Alexandrios Kathanar Rev.Fr. Idichandy (Alexandrios Cathanar) the eldest son of Rev. Fr. Kunju Ninan is the founder of this Shaka. His wife Achiyamma is from Pudukeril house, Puthencavu, chengannoor. They had five sons and three daughters. Yavanan (Manapurath), Ummummen (Parampil Thekkethil), Idichandy (Pullelil), Iypeachan (died without children), and Rev. Fr. V.I. Skariya (Parampil) are the five sons.

YAVANAN (MANAPURATHU) (eldest son of Rev. Fr. Idichandy (Alexandrios Kathanar) His wife Annamma was the D/O Punnoose and Chechamma, Venattukalathil Puthenpurackal, Kurichy, Chingavanam. Punnose was the brother of late H.G. Moron Mar Baselius Geevarthese II (Kallacheril Bava Thirumeni). Idichandy (unnoonny), Punnoose B.A.B.L, and Ninan are the three sons and Pennamma (Achiyamma) is the daughter. Yavanan passed away at the age of 80 (20/10/1121) and Annamma at the age of 60 (19/02/1111). Both of them are laid to rest at the St.Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Puthiyacavu.

IDICHANDY (MANAPURATH) The eldest son of Yavanan Manapurath
He worked as a Supt of PWD for a long time and passed away on the month of Dhanu 1124 and laid to rest at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Puthiakave, Mavelikara. His wife Sosamma is the D/O Chathamala Thomas (Kuttichen, Kodiattu, Thiruvalla). V.I. Ninan M.Sc is his son and Leelamma (Leela Alexander), Kunjumole (Remani) are the daughters. Kunjumol (Remani) died before marriage. Leelamma was married to Prof. Zachariah Varghese son of Varghese and Sosamma, Kanjirathinkal, Kunnamkulam.

V.I. NINAN M.SC (Thampy) Retired Professor Malabar Christian College, Calicut The only son of Idichandy Manapurath is leading a retired life in Mavelikara.. He is a man of principles and a good speaker, writer and an active leader of some spiritual organizations in the Orthodox community. His wife Susheela is the D/O Mr. K.G.Alexander, Kaniamthara house, Paipad. Susan Ninan M.Tech, Merri Ninan B.Sc Bed, and Annie Ninan M.A are the daughters. Susan Ninan is working as Asst. Engineer in KSEB and Mr. Udup Joseph Panathimalayil, Chengalam is her husband. Merri Ninan is married to A.N.Thomas M.Sc Bed, Ananthamangalam, Bharanicavu

Advocate V.N. Punnoose B.A. B,L (2nd son of Yavanan Manapurath) His wife Sosamma B.A.B.T is the daughter of Alexander, C.M.S High School, Kottayam and Annamma is the only daughter. Mr. Mathew Varghese (Moniten) son of Poovannal Varghese, Kallumala is her husband. Punnoose and wife passed away and laid to rest at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral Puthiakave, Mavelikara.

Ninan (Junior manapurath) (3rd son of Yavanan Manapurath) His wife Kunjannamma is the only sister of Shev. T.P. Philippose, Thekkethalackal, Kottayam. Ninan and Philipose are the two sons and Annamma M.Sc Bed is the only daughter. She is married to Mr. P.I. Abraham, son of Rev. Fr. Thomas, Eraviperroor. Ninan and his wife passed away and laid rest at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Puthiakave, Mavelikara.

Ninan Manapurath (eldest son of Ninan Junior Manapurath) He is working in New India Assurance Co. Renu, daughter of P.C. Mathew, Muthanaq Villa, Natakom, Kottayam is his wife and Zon is their son.

Philipose Manapurath. (2nd son of Ninan Junior) Worked as a Divisional Manager in New India Assurance Co. Alwaye and presently running an educational institution in Mavelikara. Remani is his wife and Prakash and Prasad are the two sons. Both of them are students.

