Panara Kizhakkathil Chandappilla:

Chandappilla, who shifted residence from Peroor Kudumbam to Panara Kizhakkathil has got 3 sons. Out of 3, 2 have died while at Panara kizhakkathil. Their sons resided Thundil Kizhakkathil and Mannil alternatively. The third son, Kunjachen has got 4 children. Out of the four, the eldest son Chandappilla resided at Kudumbam, second son Gee Varghese at Thundil, third son Mathunny at Thekkepura and fourth son Yohannan at Eanathu.


He served as Thumpamon Palli Trustee and Clerk at Thumpamon Middle School established by Bishop of Parumala. His wife was the sister of Mammen, Aaltharamoottil,Chengannur. They have got only one son P.C. Chandappilla. The second marriage of Chandappilla (Aleyamma, Mannil Therakathu Mangalathu, Kaipattoor) has got three sons, Chandappilla Geevarghese, Chandappilla Kochu Koshy, Chandappilla Mathew and three daughter Rahelamma, Kochumariyamma, Aleyamma. Rahelamma married to Kollam, Kochumariyamma to Kurambala and Aleyamma to Kambamkottu. P.C. Chandappilla , son in his first marriage resided at Panara kizhakkethil and others at Pothukandathil.

P.C. Chandappilla:

Chandappilla, a popular school Headmaster married Annamma, Perupallikkattu Malayil, Thiruvalla. They have got two sons. P.C. Alexander, P.C. George and four daughters, Chinnamma, Kunjoonjamma, Gracykutty and Saramma. Chinnamma married to Mannar Pathicheriyil, Kunjamma to Puravanthur Kizhakke veedu, Gracykutty to Varikkayil, Kodukulanji, Saramma to Theruvil Peedikayil, Kaipattoor. Chandappilla died on 1974 and Annamma on 1978. Both of them were laid to rest at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Thumpamon.

P.C. Alexander:

The eldest son of P.C. Chandappilla, resided at Panara Kizhakkathil Puthen Pura is now leading post retirement life after serving in Medical Department of Malayalam Plantation for 30 years on return from Military service for 3 years. Thankamma, daughter of K.M. Cheriyan, Karyadiyil, Kattanam is his wife. They have got five daughters, Molikutty, Ammukutty (B.A), Allykutty (B.A), Kunjumole (B,Sc., C.A), Alicekutty (B.Com.) and one son Sunny. Molikutty married to Rajukutty, son of Zachariah, Mallasseril Nellivilayil, Ammukutty to Joykutty, son of Varghese, Manikettiya Kizhakkeveettil, Kottarakkara, Allykutty to Joykutty, son of Thomas, Malethu, Maramon, Kunjumole to Suresh, Chakkolitharayil, Peringala, Kayamkulam and Alicekutty to Reny, son of Zachariah, Kottackal Neduvelil, Anandappally.

Mathews Alex (Sunny):

He returned home after his service as Teleprinter operator in the Military for 7 years. He married Leelamma Abraham (Omana),daughter of P.S.Abraham , Padinjeremannil Veettil, Maramon. After his Military service he was working in the Gulf and returned home 2003. They got two daughters. Somy Mary Mathews (M .Sc Dietetion), Simi Elsa Mathews (B.Com) Both are studing. Somy married To Paul Mannanchery, Thripunithura, Cochin.

P.C. George (Second son of P.C. Chandappilla):

Now residing in the family. He is retired from the post of Supervisor, National Rayons, Bombay for 32 years in December, 1982. His wife is Kunjamma, Kannayil, Kayamkulam. They have got one son Babu (Alexander) and four daughters, Jolly, Sherly, Moly and Litty. Jolly married to George Mathew, son of M.M. George, Mathilumkal, Thiruvalla, Sherly to Mathew Varghese (Achenkunju), son of Varghese, Kizhakke Valiyaparambil, Kozhencherry, Moly to Georgekutty, son of Daniel, Kannadisseril Puthen veedu, Karthikappally and Litty to Aniyankunju (Issac), son of Joseph, Paayikkattayyathu Veedu, Puthuppally.

Babu (P.G. Alexander):

Now serving as Mechanic at National Rayons, Bombay. He married Baby, daughteer of K.E. John, Vilayil Bungalow, Kattanam and they have got two sons, Binu and Bibin.

Chandappilla Gee Varghese:

His wife is rahelamma, Thirakathu, Kaipattoor and they have got three daughters, Chinnamma, Mariyamma and Kunjannamma and one son Chandappilla (Kunju Kunju). Chinnamma married to Kottayam, Mariyamma to Changanasserry and Kunjannamma to Vadavathur.

