of the Vadakkethalackal Maha Kudumbayogam held at Kumbanad in 1994, he was elected president. He passed away on 6th March 1995.

Kunjanachen was married to Annamma daughter of Thomachen of Chunakkara family, Mallappally. For many she served as Head Mistress in N.S.S High Schools. She retired from N.S.S High school, Edanad. They have two daughters, Nancy and Kochumol. Nancy is married to Sam, son of …. of Athukkatt Puthanveetil, Muttom. Kochumol (Dr. Elizabeth Ninan) is married to P. M Mammen of Puthenveetil family,Kumbanad. She is practicing as a ‘Dental Surgeon’ at Trivandrum.

O.C koshy BSc, D.M.I.T, M.Z.A.C.S (U.S.A)(Kunjoonju)

He is the fourth son of Kochoikunju .After his graduation from University College, Trivandrum, he joined Madras Institute of Technology, Madras and completed the course in Aeronautical Engineering with a high distinction. He was very brilliant in his academic studies as well as extra curricular activities like sports and games. He has won many laurels in Athletics, soccer, Hockey and Tennis in his college days.


Mr.O.C.Koshy had his aviation carrier in H.A.L Bangalore, Bristol Aircraft London, Scottish Aviation, Scotland etc and the world famous Company, Seattle U.S.A.

After his retirement, he has moved to Milan, M.I., He is married to Dr. Sara (daughter of N.G.Koruthu of Nalamvelil,Niranom.)

They have a daughter Susan Koshy M.D and son-in –law Dan Eitzman M.D. O.C.Koshy has three grant children Sara, Mathew and Emily. He has been giving leadership in social, cultural, political and church activities in U.S.A. He has played a prominent part in the development of the Mar Thoma Diocese in U.S.A. He has become a U.S citizen.

O.C.Abraham BSc(Tech) M.S(U.S.A)Kunjumon

He is the fifth son of Kochoikunju. After taking his degree from Maharajas College, Eranakulam and Bombay University and after a short career in Aramco in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, he moved to U.S.A. for higher studies. He received his Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from West Virginia University, Texas. He had a brilliant career as Engineer in Texaco Oil Company. O. C. Abraham now resides in Grapevine, Texas. He retired from Texaco Research and Development in Port Arthur, Texas, in 1995 after 27 years of continuous services. He co-authored an article “A Kinetic Study of the Reaction of Coal with Steam” along with two other articles and was granted four United States Patents.

He married Manorama Abraham, daughter of K. Abraham, Kaipally Edathil, Ayroor in 1967. She has a Masters in Physics from SB College and worked as a professor at Bishop Moore College in India. Upon coming to America, she began working as a high school teacher retiring in 1997 from Thomas Jefferson High School in Port Arthur, Texas, after dedicating 24 years to the service of teaching.

They are blessed to have four children. Their oldest is Dr. Koshy Abraham. He graduated from UT Houston Medical School and went on to complete his residency including a chief resident position in Birmingham, Alabama, in internal medicine. He concluded his training with a 2 year fellowship in Nephrology at University of Florida and currently lives in Columbia, South Carolina. He married Annie Joy in 2002 and now has a handsome boy, Nicholas Matthew Abraham.

Their oldest daughter is Suja Joseph. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and went on to finish her Masters in Civil Engineering at UT Arlington. She now works for the City of Grapevine, Texas. She married Stany Joseph in 1993 and has three very active children: Alex, Serena, and Maya.

Their second daughter is Dr. Suma Abraham Mangrola. She graduated from UT Southwestern Medical School in 1995 after attending Texas A&M University. She continued her residency training at UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas. She now has a successful Internal Medicine practice in Irving, Texas, working as lead physician in her clinic. She married Nimesh Mangrola in 1995. They have four children: Anjali, Anissa, Ami, and the newest addition Amar.

Their youngest daughter is Dr. Reeni Abraham. She also graduated from Texas A&M University and went on to finish medical school in West Texas at Texas Tech University. She moved to New York for her residency training in Internal Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center and went on to work as a Clinical Professor at Montefiore Medical Center teaching medical students and residents. She is currently working for a short time in New Zealand.

