OORIYEL branch of Vadakaethalakal family began through Oommoommen, the second son of Nina Avira who came from the Maret branch of the family. His mother, Acharu from the Sangaramangalam family was a very intelligent and extraordinarily capable woman. She had a special care and affection towards her younger son, Oommoommen. With the help of servants she was able to acquire a sizeable amount of land in Pyngalodi (near Kumbanadu). She also acquired the land opposite to Ooriapadickal Tharavadu (which was located next to the Ooriyapadi bus stop near Puramattom, Tiruvalla) and moved to the house she built there along with Oommoommen. This Tharavadu is still there which is owned by Mathews Koshy (Babu, OORIYEL).

Oommoommen married from Polachirackal, Mavelikara. He was blessed with three sons, Kochukunjachan, Cheriachan and Kunjenachan. Those who stayed in Ooriapadickal and OORIYEL were members of Kallooppara Orthodox church at that time. Later they also became members of Vennikulam Orthodox church, when a new church was formed at Vennikulam.

Around this time there was a Christian reformist movement in central Travancore. In order to keep the members of our family in one net, Oommoommen, with the moral support of the leading families in Kavungumprayar area, started a prayer hall on his land. He secured permission from the government to use this hall for marriage, baptism and also the land adjacent to it as a cemetery. This was the origin of the present St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Kavungumprayar. Later, Oommoommen gave the ownership of this prayer hall to four leading family members in Kavungumprayar through a deed. Copy of that deed is shown below.

II A Kochukunjachan (Avira) and His family

Kochukunjachan was the eldest son of Oommoommen who stayed at OORIYEL. He married Accamma, Thazhathedathu Nalloor, Arattupuzha. There are many historic events connected with his adventurous and heroic life. He was a good organizer. He gave leadership in social and family activities, taking firm positions on his beliefs. (Please refer to the beginning of Ooriapadickal family history for more details and court case in the name of the church). Kochukunjachan was blessed with five sons, Oommachan, Ninachan, Aviarachan, Cheriachan and Kochoikunju and three daughters, Achamma, Mariamma and Aleyamma.

III a) Oommaachan (Pappy) and family (Eldest son of Kochukunjachan)

Oommachan married Annamma from Mangattu, Poovathur. Annamma died of small pox when their daughter was only one and a half years old. Without going for a second marriage Oommachaan took the responsibility of taking care of his younger brothers and sisters. He was the guardian of the family as his father Kochukunjachan died of small pox at an early age. Oommaachan was very religious. He organized family prayer meetings and Sunday school. It is worth mentioning that there was regular Sunday School in our parish much before Sunday School Samajam was formed by Mar Thoma Sabha. He gave active leadership in church. He earned the respect the local community. His only daughter died at the age of 18.

III b) Ninachan and family (Second son of OORIYEL Kochukunjachan)

Ninachan married Mariamma from Perumarathumkal, Ayroor, a branch of Pakalomattom family. He was blessed with three sons, Kunjoonju,Oommachan and Philipose. (Philipose died when he was very young.) and four daughters Sosamma, Thankamma, Ponnamma and Chinnamma. Ninachan moved to a house he built at Pyngalodi.

IV a) Kunjoonju (O.N. Abraham, Eldest son of Ninachan OORIYEL)

He moved from Pyngalodi to Gudallor for developing the land he bought there, with his hard work he converted the land into a beautiful estate with tea and pepper. The pepper plant he took from here is famous in Gudallor with the brand name ‘Kumbanadan’ He married Annamma Ambalavelil, Mulakuzha. He was blessed with three sons, Babu, Joy and Monachan and two daughters, Mariam and Susan. He died in 1991 and was buried at the cemetery of Pyngalodi Bethel Mar Thoma Church, his home church.