Chandappilla (Kunju Kunju):

Now leading post retirement life after serving at M.G. High School, Thumpamon. His wife is Mariyakutty, Kallumkavilayil, Chenneerkkara. They have got one daughter Valsamma and three sons, Varghese, Thampy, and Aniyankunju. Valsamma got wedded to Mathew, son of Kuruvila, Thazhathakkuttu, Puthuppally.

Varghese (Shaji):

Now working in Gulf. He married Alice, daughter of Cheriyan Mathai, Thuruthipalliyil, Oonnukal. Alice is now working as Nurse in a Private Hospital. They have got one son, Aneesh and one daughter Ashili.


He died untimely.


Now working in Gulf. He married Sherly, daughter of Jacob Mathew, Palamukalil, Kudassanad and has got one son, Sharon.

Chandappilla Kochu Koshy:

Kochu Koshy now residing at Kambamkottu from Pothukandathil, Thumpamon has got one son Achenkunju and one daughter Kunjumole.

Chandappilla Mathew:

Mathew who is residing at Panara Kizhakkathil Kurukkan Mattukkal married Annamma, Kottayil vettikizhakkathil, Mulakkuzha. They have got three sons Joy, Baby and Kunjumon and two daughters Leelamma and Omana. Leelamma married to Pappachen, Plamthottathu Kalayil, Elavumthitta and Omana to Joy, Panara Veettil, Makkamkunnu.


Now residing apart from Kudumbam, married Lillykutty from Kadambanadu. They have got one son Anil and a daughter Anitha.


He is a bachelor.


He married Gracy, daughter of Thomas John, Pulivarathil Thekkathil, Chenneerkkara and has got two sons, Jijo and Jino.

Panara Kizhakkathil Thundil Gee Varghese:

He married Annamma, daughter of Thundil Idichandy and has got one daughter Aleyamma and two sons, Idichandy and Gee Varghese. Aleyamma got married Pezhumkattil, Vadakkekkara, Thumpamon.


Idichandy, the eldest son of Gee Varghese, married Achiamma from Vadakkekara Kunnam and has got two daughters Kunjamma, Mariyamma and one son Kunjukutty. Kunjamma got married to Kaithavana, Thumpamon and Mariyamma to Chandanappally. Kunjukutty married Sosamma from Ezhamkulam and residing there. Kunjukutty has got two sons, Raju and Baby and later he expired.

Gee Varghese Gee Varghese:

He the second son of Gee Varghese, married Rahelamma, daughter of Koshy, Kochuveettil, Kattanam. They have got three daughters, Kunjamma, Mariyamma, Chinnamma and two sons, Gee Varghese (Joy), Koshy (Kunjumon). He died on 14th July 1985. Kunjamma married to Samuel, Kunnikkuzhi Thuthukkulath, Pandalam, Mariyamma to Mathaikutty, Thundivadakkathil, Karthikappally and Chinnamma to Samuel, Puthen Peedikayil Vaduthala Panarayil, Omalloor.

T.G. Gee Varghese (Joy):

The wife of Joy working as Clerk in Thumpamon M.G. High School is C.G. Kunjamma, daughter of Daniel Gee Varghese, Changethu Vadakkathil, Muttom, Thumpamon. Kunjamma is a teacher in M.G. U.P. School, Thumpamon. They have got one daughter, Dolly and two sons Daison and Denny. Dolly married to Peter. P. Samuel, son of C.C. Samuel, Pachamkulathu Veedu, Kappil, Oachira. Daison is now working in the school after his college studies and Denny is a student. Joy has also served as Secretary of Thumpamon Sakha.

T.G. Koshy (Kunjumon):

He returned home after his service in a company at Bangalore. His wife is Thankamma, daughter of Gee Varghese, Valiyavilayil, Puthoor. They have got two sons, Wilson, Villy and one daughter Vinu. Their sons are doing self reliant works and the daughter is a student. Kunjumon is now residing at Puthoor.

Mathunny (Thevathil Vadakkathil):

Mathunny, who has shifted his residence from Panara Kizhakkathil to Thevathil Vadakkathil has got two sons, Kochukunju and Gee Varghese and one daughter Annamma. Annamma married from Kaipattoor. Gee Varghese married from Venmony kuzhi, Kaipattoor and residing there. They have got two sons, Mathai, Kochukunju and one daughter Mariyamma.

Kochukunju (Elder son of Mathunny):

Kochukunju has got four daughters, Mariyamma, Aleyamma, Annamma, Saramma and two sons, Mathunny (Kochukunju), Gee Varghese (Kochuvarchen). Mariyamma married to Thatta, Aleyamma to Chethupally, Kaipattoor, Annamma to Thakara Kattil, Kulanada and Saramma to Pampumala Vazhathottathil, Thumpamon.