Contact Information
O. C. Abraham
2703 Sandstone Dr.
Grapevine, TX 76051
Dr. Koshy Abraham
100 Columbia Club Drive West
Blythewood, SC 29016

Dr. Koshy Abraham (Shibu)

He has taken his M.D degree from Texas University. His specialization is in the field of Nephrology. He is married to….


Eldest daughter of O.C.Abraham. She has taken degree in Architectural Engineering and pursuing her career in that line. She is married to Stanly Joseph of Peedikayil , Kottayam. They are settled in U.S.A.

Dr.Suma M Abraham M.D

After taking her medical Degree from South West University, Dallas, she is pursuing her medical career. She is married to Namesh Mangola M.D.

Reenu Abraham

Third daughter of O.C.Abraham. She has been very brilliant in her studies and was the recipient of National Merit Scholarship. After completing her medical education, she is now settled in U.S.A.

O.C.Oommen B.Sc

Oommachen is the sixth son of O.C.Koshy. Oommachen after his university career joined the O.N.G.C (Oil and Natural Gas Commission) of Government of India. After a successful career, he retired as Deputy Director. He is married to Susy, daughter of Simon, Alummootil, Mavelikara. They are blessed with two sons, Biju and Aju.

Biju Oommen B.E

After taking his Engineering Degree in Electronics, he has chosen a career in Electronic Engineering in Gulf countries. He is married to Veena daughter of Dr. V.T.John, Banglore.

Aju Oommen B.E

Aju younger son of Oommachen after completing his degree in Electrical Engineering is employed in Gulf countries. He is married to Smitha, daughter of B.I.Raju, Vazhakalayil, Kuzhimattom.

Jacob Koshy (Joy- Seventh son of kochoi Kunju)

Joy the youngest son in the family after his graduation joined the Bhilai Steel Plant. After a successful career there, he retired as the head of the Research Control Unit. Joy is married to Ammukutty M.Sc, B.Ed daughter of Philip of Chelikkuzhiyil family, Kozhencherry. Ammukutty worked as teacher in Senior Secondary School, Bhilai and Government Science College, Rajhara. They are blessed with two children; daughter Suja Sara Jacob and son Kevin Koshy Jacob. Suja is a Dental Surgeon and Kevin took his P.G Degree in medicine from Government Medical College, Trivandrum. Suja is married to………………

O.C.Abraham B.A (Kunjavarachen)

Kunjavarachen is the third son of Ooriapadickal Cherian Kunju, the founder of Ooriapadickal branch. Kunjavarachen had his college education at American College, Madurai and Maharajas College, Trivandrum. After graduation he joined service in the Registration Department of the then Travancore Government. After a successful official career he retired as District Registrar in 1958. He was president of the Ooriapadickal Kudumbayogam for quite a long period. He has visited U.S.A in 1978. He gave leadership in running the affairs of Pyngalody Bethel Marthoma Church.

Kunjavarachen was married to Sosamma daughter of Oommachen, Kuttickal family, Venmoney. She passed away in 1972. They were blessed with five children, three sons (Baby, Kunjumon, Raju) and two daughters (Lizziamma, Kunjoonjamma).

Lizziamma (Achamma)

She is married to Advocate Chacko George of Changatharayil family, Kattanam. Advocate Chacko George is a senior Advocate of Kerala High Court, Ernakulam. He has for long been one of the senior legal advisers of the Mar Thoma church.

Kunjoonjamma (Annamma)

She is married to Mr. Thomas David, Madavana, Kottayam, who later retired as Superintending Engineering of Kerala Government Public Works Department.

Prof. O.A.Cherian (Baby)

He is the eldest son of O.C.Abraham. After taking his post graduate degree in Chemistry from Aligarh Muslim Universityin in 1951, he continued as a Research Scholar there. In 1952, when the Mar Thoma Church established its first College at Thiruvalla, he joined there as Lecturer. From 1962 to 1979, for 17 years he was the Head of the Depatment of Chemistry at Mar Thoma College Thiruvalla. In 1979, he was appointed Principal of St. Thomas College, Kozhencherry. After 11 years of distinguished service as the Head of a Post Graduate College, he retired in March 1990. During those days he held many important positions in the Universities in Kerala. He was chairman of Board of Studies in Chemistry and member of Academic Council and Examination Reforms Committee in Kerala University during 1979 to 1982. He was member of the Senate of M.G University, Kottayam and member of Academic council of Calicut University.