V a) Babu (O.A.Ninan, Eldest son of OORIYEL Kunjoonju

He worked as a radiologist in Agra, K.E.M.H hospital, Bombay and Kuwait. He had a miraculous escape from Kuwait during Kuwait Iraq war and returned to India. He established a C.B.S.E Syllabus English Medium School at Grace Mount where he lives. He is the Administrator of Grace Mount Residential School which is functioning very well. His wife is Omana, the daughter of Jacob Thomas Kaniamparampil, Edayaranmula. Omana is working in Kuwait. They are blessed with two daughters Anju and Manju and a son Samju.He whole heartedly gives the school hall and premises for Vadakaethalakal Mahakudumbam meetings, Ooriapadickal kudumbayogam meetings and committee meetings. Ooriapadickal kudumbayogam is very much indebted to Babu.

VI a) Anju Ann Mathew (Eldest daughter of Babu- Grace Mount)

Anju is married to Biju, son of late Kunjoonjukutty, Kopchiyil Kunnakattil Puthenveed. Angilithanam. Both are working in Bahrain. They have a son Aaron.

VI b) Manju Merly Anil (Second daughter of Babu Grace Mount)

Manju is married to Anil, son of Thampi, Methrayil, Kavumbhagom. They have two daughters, Sneha and Sira. They are working in Doha

VI c) Samju Ebby Ninan (son of Babu, Grace Mount)

After completing B.Tech. Samju is studying for M.B.A at Nirma College of Business Administration, Ahmadabad.

V b) Joy Abraham (Second son of OORIYEL Kunjoonju)

Joy is taking care of the tea estate at Gudallor. Also he runs a farm. His wife is Thankachi. They have two daughters Geena and Leena and a son Shibu. Geena is employed. Leena and Shibu are students

V c) Monachan (O.A.Cherian Youngest son of OORIYEL Kunjoonju)

Monachan also is settled in Gudallor looking after the estate there. He married Jolly, daughter of Mathukutty, Malaparampil, Kavungumprayar. They have a son, Joshua. He is in 4th standard.

V d) Kochumol (Elder daughter of OORIYEL Kunjoonju)

Kochumol is married to Thampi (C.S.Abraham) Chakuthara, Kuriannoor. They are settled in Pune.

V e) Susan (Younger daughter of OORIYEL Kunjoonju)

Susan is married to Peter. They have two sons, Maju and Liju. They are settled in Gudallor.

IV b)Kochummachan (V.N.Oommen Second son of OORIYEL Kunjanachan)
(Details will be added later)
IV c)Mariamma (Eldest daughter of OORIYEL Kunjenachan)

Mariamma is married to Pappachan, Vazhaparampil, Mallappally. They have reason, Kunjumol and a daughter Molamma.

IV d)Thankamma (Second daughter of OORIYEL Kunjenachan)

Thankamma is married to C.A. Thomas, Cherukara, Ayroor.

IV d) Ponnamma (Third daughter of OORIYEL Kunjenachan)

Ponnamma is married to Alias, Kovoor, Vengal, Tiruvalla.

IV e)Chinnamma (Fourth daughter of OORIYEL Kunjenachan

Chinnamma is married to John Thomas Njalilettu, Amalloor, Tiruvalla. They have a son Tiju and a daughter Tiji

III c) Avirachan (Oonnunni Third son of OORIYEL Kochukunjachan)

Avirachan was involved in Agriculture and business. He married Achamma, Poothicot, Mepral. The are blessed with three sons, Baby, Aniyan, Kunjenachan and two daughters, Rachel and Alamma.

IV a) Baby (O.A. Abraham Eldest son of OORIYEL Oonnunni)

He worked for a quite along time in Kuwait with the Ministry of health. His wife Kunjamma is the daughter of Chandy, Manalethu, Varikad, Tiruvalla. She also worked with Baby at Kuwait in the Health Ministry. They have a son, Santhosh and a daughter Shoba. Baby passed away in 2002.

V a) Santhosh Abraham, Son of OORIYEL Baby

Santhosh was born and brought up in Kuwait. At present he isworking in Kuwait. He married Kochumol, daughter of Thomas, Kadakasseril, Kayamkulam. She is also working in Kuwait. They are blessed with twin sons Rohan and Rohit. Both are studying in Kuwait.

V b) Shoba (Daughter of OORIYEL Baby)

Shoba is married to Ashok Kora of Kochettu Manapurathu, Illickal Kottayam. They have two daughters Aksa and Alisha. Both are studying in Excel School, Illickal.