Mathunny (Kochukunju):

He married Mariyamma, Kallumpurathu Puthen vedu, Mavelikara. They have got three daughters, Kunjamma, Aleyamma, Mariyamma (Thankamma) and two sons, Thomas and Thankachen (T.M. Varghese). Kunjamma married to Yohannan, Chandanappally, Kaipattoor, Aleyamma to Scariah, Kallunkal Puthen Veedu, Vadakkekkara and Mariyamma married to Samuel, Melevila, Kannamcode.


Thomas married Rahelamma from Melevila, Kaipattoor and residing at Kaleetharavila Kizhakkathil, Mundappalli, Peringanadu. They have got three sons, Mathai (Kunjumon), Varghese, Joykutty (Mundappally Thomas) and one daughter Marykutty. Marykutty married to Kaniyamparambil Joykutty. Thomas died on 1988 and Rahelamma on 1990.

Mathai (Kunjumon):

He is working at Calcutta and serving there. He has also got one son.


He married Kunjumole, daughter of Yohannan, Valanath Kizhakkekkara, Thengamam and has got one son Biju and one daughter Wilsy.

Thomas (Joykutty):

He married Aleyamma, Chirayude Melethil, Sooranadu and has got one son Lenin and one daughter Liji. Thomas is a politician.

T.M. Varghese (Thankachen):

Rahelamma, daughter of Gee Varghese, Kavadiyil, Peringanadu. T.M. Varghese is now residing at Lordson Villa, Pulinthanathu Padinjattathil, Peringanadu. Now leading post retirement life after serving as Assistant Engineer in P.H.E.D. He is now serving as Headmaster of the Sunday School of the Peringanadu St. Gregorious Orthodox church. He was also served as Trustee and Secretary of the church. He has got three sons, Sam Mathew, Shaji Varghese, Stanly Johns and one daughter Sheela Marykutty (B.Com.). Sheela got wedded with Mathew, Kottinakala, Thazhava.

Sam Mathew (Diploma in Civil Engineering):

Sam Mathew now working at Muscat as Engineer married Mariyamma, Karinchappally, Kappil, Kayamkulam and has got two sons, Jomy Varghese and Tony Zachariah.

Shaji Varghese, B.Sc., B.Ed.:

He married Asha (B.A), daughter of Vanmelil Thekkathil Thankachen, Patharam, Thodiyoor. He is now working as Clerk in the Magistrate Court, Pathanamthitta.

Stanly Johns:

Doing self retirement works in Muscat.

Gee Varghese (Kochuvarchen):

Gee varghese, the second son of Kochukunju, married Aleyamma, Edasseriath, Eanath. They have got two sons, T.V. George, T.V. Mathai (Pappachen) and one daughter Tahnkamma. Thankamma got married to George, Anamudiyayyathu, Kaipattoor. Both Gee Varghese and Aleyamma expired.

T.V. George:

His wife is Thankamma, daughter of Kochunkunju, Villamcode, Thumpamon. He is now leading a post retirement life after serving in the Branches of State Bank of Travancore, Thiruvalla and Punalur and thereafter in Military for 20 years. He was also served as Headmaster of the Paranthal Sunday school, established by Puthenkavu Mar Peelaxenose Bishop and Secretary of the Adoor Orthodox Church. They have got four sons, George Varghese, Jacob george, george Mathew, Thomas George and three daughters, Aleyamma, Mariyamma and Saramma. Aleyamma married P.C. Cheriyan, Plamparambil, Chingavanam, Mariyamma to Benny Zachariah, Charuvila, Anandappally and Saramma is working as a Nursery Teacher.

George Varghese (Diploma in Mechanical Engineering):

Now working in Gulf. His wife is Susamma, Nediya Kalayil, Kidangannur. They have got one son Jomson and one daughter Jeny.

Jacob George:

Now working as Electrician in Newsprint Factory, Vellur. He married Sherly, Kamkalil, Kayamkulam and has got one daughter Sheena and one son Eldose.

Rev. Fr. George Mathew (B.A., G.S.T):

Now working as Priest of the St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Thumpamon. His wife is Jolly, Kandathil, Omalloor and has got one son

Jestine. Thomas George:

He is a student.

T.V. Mathai (Pappachen):

He is residing at Paranthal after marrying Saramma from Ulanadu. They have got three children, Varghese Mathew, Aleyamma and Sujamole. Varghese Mathew is now working in Gulf and Aleyamma married to Babu, Aikkattu.


He resided at Panara Kizhakkathil Thekkeppurayil and his wife is Mariyamma, Ambikulangara, Kayamkulam. He was a teacher. They have got only one daughter Aleyamma and Thempamon Vadakkadathu Plamthottathil David married her.