UMMUMMEN PARAMPIL THEKETHIL – 2nd son of Rev. Fr. Idichandy (Alexandrios Kathanar) Annamma Nadavallil, Mavelikara was his first wife and Idychandy was the only son in this marriage. Annamma passed away on 1068 and laid rest at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Mavelikara. After the death of Annamma, Ummoommen was married to Kunjandamma, daughter of Rev.Fr. Idiculla, Pandakasalayil House, Kizheketheruv, Kottarackara. In this marriage P.O.Idychandy (thekeniath), P.O.Idiculla Malayil (unmarried – Sleeba Dasan), P.O.Cherian (Parampil Thekkethil) and P.O.Ninan (kunjuninachan – Parambil Malayil are the four sons and Sosamma is the only daughter. She is married to Ninan, son of Ninan Kozhikodu Pallathu, Karunagappally.

Idichandy Mundakaleth – Kottarackara (the only son of Ummummen in his first marriage) He is married to Annamma, Mundakaleth, Kizheketheruv, Kottarackara and settled in Kottarackara. Annamma passed away in 1969 and Idychandy in 1970. George kutty is the only son.

Georgekutty Mundakaleth, Kottarackara. (the only son of Idichandy Mundakaleth) His wife Kuttiyamma is the daughter of Unnonny and Mariamma, Pattamalacharuvilayil, Kottarackara. George kutty passed away in 1979. Oommechan (kunjumon), Aniyan (Mathew), Babu (Alexander) are the three sons and Mariamma, Annamma and Thresiama are the three daughters. Susamma is married to Johny Kutty son of Kunnil Mathaichan and Mariamma, Kalluvadukkal, Chathannoor. Marriamma is married to Koshykunju, son of Thommachan and Mariamma , Palikatt, Kotarackara. Thresiama is married to Johnykutty son of Mariamma, Pallyilkadayil veetil, Pooyappilly.

Oommechan Mundakaleth, Kottarackara (eldest son of Georgekutty Mundakaleth) Oommechan Mundakalath is working in KSEB. His wife Sosamma is the daughter of Yavanan Mathai and Marriamma, Chencheril, Kapapila Veetil, Peringalor, Ayoor. Reny T Oommen and Rinu T Oommen are the two sons

Aniyan (Mathew ) Mundakaleth (2nd son of Georgekutty) He is working in gulf. His wife Mini Mathew is the daughter of D Baby and Mariamma , Charuvilaputhenveedu, Pooyappally. Ajish Mathew and Anish Mathew are the two sons..

Babu (Alexander) Mundakaleth Babu is working in Delhi. His wife Leelamma is the daughter of Kunjunju and Thankamma, Manickel Veetil, Neeleshwaram, Kottarackara is his wife. Riju Alex is their only son.

P.O.Idychandy (Unnoonny Thekeniath) 2nd son of Ummummen Parampil Thekethil. His wife Mariamma is the daughter of Mathachan, Thachaplavil, Maruthiveetil, Konni. Kunjamma, Ponnamma are the two daughters and T.E. Oommen (Baby), T.E. Mathew (Podikunju) G. Geevarghese, G. Babu, G. Simon are the five sons. Idichandy and Mariamma passed away. Kunjamma is married to Chacko, Charuvila veetil, Chathanoor and Ponnamma is married to Georgekutty, Thoppil, Kozhencherry.

T.E. Oommen (Baby) Thekeniath (eldest son of P.O. Idichandy (Unnoonny Thekenieth) He worked in NCDC, Madhyapradesh and after retirement settled in Mavelikara. His wife Leelamma is the D/O M .K.Chacko and Sosamma, Mullamangalath, Maramon. Reji T Oommen and Jacob T Oommen are the two sons. Reji T Oommen is married to Reji mole, Kaleekal Veetil, Chettikulangara.

T.E. Mathew (Podikunju) 2nd Son of P.O. Idichandy (Unnoony Thekenieth) He is an agriculturist. His wife Sosamma is the D/O Yohannan and Aleyamma, Valiakalayil House, Wariapuram, Pathanamthitta. Mercy Mathew is the only daughter and Alex Mathew, Jose Mathew and Sam Mathew are the three sons. Mercy Mathew is married to Sunny (Thomas Mathew)son of Thomas Mathew kuttiyil House, Othara.

Alex Mathew is working in Gulf. His wife Sunu Alex is the daughter of Late K.V.Alexander and Mariamma, Kandathil House, Karthikappally. Alwin Alex and Evin Alex are the two sons. Jose Mathew is working in Bangalore and Sam Mathew is working in Muscat.