IV b) Aniyan (Second son of OORIYEL Oonnunni)

He was a dental practitioner. He married Lizy, Karottukoikal, Vennikulam. Recently both Aniyan and Lizy resigned the membership of St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church and joined Orthodox church, Kudukkapathal, Vennikulam. They have a son, Juby and a daughter Juli.

V a) Juli (Daughter of OORIYEL Aniyan)

July is married to Saji, Purathummuriyil, and Eraviperoor. July is a teacher at St. Johns High School, Eraviperoor. They have a daughter Saira and a son Joel. Both are students of Mar Thoma Residential School, Tiruvalla.

V b) Juby Oommen (Son of OORIYEL Aniyan)

Juby has his own business in Dubai. His wife Bindu is the daughter of Varghese, Pazhampallil, Kaviyoor. They have a son Alan (Oommen Abraham). He is studying in Believers Church School, Tiruvalla.

IV c) Kunjenachan (O.A.Ninan Youngest son of OORIYEL Oonnunni).

He was a professor of English in Mar Thoma College, Tiruvalla. He married Valsa, daughter of Oonnunni saar, Thottinal, Kozhenchery. She was a teacher in Noel Memorial High School, Kumbanad. O.A.Ninan was the President of Puramattom Panchayat .He worked in Zambia and Nigeria also. At present he is the trustee of St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Kavungumprayar. Valsa passed away in 2003. They are blessed with two daughters, Vaini and Shiny.

V a) Vaini (Elder daughter of Prof. O.A.Ninan, OORIYEL)

Vaini is married to Adv. Varghese Mammen, son of Rev. P.D.Mammen, Punchamannil, Tiruvalla. Vaini is working in S.C.S Senior Secondary School, Tiruvalla. They have two sons, Naveen and Praveen. Both are students of Believers Church School, Tiruvalla.

V b) Shiny (Younger daughter of Prof. O.A.Ninan, OORIYEL)

(Details will be added)

IV d)Rachel (Lilly - Elder daughter of OORIYEL Oonnunni)

Lilly is married to Georgekutty, Povathikunnel, Mallappally. They have two daughters , Selin, Dorly and a son ,Robib.

Alamma ( Younger daughter of Ooryel Oonnunni)

Alamma is married to Jose, Kottayam. They have a daughter, Leena and a sson, Reji. All are working in South Africa.


He moved from Kavungumprayar to Memala, where he had a large portion of land. He was involved in social activities. He was very handsome and well built. He married Annamma, Kunnathethu, Puliyoor. They were blessed with three daughters, Rachel, Aleyamma and Mariakutty.

IV a) Rachel(Eldest daughter of OORIYEL Cheriakunju)

Rachel is married to K.J.Abraham, Mundanilkunnathil , Kurungazha. They were blessed with five daughters, Rosamma, Lizy, Santhamma, Valsamma and Kunjumol and a son, Babu.

IV b) Aleyamma (Second daughter of OORIYEL Cheriakunju)

Aleyamma is married to M.M. Varghese, Mannakuzhiyil , Thadiyoor. They were blessed with four daughters, Jolly, Leelamma, Kunjumol, Alicekutty and two sons, Raju and Tambichan.

IV c) Mariakutty (Youngest daughter of OORIYEL Cheriakunju)

Mariakutty is married to K.K.Abraham, Kodiattu, Tiruvalla. They were blessed with two daughters, Omana, Ann and a son Raju.

III E) Kochoikunju (O.A.Koshy – Youngest son of OORIYEL Kochukunjachan)

He lost his father when he was very young. With his earnest determination to study, he completed the necessary education to become a school teacher. Also he attended a short term teachers’ training at Kottayam. He started teaching in the primary school which was very close to the Mar Thoma church. As the school was close to the cemetery, government denied the meager grant as salary to teachers. With his initiative he acquired a small plot of rocky land and erected a makeshift school there.All this was done at his expense. This is the origin of the present M.T.L.P.School, Kavungumprayar. He was the headmaster of that school for 38 years .He served as the Secretary of St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church continuously for 30 years and also served as Sunday School Headmaster for 55years which his eldest brother Oommachan started. He married Annamma, Mandakathil, Puramattom. He was blessed with three sons, Kunjumon, Babu , Koshykunju and four daughters, Rachel, Annamma, Aleyamma and Molly. Of these Koshykunju did not make it through infancy.

