Thomman Kathanar, the second son of Kiriyan who is the third son of our great forefather Idichandi (Pazhayapura, Mavelikkara) was the vicar of Puthencavu Church and Secretary of Marthomma the sixth, His Grace Mar Deevanyasios. After the death of Thirumeni, Thomman Kathanar wanted to return to Mavelikkara, but because of the insistence from the members of Puthencavu Church, he continued as vicar. Thomman Kathanar was not married and hence during his old-age he brought his elder brother's son, Philipose Perumal Tharakan, to assist him.

Philipose Perumal Tharakan later married from Thazhathu Veettil, Puthuppally and settled at Kizhakkethalackal, Puthencavu. During his times he earned a lot of wealth and properties in and around Puthencavu. He had six sons; Oommen, Scaria Kathanar, Ninan, Idichandi, Mathunni, Philipose and two daughters. The names of these daughters are not available, but one is married at Nedumbayikulam, Kundara and the other at Adoor.

Oommen and Scaria Kathanar stayed at Puthencavu itself.
Ninan and Idichandi moved to Piralassery.

Mathunni and Philipose came to Mavelikkara, occupied father's properties and started living there. But, after a while, Mathunni moved to Vadakkeveettil, Thumpamon and lived there, thus establishing Thumpamon Shakha. Philipose continued to stay at Mavelikkara and he is the founding father of Kanjirathinmoottil Upashakha.

Oommen had two sons: Perumal and Markose. Perumal had two sons; Thomas and Geevarghese and two daughters; Annamma and Mariamma. Annamma is married to Kadavil Geevarghese,P uthencavu and Mariamma is married to Easo, Plathanathu, Vadasserykkara, Ranni. Markose had three sons; Oommen, Mathai and Geevarghese. Scaria Kathanar who married Aleyamma of Puthenpurackal, Puthencavu had only a daughter.

Ninan had one son (Kochummen, died at an early age ) and four daughters. Idichandi who moved to Piralassery had six sons; Perumal, Ouseph, Kiriyan, Philipose, Cheriyakunju, Idichandi and two daughters. (Elder daughter was married at Adoor and younger at Pallikkamannil, puthencavu). After the death of eldest son perumal, his three sons and his three brothers sold their properties in Piralassery, moved to Pathanapuram and stayed at Makkulam. Later-on all the three sons of Markose (Oommen, Mathai and Geevarghese) and Ouseph (second son of idichandi) also sold their property and moved to Pathanapuram and lived near Mussavari Banglow. Idichandi's sixth son who was also known as Idichandi continued to live in Piralassery and he had only four daughters. They were given on marriage at Thalavady and Piralassery.

Those who moved to Pathanapuram are the founding fathers of Pathanapuram Upashakha.

Those members who continued to live in Puthencavu and Piralassery are the founding fathers of Puthencavu Upashakha.