G. Geevarghese (Kunjumon) He is working as a sub engineer in KSEB. His wife Annamma John (Molly) is the D/O E Yohannan and Thankamma , Puthen veetil house, Kottarcave, Mavelikara. Prakash K Varghese is his son and Pratheeksha varghese is his daughter.

G. Babu After the completion of Military service he settled in Mavelikara. His wife Leelamma is the D/O Baby and Susamma, Mavelikunnil, Thumpamon. They have three sons. Alex K Babu, Aneesh K Babu and Arun K Babu .

G. Simon He is running business in Mavelikara. His wife Mariamma is the D/O Mathai, Valiaparampil, Chittar. Renju Simon is his daughter and Renjith Simon is his son.

P.O.Idiculla Parampil Malayil (3rd son of Ummumman Parampil Thekethil) He is unmarried and served as a Sleeba Dasan in St. Kuriakose Church, Mepadom, St. Stephens Church, Makkamkunne, Pathanamthitta, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Kadampanade and Horeb Dayara. Due to his illness in 1962 retired from Dayara and lived together with P.O. Ninan. (5th son of Ummumman Parampil Thekethil) He passed away in October 15 1986 and laid rest at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Puthiakave, Mavelikara.

P.O.Cherian Parampil Thekkethil (4th son of Ummumman Parampil Thekethil) His wife Marykutty is the D/O Abraham and Aleyamma, Puthenparampil, Valanjavattom. P.C. Oommen is his only son and Annamma B.Sc, Kunjamma, Susamma, Lalamma, Santhamma, Thankamma and Rachel are the seven daughters. Annamma is married to M.P.Thomas son of Philip and Aleyamma, Mallaseril House, Pandanad. Kunjamma is married to S. Gevarghese son of Samuel and Thankamma, Peedikayil House, Karthikapally. Susamma is married to Thomas son of John, Kunnumparathe, Kottayam. Lalamma is married to Babu Abraham son of Late Abraham Puthenveetil, Kollad, Kottayam. Santhamma is married to Aniyankunju son of Kuttichen Alathode, Evoor. Thankamma is married to Stephen S/O Mathew Kiliyillath, Pathanapuram. Rachel is married to Biju Abraham S/O Abraham Munnamkuttiyil, Kattanam.

P.C. Oommen B.Sc (the only son of P.O. Cherian) He is working as a Railway Station Master in Banglore. His wife Saramma B.Com is the daughter of Maniachan and Annamma, Konnavilayil Kannuvelil Puthenveetil, Thevalaraka. Mariamma (smitha) is his daughter and P.O.Cherian and P.O.Mamen are the two sons.

P.O. Ninan (Kunjuninachen) (5th Son of Ummumman Parampil Thekethil) He is an agriculturist. His wife Achamma is the daughter of Pallath Ninan, Kozhikode, Karunagapally. N.Thomas(kunju), N. Ninan(Babu). P.N. John (joy) Rajan (died at the age of 3 and buried at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral Mavelikara) N.Geevarghese (Mohan). N. Alexander (Aniyankunje) Boban (died at the age of 12 and buried at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral Mavelikara are the sons. Ponnamma, Leelamma, Kunjamma, Rosamma, Annamma and Molly are the daughters. Boban and Molly are twins.Ponnamma died at the age of 13 and laid rest at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Mavelikara. Leelamma is married to T.M. varghese S/O T.C Mathai, Thekkethalackal, Venmoney. Kunjamma is married to P.O. Kuriakose S/O Korula, Pallipurath, Neelimangalam, Kottayam. Rosamma is married to C.M. Joseph S/O Mathew, Chanja Plamootil, Aranmula. Annamma is married to Roy S/O K.C. John, Malancheril, Thottady, Niranam. Molly is married to Varghese S/O P.V.Thomas, Panachimootil, Thiruvalla.

N. Thomas Parampil Malayil (eldest son of Kunjuninachan) He worked in military as a JCO for a long period and after retirement settled in Mavelikara and engaged in agriculture. His wife Ammukutty (teacher) is the daughter of of Late Chacko, Vaidyan parampil, Konnakotte, Charoommoode. Bijimole BSc Bed is the daughter and Ninan Thomas and Jacob Thomas are the two sons. Bijimole is married to Prasad (Engr.) son of V.M. Varkey, Prasad Cottage, Chengannoor.