After his retirement, he was appointed Director of the Kerala Centre for Christian Higher Education which is the Kerala wing of All India Association for Christian Higher Education (AIACHE) for 5 years from 1992 – 1997. He was a member of the U.G.C Visiting Committee to Bhavnagar University, Gujarat during 1989. In recognition of his meritorious service in the field of higher education, he was awarded the title “Eminent Ecumenist Educator” in 1993 by AIACHE. During his career he was engaged in social and cultural activities. He was president of Lions Club of Thiruvalla, President of Y’s Men Club, Kumbanad and charter president of Senior Citizen Association Kumbanad for five years from 2001-2006. He was associated with P.C.Thomas M.L.A for collecting funds from abroad for constructing Thiruvalla Public Stadium. He has been playing a very active roll in the activities of Vadakkethalakkal Maha Kudumbayogam and Vice-President of Vadakkethalakkal Maha kudumbayogam.

He is married to Grace Cherian B.A, youngest daughter of Sri N.T.Mathew, Nediyakalayil, Naranganom. They are blessed with three children, two sons ‘Aby’ and ‘Vinoo’ and one daughter ‘Neena’.

Dr. O.C.Abraham M.B.B.S, M.D, M.P.H (U.S.A)

Aby is the eldest son of Prof. O.A.Cherian. After his distinguished school and college career at S.C.S High School, Thiruvalla & Mar Thoma College, Thiruvalla he joined the Governmenr Medical College, Kottayam for his M.B.B.S course. After completing his senior House Surgeoncy he joined Christian Medical College, Vellore and took his M.D Degree in General Medicine. He was the recipient of the gold medal for the “Best Patient Care” for his P.G Degree. He then joined Vellore C.M.C and at present he is professor of Medicine and Head of the Department of Medicine Unit I. He had his higher training in U.S.A for three years and he took M.P.H from North Carolina University U.S.A. He is a member of many distinguished Medical bodies.

He is married to Dr. Susanne Pulimood M.D, daughter of Sri. Alex Pulimood, Pulimood house, Ernakulam. She is also a very distinguished member of the C.M.C faculty and she is at present the Head of the Department of Dermatology. They are blessed with two sons namely Deepak and Nitin.

Deepak Cherian Abraham M.Sc () BE ()

After a very brilliant school career, he was selected for admission to the famous Birlar Institute of Technology and Service (BITS), Pilani, Rajasthan for the double degrees of M.Sc and B.E. After completing his course at Pilani in 2009 with high distinction, he was selected for appointment in the international company and he is at present working at Hyderabad.

Nitin Alexander Abraham, Aby’s second son is now studying in XI standard at Ida Scudder School, Vellore.

Dr. Vinoo Mathew Cherian B.Sc, M.B.B.S, D.ortho, M.S (ortho) M.N.A.M.S

Dr. Vinoo is Baly’s second son. After his school and college education at Thiruvalla, like his brother he joined the Government Medical College, Kottayam for his M.B.B.S course. On completing the M.B.B.S course, he was selected for admission to D.Ortho Course at Medical College, Trivandrum. Later he joined C.M.C Vellore for M.S (Ortho) course. He passed this course with high distinction and he was awarded the ‘Gold Medal’ for the best Ortho student of the year. While working at Vellore he took the M.N.A.M.S degree. Later he underwent higher studies at London, U.K for three years. He is Associate

Professor of Orthopaedics at C.M.C Vellore.

