Peranickal Geevarghese:

Mathunny, who changed his residence from Peroor to Peranikal has got 3 sons. Out of the 3, Joseph resided at Nellimukalil, One has died without encumbrance and Koshy resided in the family.

Peranickal (Nellimukalil) Joseph:

Joseph, who has charged hid residence from Thumpamon of Nellimukalil has got 2 sons Mathunny, Nima and one daughter Sosamma. Sosamma got married to Varangattu, Vazhamuttathu.


He married from Vadakkekara Parakeezhil Thumpamon. He has got 4 sons. Joseph, Daniel, Kochukutty and Abraham and 2 daughters Mariyamma and Rahel. Mariyamma married to Thamarakulam and Rahelamma to Theruvathu Vadakkethil, Kadampanadu.


He married Mariyamma from Kurampala and has got 2 sons Mathew, Koshy and 2 daughters Chinnamma and Lilly. Chinnamma got married to Manakalethekkekara Mukhala Vilayil Kochunathan and Lilly expired while involved in Pentacoast mission work at Ceylon. Joseph was also a Pentecostal mission worker and his wife, Mariyamma engaged in Missioanry work is now residing at Madras. His eldest son expired at Madras after his monitary work at Ceylon, Malaya, France and England. The second son Koshy is now working as Company Manager in Dubai and has got 2 children, Binoj and Sherly. The family to now residing at Madras.


His wife, Sosamma was a member of the Kadambanattu Pallivathukkal family. Daniel died on 23rd Chingam 1123 and Sosamma on 3rd January 1991. They have Seven Children. Mathew, Eapachan, Kochukunju, Aleyamma, Saramma, Chinnamma and Mariyamma.


He married Mariyamma, daughter of Chacko, Kothamangalam and they have got 5 sons. Daniel Mathew, James, Titus, Joseph, Stephen and one daughter Blessy. Mathew died on 3rd August 1978.

Daniel Mathew (B.Com., LL.B):

He is now working as a Company Manager in Saudi. His wife is Jennies (M.A), daughter of Ittiavarah, Pulikkottil Pazhanji and has got one son, Don and one daughter Della.

James Mathew, M.Com., LL.B:

He is now working as Company Manager in Bombay. His wife Daisy (M.Com.), daughter of Chiramel Avarachen, Vadakkancherry. They have got two sons. Donal and Edwin.

Titus Mathew (B.Com.):

He is doing business at Adoor. Maya (B.Sc.) daughter of Jacob, kozhimannil, Kavumbhagam, Thiruvalla is the wife of Titus and they have got one daughter, Merin and one son Melvin.

Joseph (Jose) M.Com. :

Now working in Saudi. He has got 2 children, Stephen and Blessy. Both are students.


He married Annamma, daughter of Varkey. Arthunkal, Keezhillam, Moovattupuzha. They are residing at America in connection with his occupation. They have got one son Justus Kunju (Daniel Eappen) and two daughters, Jessy Eappen and Jemy Eappen. Out of this Justus Kunju and Jessy are Bank employees and also Law graduates. Jessy is now studying High School. Jessy Eapen has been presented an award for getting highest marks in the current year S.S.L.C Examination in the Kudumbayogam held at Adoor. Jessely got married to Abraham Varghese, son of Varghese Thottupurath, Kunnamthanam, Thiruvalla.


He is working as Manager in Catholic Syrian Bank. His wife is Aleyamma (High School Teacher), family member of Anjili Vilayil, Kollakadavu and they have got one daughter, Dorris and two sons. Freddy .K. Peranickal and Thomas. K. Peranickal. Dorris got married to Wilson Abraham (M.Com), daughter of Abraham Kadappakkada Penial Cottage, Kollam. His son Thomas. K. Peranickal is now working as Marketing Executive in Aptech Computers.

Aleyamma, Daughter of Daniel is got married to Baby, Renni Vilayil, Saramma to Georgekutty Kaithavana, Kottayam. Chinnamam to Kanjirappally Paruthickal Mathew (High School Head Master) and Mariyamma to Geevarghese, Kuzhivilayil, Pattazhi.