IV a) Kunjumon (O.C.Abraham - Eldest son OORIYEL Kochoikunju)

Kunjumon worked over 30 years as a Psychiatric Social Work Director, under the Delaware State Government until his retirement. His wife Nirmala, daughter of C.M. George, Sangaramangalam, worked as Food and Nutrition Administrator under the Delaware State. Both are very active in the Mar Thoma Church activities in the US. They took the initiative in starting the Mar Thoma Family conference .

At present they give leadership to Native American Mission work in the US and other social service programs like Meals on Wheels. They have two daughters Anisha and Ajita.

V a) Anisha (Lt. Col.Dr. Anisha Abraham- Elder daughter of O.C.Abraham)

She achieved academic brilliance during her school years, securing the gold medal for best student while she was in High School from President Reagan in 1986. She is married to Dr. Hanfried Von Hindenberg, great grand son of German President, late Von Hindenberg. They have a son Nikhil. She was in the US Army as a doctor. Dr. Anisha is a professor at George Town University, Washington.

V b) Ajita (Ajita Abraham -Younger daughter of O.C.Abraham)

Like her sister she also had a brilliant academic career. She is married to Reynaldo Geerken, grand son of a German Diplomat to Cuba. They have two sons, Alexander and Lucas Abraham. Ajita is a corporate lawyer. She works as one of the Vice Presidents of New York Bank at Wall Street, New York.

IV b) Babu (Mathews Koshy- Second son of OORIYEL Kochoikunju)

After graduation he took up teaching profession and worked at St.Thomas High School, Keezhillam and at Asram High School, Perumbavoor. Later he went to Ethiopia, Zambia and Nigeria and worked there for 22 years. He came back from Africa at the age of 45 and settled at OORIYEL Tharavadu. At present he runs “Blue Nile” a tourist bus service. (Blue Nile is a tributary of the river Nile which starts from Ethiopia) He married Kunjumol, daughter of Thomas, Vadakethu, Kuriannoor. She worked there as a teacher as well. They have two sons, Anish and Rajish.

V a) Anish (Anish M Koshy B.E., M.B.A, Elder son of OORIYEL Babu)

Anish married Sonia, Chungathu house (Kunnamkulam), daughter of Thampi Simon, who at present is settled at Chennai. Anish is the Deputy General Manger of a French Company in Dubai and his wife is Senior Software Engineer in Emirates Airlines, Dubai.. They have three daughters Anika, Ashrita, and Alina. .All are studying in Dubai.

V b) Rajish (Thomas M Koshy B.Tech. M.S) Second son of OORIYEL Babu. Rajish married Maggie, Daughter of Alexander, Velloor (Kottayam) settled in Hyderabad.. Rajish is working in U.S.A. They have a son, Kevin.

IV c ) Rachel (Eldest daughter of OORIYEL Kochoikunju).

Rachel is married to Philip, Oonnukallil, Ayroor. They are in Singapore for the last nearly 65 years. They have a son, Liggy and two daughters Prem and Shoba.

IV d) Annamma (Second daughter of OORIYEL Kochoikunju)

Annamma is married to Kuriachan, Thonduparampil, Melpadom. They are settled in Ernakulum. They are blessed with a son, Laggy and a daughter Latha..

IV e)Aleyamma (Kunjumol- Third daughter of OORIYEL Kochoikunju)

Aleyamma is married to Simon, Kumblathu house, Keerikad, Kayamkulam. They are blessed with two sons, Shaji and Biji and a daughter Susan. Simon passed away. All others are settled in U.S.A.

IV e) Mariamma (Molly- Youngest daughter of OORIYEL Kochoikunju)

Molly is married to Prince, Podiyadi, Tiruvalla. They have a son, Christopher and a daughter Libby. They are settled in U.S.A.