He is married to Dr. Suja Kurien, M.B.B.S, M.D, daughter of Prof. Kurien, Onattu house, Vakathanam. Dr. Suja also had higher studies in London, U.K in Psychiatry. At present she is also working as Associate Professor in C.M.C, Vellore. They are blessed with two daughters namely Divya and Aleena. Divya Grace Mathew is at present studying in St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi for her B.A(hons) course in English Literature. Aleena Sara Mathew, Vinoo’s second daughter is studying in standard X, in Ida Scudder School, Vellore.

Dr. Mrs Neena Susan Philip, M.B.B.S, M.D (U.S.A)

Dr. Neena is Baby’s only daughter. Like her brothers, after her school and college education at Thiruvalla, she joined M.B.B.S course at Government Medical College, Kottayam. After her marriage to Dr. Philip George son of Sri.George Mathew, retired Chief Engineer (P.W.D) Chalakkuzhiyil, Pattom, Trivandrum, she joined Trivandrum Medical College for M.D and on completing the course she was appointed at Government Medical College, Trivandrum. Later she went to U.S.A and took M.D degree and she is at present practicing Medicine at Plaza Medical Centre, Baptist Hospital Okhlahoma, U.S.A.

She is blessed with a son Arun and a daughter Sharun. Arun is studying in the University and Sharun in her school at Okhlahoma.

Dr. O.A.Oommen, M.B.B.S, M.D (U.S.A) (Kunjumon)

Kunjumon is the second son of O.C.Abraham. Kunjumon had a very brilliant academic carrier both at school and college. He got admission for M.B.B.S at Government Medical College. After his M.B.B.S course, he was selected for appointment in the Kerala Government Medical Department. After a couple of years in the govt. service, he went to U.S.A for higher studies. After completing his P.G course, he started independent practice by opening his own clinic, first at Manistee and then at Alma, Michigan, U.S.A. His specialties were Oncology and Haematology.

Kunjumon is married to Valsa (Susan Mathai) daughter of Mathaichan, Mammod, Mavelikara. They are blessed with two children. The elder one is a daughter namely Simi Susan Oommen. The younger one is a son namely Timi Abraham Oommen. Sini Susan Oommen M.D has taken her degree in Medicine. She is married to Mr….. . She is practicing Medicine at Alma U.S.A. They have two sons namely Nicky and Jacol. Both of them are studying in school. Tini Abraham Oommen, after completing his education in Engineering is now working at Detroit U.S.A. Dr. Oommen and family have taken U.S citizenship.

O.A.Abraham B.Sc (Engg) M.S.I.E (U.S.A)

Raju the third son of O.C.Abraham (Sr) was very brilliant in his studies. He was the recipient of “Merit Scholarship” from his school days,till the end of his Engineering studies at Government Engineering College, Trivandrum. After taking his degree in Mechanical Engineering, he worked as Lecturer for a couple of years in the government Engineering College and Poly Technic at Trivandrum. Then he proceeded to U.S.A to continue his studies. He joined the Wane State University at Detroit U.S.A and took his Masters’ degree in Industrial Engineering. Later he moved from Engineering to Information Technology. He worked as System Analyst and held very senior position in the New York Stock Exchange. After retirement he has settled in New Jersey.

Raju is married to Kunjamma (Saramma Samuel B.Sc) daughter of Sri. Samuel Madakkal Peedikayil, Puthencavu. They are now settled in Paramus, New Jersey. She is working as Nursing Superintendent. They are blessed with son Jerry and a daughter Amy.

Jerry Abraham

Like his father Jerry is also very brilliant in his studies. After completing his education in I.T, he is pursuing a brilliant official career in New York. He is married to Jessy daughter of Mr. Paul. Both of them are occupying high positions.

Amy Abraham

Amy after completing her education is pursuing a career in Ophthalmology.

O.C.Cherian B.Sc (Engg) (Kunjootty)

Kunjootty is the fourth son of Cheriankunju, the head of Ooriapadickal sub branch. In late 1920’s and early 1930’s when college education was only a distant dream of many, Kunjootty was highly fortunate in earning an Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering from one of the most prestigious Universities in India, namely the Banaras Hindu University, Banaras, U.P. This was possible only because of the guidance and financial support of his eldest brother Advocate O.C.Ninan.