N. Ninan (Babu) (2nd son of Kunjuninachan) He is working as Deputy Tahasildar in revenue dept. His wife Ponnamma is the D/O Geevarghese, Ambaluthumkala Palavilayil, Baby bunglow, Kottarackara. Ponnama passed away in 21/03/1997 and laid rest at St. Marys Orthodox Cathedral Mavelikara. Jiji Mon is the only son.

P.N. John (Joy) (3rd son of Kunjuninachan) He worked in Police dept for a long period and after retirement working in USA. His wife Omana is the daughter of Abraham, Purathoot, Elanthoor. Jinsi Elsa John and Jinu John are the daughters and Jeeboy John is the only son. Jinsi Elsa John is married to Jibu Behanan, Ovil Jibu Bhavan, Kodumon Angadical.Jinu John is married to Aby Panicker,Ponguvila Puthenveedu, Kundara, Kollam. Jeeboy John is working in USA. Siji G Panicker,Simesh Bhavan, Kundara, Kollam is his wife.

N.Geevarghese (Mohan) (5th son of Kunjuninachan) He is running business in Sharjah. His wife Silvi is the daughter of John, Valiaparampil, Kumbanad. G. Ninan and Nevy are the two sons.

N. Alexander (Aniyankunju) (6th son of Kunjuninachan) He is working in Railway in Bombay. His wife Jessy M.A is the daughter of Thomas, Anandabhavanam, Chathannoor. Siju Alexander is the son and Stephy is the daughter.

Idychandy Pullelil, Vazhuvady (3rd son of Alexandrios Cathanar) His wife Achamma was the sister of Journalist Jacob Kurian, Padinjarethalackal, Mavelikara. Idychandy kalathil, Chacko Maryhome, Kunjuninan are the three sons and Sosamma, Pennamma, Mariamma, Kunjanamma are the four daughters. Idichandy and Achamma died earlier and laid rest at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Mavelikara. Sosamma is married to Mathai, Thekkin kallunkal, Valanjavattom. Pennamma is married to Ninan, Thayil Thevalakara. Mariamma is married to Kochupappy, Karukayil, Edathua. Kunjamma is married to Benjamin, Mampallil, Nanthancode, Trivandrum. Kunjuninan passed away before marriage.

Idichandy Kalathil, Vazhuvady (eldest son of Idichandy Pullelil) His wife Annamma is the daughter of Malayil Vadhyar, Thumpamon. Pappachan, Baby and Jacob are the three sons. Jacob passed away earlier. All others settled at Malabar. Annamma and Idichandy died in Malabar.

Pappachan (eldest son of Idichandy Kalathil) His wife Annamma is from Maniveetil, Adoor. Alex, Simon and Babu are the three sons and Leelamma, Sali and Elsy are the three daughters. They all settled at Malabar.

Baby Kalathil (2nd son of Idichandy kalathil) His wife Annamma is the daughter of Kunju, Chakalayil, Vazhuvady. He has one son and one daughter.

V.I. Chacko, Maryhome Kunnam (2nd son of Idichandy Pullelil) He was working as a civilian clerk for a long period and later resigned from the job and settled at Mavelikara. He passed away in 1978 and laid to rest at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Mavelikara. His wife Kunjamma is the daughter of Valiath Oommen Thomas and Annamma, Ezhenkulam. Ponnamma, Gracy, Thankamma are the three daughters and Kunjumon (V.C. Alexander) is the only son. Ponnamma is married to P.J.Varghese, son of Joseph and Mariamma, Cherukaleth, Karakad. Gracy is married to John, son of Yohannan, Pynumootil Peedikayil, Thazhakara. Thankamma is married to Sunny son of of Esthochan and Saramma, Kuzhikal, Ranni.

V.C. Alexander (Kunjumon, Maryhome) He is working as a Manager at FACT and his wife Aleyamma is the D/O T.C. Simon and Chinnamma, Thondenvelil, Thumpamon. Aji Alex, Reji Alex are the two sons and Asha Alex is the only daughter.