Kochukutty (Varghese):

His wife was Chinamma , Kochupurayil Thayathumannil and has got 2 sons , P.V. Samuel (M.A, LL.B,CAIIB,AIB London), P.V. John (J.A Varghese , M.A., LL.B , CAllB) Chinnamma later died.

P.V. Samuel (M.A., LL.B, CAIIB, AIB London):

He is now working Deputy General Manager of Federal Bank. Saramma a family member of Idathil, Kumpalampoika is the wife and they have got one son Tharan and one daughter Thanuja. Both of them are students.

P.V. John (M.A., LL.B, CAIIB):

He is working as Canara Bank Officer, at New Delhi and residing there , Philomina is his wife and they have got 2 sons Binu, Benny and one daughter, Marykutty who is got married to David Chikkanal, Pathanamthitta Varghese has also got one son in his second marriage.

Abraham (Baby) (Fourth son of Mathunny):

Tharayil Thundil Saramma is the wife of Abraham and they have 2 sons. Mathew, Joseph and 5 daughters.


His wife is Plammoottil Ponnamma and got 2 children.


He is in America with his sister in connection with Education.

Naina (Second son of Joseph) He married Aleyamma from Areekkathara, Thumpamon Vadakkekara. He got 3 sons, George, Scariah, Kunjachan and 5 daughters Mariyamma, Aleyamma, Thankamma, Pennamma and Chinnamma. Out of the 5 daughters Mariyamma got wedded to Kannamcodu Kanjirakkadu Kutty, Aleyamma to Kunjachan, Vazhamuttathu Vettakulath Padinjattathil ,Thankamma to Pringanattu Melathil Kutty, Pennamma to Kutty, Manalivilayil and Chinnamma to Kannankara Kizhakkathil Mathai.


He married Thankamma, daughter of Cheriyan Pappadi Padinjattathil, Peringanadu and got 4 sons, Ninan (Joy), Cheriyan, Kunjukutty, Joseph

Ninan (Joy):

Ammini, daughter of Kallada Kollakkavil Yohannan is the wife of Ninan and they are residing at Nellimukal Jose Bhavan and doing grocery business. Ninan has got one son, Jose and 2 daughters Jessy and Shiji. .Jessy got married to Jacob, son of Joseph, Puthuparambil, Alappuzha and they settled at Bombay permanently. Shiji married Thomaskutty, Malayil Puthen Veettil, Nediyakalayil, Kadampanadu and Jose is working in Dubai.


Leelamma, daughter of Luckose ,Cherukappil, Kadampanadu is the wife of Cheriyan, who died in 1984. They have got one son vinod and one daughter Bindu. Both of them are students.


He is working at Bombay


Sosamma, daughter of Manakkala Parankamvilayil Kunjappay (Adoor Sakha) is the wife of Joseph, who is working in Military. They got one son Aneesh and one daughter Ancy.

Scariah (Second son of Nina):

Aleyamma, daughter of Mathai, Puthenveettil, Kottarakkara is the wife of Scariah and they have got 5 sons, John, Babu, Unnikunju, Samuel, Roy and one daughter Susamma. Susamma got married with Pappachan, daughter of Mathan, Mukalumvilayil, Thuvayoor.


He married Kunjumole, daughter of Baby, Kottarathil, Mavelikara and engaged in self reliant work. They have got 2 daughters Yuga John and Juby John and both of them are students.


Omana, daughter of George, Thekkeveettil, Thuvayoor is the wife of Babu, now working at Dubai on retirement from Air Force. They have got one son, Justin Babu and one daughter Jasmin. Both of them are college students.


Unni engaged in self reliant works, married Valsamma, daughter of V.T. Varghese, Elambal Vallattuthundil and they have got two sons, Ullas (Alex. U.K.) and Job.


He is doing self reliant work. Veena, daughter of V.C. Baby, Thundil Thekkethil, Mundiyoorkonam, Pandalam is the wife of Samuel and has got 2 daughters, Stiji and Saibi.