Cheriachan is the second son of OORIYEL Oommoommen (Refer 2nd Para, OORIYEL family) He was very healthy and an expert in hunting. He used to go for hunting with a good number of followers. He was also a strong believer. He baptized a Hindu family and they became members of Mar Thoma church, Kavungumprayar. At present there are about 12 families who are descendants of the one who was baptized. He married Mariamma, the daughter of Koshy, Kayyalethu Poovathur. Koshy was a school inspector at that time. He was blessed with four sons, Oommachan, Kochoikunju, Avirachan and Kunjenachan and also four daughters, Aleyamma, Mariamma, Annamma and Accamma.

III a) Oommachan (Eldest son of Cheriachan, OORIYEL Kurikkattuparel)

He was well built 6’2” tall and a good athlete. Once, a Panickar from Adangapurathu who was very hefty fainted and fell down in the paddy field due to lightening. Oommachan carried him on his shoulders and brought him to the road which was around half a kilometer away. He married Saramma, Muttel, Melpadom. They had a daughter, Thankamma. He died at the age of 29 due to pneumonia. Saramma went back to her house and got married again. Thankamma was married John B.A., Kaleekal, ollakadavu.

III b) Kochoikunju (Dr. K.C.Koshy - Second son of Cheriachan, OORIYEL

He started a homeo clinic and a homeo college at Puramattom. He was a gifted doctor He could stop spreading some sort of contagious disease in the banks of river Manimala at that time. Also he went to Tamil Nadu to stop spreading diseases like plague and cholera. He was also an evangelist. He was the first person in central Travancore area who showed magic lantern as visual aid in gospel meetings. Like his father he was also interested in hunting. He got malaria during one hunting trip. As there was no effective medicine for Malaria at that time he lost his life at the age of 43. His eldest son was only 16 and youngest son 6 months at that time. His wife was Saramma, daughter of Mathai Saar, Pattamthanathu, Chengannoor. She was a devoted woman. At that time food was very scarce all over. But she showed special interest in feeding the needy and hungry. Also she was very hospitable. They were blessed with three sons and three daughters.

IV a) Kunjootty (Dr. K.K.Cherian, Eldest Son of Dr. K.C.Koshy)

He took the reins of running the family after the death of his father at the age of 16. He continued running the homoeo dispensary which his father started. He was a member of Puramattom Panchayat Committee for 28 years. Also he was the trustee of Mar Thoma Church, Kavungumprayar for 15 years. He worked very hard in completing the construction of Mar Thoma Church building. Also he was the president of Ooriapadickal Kudumbayogam. He married Thankamma, daughter of Varghese, Thekedathu, Thumpamon. They are blessed with two sons, Kunju, Raju and three daughters, Kunjamma, Susamma, and Kunjanamma. He passed away in October 2009.

V a).Kunju (K.C.Koshy Elder Son of K.K.Cherian)

After graduation he left for Ethiopia to take up teaching profession. From there he went to Nigeria and at present his wife Susy and he are working in South Africa. They have permanent residentship in South Africa. His wife Susy is the daughter of Capt. Mathew, Vadakkedathu, Omalloor. They are blessed with two daughters, Manju and Anju.

VI a) Manju M.C.A. (Second daughter of K.C.Koshy)

Manju is married to Jiji Cherian, Mulamoottil Kalayil, and Naranganam. They have two sons, Alex and Allen. They are settled in Sydney, Australia.

VI b) Anju M.B.A (Second daughter of K.C.Koshy)

Anju is married to Wren Kurian, Kuttikatty Bhavan, Santhanpara, Munnar. They have two children Joe and Anna. Both are working in Lagos, Nigeria.

V b) Raju (K.C. George Second son of K.K.Cherian)

He worked as the superintendent of an estate in Mysore. Later he went to U.A.E and worked there for some years. He married Santhamma, daughter of Mathaichan, Kochiyil Parappallil, Kaviyoor. They are blessed with a son, Binoy and a daughter, Bindhu.

VI a) Binoy B.Tech (Son of K.C.George)

Binoy married Anu, Sohan villa, Kodumon. Both Binoy and Anu are working in Dubai. They have a daughter Nekha.