REV. FR. V.I. ZACHARIAH (SKARIA KATHANAR PARAMPIL – FIFTH SON OF ALEXANDRIOS KATHANAR). He was born in 1883. He was a wellknown and respectable priest in the Orthodox Community. He started his education at the age of eight in M.D. High School, Kottayam and after completion of his high school education he got the biblical education under Vattaseril Divanyasos Thirumeni and later theological studies successfully under ‘Parumala Thirumeni’. He received ‘Shemmashupattom’ from Pulikottil Thirumeni and ordained as Kasheesha by ‘Parumala Thirumeni’. Due to his efficiency and devoted life he became the vicar of St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral,Mavelikara at the age of 18.

His mother passed away during his childhood and he use to accompany with his father wherever he goes. He was married to Aleyamma daughter of Polachirackal Kochumman, Mavelikara. His marriage was conducted at Seminary Church, Thazhakara and blessed by Parumala Thirumeni. Under the guidance and leadership of Vattaseril Mar Divanyasos Thirumeni he took the initiative in organizing and established an English medium school in 1920 at Thazhakara and in 1947 it became an Highschool. Later he tried for a training college and succeeded in 1962.

After the period of vattaseril Thirumeni Malankara Sabha was lead by Moron Mar Baselius Geevarghese 11, catholicose of the East. Thirumeni appointed him as the local manager for this institutions. He served as a Vicar in St. Marys Orthodox Cathedral Puthiakave, Orthodox Church Kottarackara, Karipuzha Church, Aranootimangalam church, Kollakadave church and kallimel church. His valuable information played a dominant role for the success of the Samudaya Case. His wife Aleyamma passed away in October 1969 and laid to rest at Kudumba kallara at Seminary Church, Thazharaka under the auspicious of Catholicose and other bishops. He passed away in August 09,1977 and laid to rest at the kudumba Kallara at Seminary Church, Thazhakara. V.S. Alexander Vadakethalackal, Pettah, Trivandrum, V.S. Oommen Vadakethalackal Puthiakave and Rev. Fr, George Zachariah Corepiscopa, Parampil are the sons and Achyamma, Achamma and Mariamma are the daughters. Achiyamma was married to Varghese. Tharayil peedikayil, Muttom. Achamma is married to Adv. P.Thomas, Manani, karthikapally. Mariamma is married to Philip, Chakalaprambil, Niranam.

V.S. Alexander Vadakethalackal, Pettah, Trivandrum (Eldest son of Skaria Kathanar ) He was a business man and was running a flour mill and tiles shop at Trivandrum. Saramma, Pattarumadathil, Chenganoor is his wife. He passed away in 25/12/2002 Alex, Babychen are the two sons and Aleykutty is the only daughter. Aleykutty is married to Achankunju(engineer) Padavupurackal, Thiruvella.

Alex Vadakethalackal Trivandrum (eldest son of V.S. Alexander) He was an officer in SBT and passed away in 1984. Kunjunjamma (Sosamma Alex) Karimpana tharackal, Manarcaud, Kottayam is his wife. She worked as an Asst. Registrar in Kerala University Trivandrum. Alex V Zachariah is the only son and Deepa and Merin Alex are the two daughters. Deepa is married to Regi Abraham S/O Alex Varghese and Marykutty Abraham, Thombrayil House, Perumbavoor. Merin is married to Alex Mathew S/O Alexander Vaidyan and Valsa Alexander, Thayyil House, Thevalakkara.

Alex V Zachariah(only son of Alex Vadakethalackal) He is working as an Engineer in Etisalat, U.A.E. His wife Liza Alex is the D/O M.C. Paulose and Susy Paulose of Mukancheril House, Thiruvankulam, Ernakulam. Juhan Alex Zachariah and Joshan Paul Zachariah are the two sons.

Babychan (2nd son of V.S.Alexander) He was married to Susamma, Modiseril Niranam. He worked as a Chemist in FACT Alwaye and later worked in Saudi Arabia and Syria. Thara, Thanku are the two daughters and Tony is the only son. They settled at Calicut. Babychen passed away on 19/08/2007 and laid rest at St. George Orthodox Church,Bilathikulam, Calicut. Thara is married to Benny Kokkattu S/O Antony Kokkattu and Baby Antony, Kokkattu House, Irinjalakuda. Teena is married to George Mathew, S/O Babu Mathew and Mariamma Mathew, Varampel, Kalamassery.

Tony Abraham (Only son of Babychan) He is working as a Manager in Reliance Assurance, Calicut. Aleena, D/O of Paul Leslie and Jessy Leslie, Cherumakadayil, Mulanthuruthy is his wife.