Residing in the family looking after his mother.

Kunjachan (Third son of Nina):

His wife is Sosamma, daughter of Kochukunju, Vennavelil Kizhakkethil, Kizhakke Kallada. He is now doing agricultural works and has got five sons, Joseph, Boban, Mathukutty, Reji, Moncy and two daughters, Annamma and Biji. Annamma got married to Varghese, son of Yohannan, Nilavilamelathil, Kottarakkara and Biji to Saji, son of Pappachen, Puthenveettil, Kottoor.


He married Sali daughter of Ponnappan, Ambanattu Melathil, Parakkoottathil and is working in Gulf. They have got one son, Regal and one daughter Stefy Joseph .


Now working in Gulf. He married Suja, daughter of Podiyachen Koduvilathazhathil Puthen Veetil, Kallada. They have got only one daughter, Soby.


He is residing in the family with his brother, Reji and Money and doing self reliant work. He died on 12th April 1995.

Koshy Peranickal:

He is residing in the Peranical family and has got one son Geevarghese and three daughters.


He married Achiamma, Kuttiplavil, Anandappally and has got 5 sons and 2 daughters.

Mathunny Koshy:

He married Aleyamma, Kochuthundil, Panuvelilthara, Paranthal and has got one son Baby and two daughters Thankamma and Kunjamma. Thankamma married to Adoor Vellamkulangara and Kunjamma to Kuzhiyil Parambil, Manthuka. Koshy expired on 1985 and was laid to rest in St. Mary’s Church, Thumpamon.

P.K. Baby:

Baby, Sales Tax Officer, Bombay married Mariyamm Kathedathu, Peringanadu and has got two sons Biji and Aji and one daughter Leena. Biji and Aji are now working in Gulf and Leena is a Student. Biji Married Bency, daughter of Geevarghese, Vellingadathu, Oodanavattam.

Mathunny Geevarghese (Second son of Geevarghese):

He married Rahelamma, Thevathumannil, Thumpamon and has got one son, Thankachan and one daughter Ammini. He further married Rahelamma, Kavinal Kadaikkad after the death of Rahelamma and has got 2 sons. Johny and Babu. Thankachan is now serving in Bombay after his Military Service. He married Lilly, Koodaratharayil, Bharanikavu and has got one son, Sunil Johny. The second son of the Manthunny Geevarghese is working as a clerk in Railway. He married Susy, Thorokuzhiyil, Vadasserikkara. They are working in Hydrabad and has got two daughters Riny, Shuba and one son Reji. The third son Babu is now residing in the family after his retirement from Railway. His wife is Elizabeth, daughter of K.K George, Mulakuzha Kandathil and has got one son Moncy and One daughter Blessy.


He is the third son of Geevarghese and is a bachelor.

Mathunny Kunjukunju (Fourth son of Geevarghese):

His wife is Rebeca Manakalayil Iykkatt. Both Kunjukunju and Rebeca later died. They have got only one son, Kunjumon. He is now leading post retirement life for the post of Captain in Military. Kunjumol, Vilayil, Anandapalliyil is the wife of Kunjumon and they have got one son Rajan (Shibu) and two daughters Sheeja and Shiny. Shibu married Jisha, daughter of Jacob, Platharayil, Payippad.

Mathunny Abraham (Fifth Son of Geevarghese):

He married Annamma Palacheril, Thumpamon and they have got three sons Georgekutty, Babykutty, Raju and one daughter, Kunjamma. Kunjamma married Johny, son of Cheriya, Kuttiplavil, Thumpamon.

Georgekutty is working in Gulf and married Ponnamma, daughter of Mathai, Meledathu, Thumpamon. They have got two daughters Jisha and Jincy. Both of them are students. Mathunny Abraham died on 1990 and buried at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Thumpamon.


He is now doing self reliant work on return from Gulf. His wife is Omana, daughter of Daniel, Choonda Vilayil, Ulanadu and they have got one son, Robin and one daughter, Rintu.


He is working in Madras and no other details are available.