VI b) Bindhu (Daughter of K.C.George)

Bindhu is married to Reji, Kavumkal, Ranny. Raji’s parents are settled in Ernakulum.They have a daughter Merlin.

V c) Kunjamma (Eldest daughter of K.K.Cherian)

Kunjamma is married to T.A.Simon,Puthukallel, Ernakulum. They have three sons, Aby, Aji, Anish and a daughter Ani.

V d) Susamma (Second daughter of K.K.Cherian)

Susamma is married to P.V.Mathew Chungathil Plammottil, Kumbanad . They have a son, Promod and a daughter, Preetha,

V e) Kunjannamma (Youngest daughter of K.. K. Cherian)

Kunjannamma is married to John Chacko, Nallanikunnel, Elavunthitta. They are settled in Shornur. They have a son, Anand and a daughter, Asha.

IV b) K.K.Mathew (Second son of Dr. K.C. Koshy)

He worked in Malaysia for quite a long time. After coming from Malaysia he was involved in social activities in this area. He was a member of the Puramattom Panchayat committee. He married Mariamma, Chemparathimoottil, Vengal, Tiruvalla. They are blessed with four sons, Kunjumon, Achankunju, Rajan, Maju and three daughters, Valsamma, Ammukutty and Shoba.

V a) Kunjumon (Koshy Mathew -Eldest Son of K.K.Mathew)

Kunjumon Married Ammukutty, Ushathil, Parumala. . Both are working in Bahrain. They have a son Benson Mathew Koshy. He is studying in 1st year Degree course.Their daughter Chipy Mariam Koshy is in 10th Grade. All are in Bahrain.

V b) Achankunju (Cherian Mathew - Second son of K.K.Mathew)

Achankunju is working in Dubai. He married Jaya, daughter of Georgekutty, Vallakalil, Tiruvalla. They have two daughters, Anju Mariam Cherian and Akhila Cherian. Anju is in 10th grade and Akhilais in 4th grade. Both are students of Mar Thoma Residential School, Tiruvalla.

s V c) Rajan (Rajan Mathew -Third son of K.K.Mathew)

Rajan is employed in Bombay. His wife, Suja daughter of Francis, Vaipin , Ernakulam also is working there. They have two sons, Sam Mathew Rajan , Sen Oommen Rajan. Sam is in 10th grade and Sen is in 7th grade. All are in Bombay.

V d) Maju (Maju Mathew-Youngest son of K.K. Mathew)

Maju is an Electrical Engineer. He married Elizabeth (Kochumol), daughter of M.M.Mathew Mattathu, Eraviperoor. They have two daughters, Kesya and Leya. Kesya is in 4th grade. All are settled in Canada holding Canadian citizenship.

V e) Valsa (Eldest daughter of K.K.Mathew)

Valsa is married to Thampi, son of Rev. J. Joseph, Padinjattidiom, Gudallor. They are settled in Canada. They have two daughters, Jemsy and Lincy. Jemsy is married to Santhosh and Lincy is studying.

V f) Ammukutty (Second daughter of K.K. Mathew)

Ammukutty is married to Raju Zacharia Palamoottil, Edayaranmula. They are blessed with two daughters and a son. Son, Maneesh Mathew Zacharia and daughter Manila Mathew Zacharia were twins. She died at the age of 16. Younger daughter Mariam Mathew is a student of 2nd year B.Sc Nursing at Mangalapuram.

V g) Shoba (Youngest daughter of K.K. Mathew)

Shoba is married to Late Sunny (Skaria) , Ervikulangara, Kottayam. They are blessed with a son, Josh and a daughter Divya. Josh is a final year Engineering student and Divya is in 9th grade.

IV c) Kunjoonjachan (K.K. Koshy Youngest son of Dr. K.C. Koshy)

Kunjoonjachan was an estate superintendent for quite a long time in Mysore. After retirement he is fully engaged in social and church activities. He was the trustee of Ooriapadickal Kudumbayogam. His wife is Mary, daughter of Chandikunju, Manamel, Mepral. They are blessed with a son, Shaji and two daughters Sherly and Sherin.