V.S. Oommen (Kochummachan, Vadakethalackal) (2nd son of Skariah Kathanar) He was born in 1stAugust 1911.After completion of his High School Education he started his carreer as a Supervisor in Tropical Plantation, Mundakayam and Punalur. Later he started business in Puthiakave and settled there. Thankamma daughter of Koshy Varghese and Achyamma, Parambil House Nariyapuram, Thumpamon is his wife. Zachariah Oommen(Jaison) M.A is the only son and Gracy,Susy B.A.Bed, Mercy B.A.Bed and Lizy are the four daughters. Gracy is married to C.V.Thomas S/O Varghese and Aleyamma, Chirayath House, Trichur. Susy is married to K.Cherian S/O Varghese and Sosamma, Punnackat Shanti Bhavan, Karuvatta. Mercy is married to K.K.Joseph, S/O Kochumman and Sosamma Kadavil Parambil, Mavelikara. Lizy is married to Shaji Mathew S/O Mathaichan and Kunjujamma, kavumpatu, Nannuvakad, Pathanamthitta. V.S. Oommen passed away on 14/12/2003 and Thankamma on 28/12/1997. Both were laid rest at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Puthiakave Mavelikara.

Clery Zachariah Oommen Vadakethalackal (only son of V.S. Oommen) He worked as a Snr. Purchase Officer in Ajman Shipyard, U.A.E for a period of 23 years and presently settled at Vadakethalackal, Puthiakave, Mavelikara. Valsa (Kochumol) M.A. Bed daughter of V.C. Abraham and Mary Abraham, Venattukalathil, Kurichy is his wife. Thomas V Zachariah (Thomaskutty) is the only son and he is an engineering student.

Rev. Fr. George Zachariah Corepiscopa (3rd son of Skaria Kathanar) He was born in 10 Kumbam 1095. After the completion of education in Mar Evanios College he worked as a Teacher in M.S. Seminary School, Thazhakara. Saramma daughter of Jacob, Parambil House, Nariyapuram, Thumpamon is his wife. He retired in 1974. He got Clery from Baselius Geevarghese II, Catholicos at Parumala Seminary Church. He became Decon from Baselius Mathews 1. He later becom Kaseesa at Seminary Church, Thazhakara. He worked as Vicar in Thonackad Church and later as vicar in M.S.Seminary Church, Thazhakara. He passed away in 12/06/1991 and laid rest at Kudumba Kallara near Seminary Church, Thazhakara.. His wife Saramma passed away in 30/12/1993 and laid rest at Kudumba Kallara Zachariah V George (Thampichen) Jacob V George (Babychen) and Alexander V George (Kunju) M.Sc are the three sons and Elsy, Valsa, Mariamma, Alice, Usha and Mony are the six daughters.
Elsy is married to Kunjumon s/o John, Kaluthundil Thumpamon.
Valsa is married to Kunjumon s/o K.G.John, Ponnalayathil, Kattanam.
Mariamma is married to Achan kunju s/o P.C. Geevarghese, Edakala Veetil, Vazhoor.
Alice is married to M.G. Mathai, Mulamootil, Chennithala.
Usha is married to Roy s/o Zachariah, Attumalil Varampath, Punalur.
Mony is married to Thomas B.A (Biju) s/o Samuel and Mariamma, Attilath, Venmoney.

Zachariah V George (Thampichan) He is working in Doha, Qatar. Sunitha Annie, daughter of Babu Abraham, Kaniamkulam, Kottayam is his wife. Sandra Sara Zacharia is his daughter and Shawn George Zachariah is his son.

Jacob V George (Babychen) (2nd son of Ref. Fr. Zachariah Corepiscope) Suma daughter of E.J.George, Edappalymannil, Trivandrum is his wife and working in Al Ain, U.A.E. Jubin V Jacob and Zachariah V Jacob are the two sons. Both of them are students.

Clery Alexander V George (Kunju Parambil) (3rd son of Rev. Fr. Zachariah Corepiscoppa) He is working as a Professor in Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta. Elizabeth (Leena) M.Sc B.Ed daughter of Thomas Panicker, Panicker veetil, Vazhoor is his wife. George V Alexander (Monu) is his son and Saira Alexander is his daughter. Both are students.