After taking his degree Kunjootty joined the Electricity Department of the Travencore Government, which was in its infant stage. He did yeomen work along with his colleagues in developing many a Hydro Electrical projects like Pallivassal and Chenkulam. After a very successful official career, he retired as Superintending Engineer and settled at Kaloor,Ernakulam.

Kunjootty was married to Accamma, daughter of Avarachan of the Kodumulayil Family, Melpadam. They were blessed with three children, a son, Babu and two daughters Beena and Susheela.


The elder daughter is married to Dr.C.A Kurien, E.N.T, Professor of Kozhikode Medical College.After retirement Dr.Kurien is practicing in Baby Memorial hospital, Kozhikode. They are now settled in Kozhikode.


The younger daughter is married to Dr.Babu M.B.B.S, of Modayil Family,Mallapally. They are settled at Kottayam.

O.C Cherian (Jr), B.Sc (Engg) (Babu)

Babu is the only son of O.C.cherian (Kunjootty). He was very brilliant in his studies and he completed his Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering from Government Engineering College Trivandrum. After taking his degree he joined the ALIND Company at Kundara near Quilon, which specialized in manufacturing Aluminium Electrical Equipments. Due to his brilliance he rose to the position of Managing Director.

Babu is married to Soumini, daughter of Senior Advocate C.M.Kuruvilla of the Kerala High Court. After retirement they are now settled at Kaloor, Ernakulam in the house built by his father.

O.C.Oommen (Kochummachen)

Kochummachen is the youngest of the five sons of Cheriankunju. Kochummachen was a very brilliant foot ball player from his very early school days at S.C.S High School, Thiruvalla. He represented his school in the Inter School Soccer Tournament, which was won by his school. After his schooling, Kochummachen was fortunate in getting admission to the Engineering Diploma course at Government Engineering College, Gundy, Madras in the Sports Quota on the basis of his brilliance as a foot ball player. Throughout his college career he was a member of the College Foot Ball Team which won many a laurel in the Inter Collegiate Tournament of the Madras University.

After completing his studies he joined the Military Service for a few years. Later he joined the Kerala Government Public Works Department and worked in the Civil Engineering Department until his retirement as Executive Engineer.

Kochummachen is married to Thankamma daughter of Mr. Yohannachen of Chennattu family at Mannarakulanji. They are blessed with three children. The eldest one is a daughter Mano. The younger ones are sons namely Cheriachen and Johnychen. After retirement they settled at Trivandrum in the Ooriapadickal house built in Rosecote Lane, Vazhuthaccad, Trivandrum.


Kochummachen’s daughter is an Engineering Graduate from Government Engineering College Trivandrum. While she was working there as lecturer, she was married to Mr. Jacob G Mathai who is also an Engineering graduate. Within a couple of years both of them went to U.S.A for higher studies. They are now settled in U.S.A as American Citizens.

Cherian Oommen M.Sc (Engg) (Cheriachen)

Cheriachen was a brilliant student and he completed his education at Trivandrum. He took his post graduate degree in Engineering and joined the Kerala Electricity board. After a very successful career he retired as Chief Engineer. Cheriachen’s only daughter Shiny Susan Cherian is married and she and her family are at Bangalore.

Dr. John Oommen M.S, M.Ch

Johnychen is the youngest son of Kochummechen. He had a brilliant educational career. After taking his M.B.B.S from Government Medical College, Trivandrum, he took his M.S from Christian Medical College, Vellore. Johnychen has specialized as Plastic Surgeon and took his M.Ch from Madras University. A very brilliant Plastic Surgeon, he is very much sought after by many hospitals in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Johnychen is married to Dr. Annamma John M.D who has taken her post graduate degree in Dermatology from C.M.C, Vellore. Johnichen is now professor of Plastic Surgery in P.S.G Medical College, Coimbatore. His wife also is working there as professor of Dermatology. They are blessed with three children namely Ajoy, Nidhi, Nirmal. Ajoy has now completed his M.B.B.S degree at C.M.C Vellore. Nidhi and Nirmal are students. Johnychen and his family is now settled at Coimbatore.