V a) Shaji (Son of K.K. Koshy)

Shaji was working as the Manager of an estate in Mysore. His wife is Jessy, daughter of P.T.John, Punnakkattumalayil. They have a daughter Rebecca Mariyam Koshy.

V b) Sherly (Elder daughter of K.K. Koshy)

Sherly is married to Issac George, Chellakunnel, Edathua. They have three daughters; Jisha Ann Issac, Jija Mariyam Issac, and Aswathy Sara Issac.

All are settled in U.S.A. holding American citizenship.

V c) Sherin (Younger daughter of K.K. Koshy )

Sherin is married to Kunju, Vashachirayil, Chingavanom. They have a son Agil John.

IV a) Mariamma (Eldest daughter of Dr. K.C. Koshy)

Mariamma is married to Mathaichan, Olickal, Ranny. They are blessed with three sons, Joy, Achankunju , Kunjoonjachan and three daughters, Sally, Kunjannamma and Alamma.

IV b) Aleyamma (Second daughter of Dr. K.C. Koshy)

Aleyamma is married to Baby, Padavupurackal, Edathua. They are blessed with two sons, Geemon, Kochumol and three daughters, Leelamma, Kochumol and Shoba.

IV c) Kunjannamma (youngest daughter of Dr. K. C. Koshy)

Kunjannamma is married to Dr. K.M.Mathew, Thazhathillathu, Vadasserikara. They are blessed with two sons, Mathukutty and Late Kochumon

III c) Kunjavarachan (K.C.Abraham - Third son of OORIYEL, Cheriachan).

Kunjavarachan was a business man. He married Aleyamma, Kochuplammoottil, and Kumbanad. They are blessed with two sons, Thankachan, Kochukunju and two daughters Mary and Accamma.

IV a) Thankachan (K.A.Cherian Eldest son of Kunjavarachan)

Thankachan moved from here to Mangalapuram and is involved in business.

IV b) Kochukunju (Abraham Jacob Youngest son of Kunjavarachan)

Kochukunju also moved from here to Andhra State to stay with his sons who run business there. He married Thankamma, Edayaranmula. They are blessed with three sons, Manoj, Maju and Maneesh. All are involved in their own business which is going on well.

Va ) Manoj (Elder son of Kochukunju). He is married and they have a son

V b) Maju (Second son of Kochukunju) He is married and they have a son and a daughter.

V c) Aju (Third son of Kochukunju) Doing business

IV c) MaryKutty (Eldest daughter of Kunjavarachan)

Marykutty is married to late Georgekutty, Chittanikal, Vazhakunnam, Kozhenchery.They are blessed with four sons and four daughters.

IV d) Accamma (Youngest daughter of Kunjavarachan)

Accamma is married to Thampan, Amprayil, Thalavady. They are blessed with one son and four daughters.

III d) Kunjenachan (Youngest son of OORIYEL Cheriachan)

Kunjenachan passed away at the age of 16.

III e) Aleyamma (Eldest daughter of OORIYEL Cheriachan)

Aleyamma is married to Koshy, Kochupurackal, Chengannoor. They are blessed with three sons, Kochummachan, Kujuvarkey, Baby and two daughters, Achamma and Mary.

III f) Mariamma (Second daughter of OORIYEL Cheriachan)

Mariamma is married to Planter A.. P. Ninan, Ambattu, Kulathupusha. They are blessed with seven sons and three daughters. Sons are – Philip Ninan, Cherian Ninan, George Ninan, Ninan Ninan, Koshy Ninan, Thomas Ninan and Alex Ninan. Daughters are Kuttiamma, Alice and Achamma.

III g) Annamma (Third daughter of OORIYEL Cheriachan)

Annamma is married to Thomas, Kurissummootil, Kallissery. Later they moved to Punalur and settled there. They are blessed with four sons, Late Rev. Cherian Thomas, Aniankunju, Kunjumon, Avarachan and two daughters, Kunjamma and kunjoonjamma.

III h) Accamma (Fourth daughter of OORIYEL Cheriachan)

Accamma is married to Mathaichan, Inchakalodil, Chengannoor. Later they moved to Kollam. They are blessed with two sons, Mathukutty, Baby and three daughters, Kunjamma, Marykutty and Kunjannamma.