Peroor Idichandy

He married from Mazhuvanmannil at Nariyapuram and has got 3 sons, Mathunny, Mathai and Joseph and 4 daughters. the four daughters were married at Maveli kunnel, Muttathithavalam, Thiruvalla Kavumbhagom and Thiruvalla Varikkottabhagom respectively.

Mathunny (Eldest son of Idichandy):

He married from Chengalethu and have got only 4 daughters. Out of the four 3 daughters got wedded to Prakanam, Elethoor and Chakkillaolethu Nallidi respectively. The fourth one Annamma resided in the family after marriage and later deceased without any encumbrances.

Mathai (Second Son of Idichandy):

He followed the principles and activities of his grand father and involved in agriculture and imparted Kaleri training to students and had lived in virtuous way. He resided at Puliyammadathil after his marriage with Annamma from Valiyatharayil Veettil, Mallappally. They have got 2 sons, Idichandy and Joseph and 3 daughters Aleyamma, Achamma and Annamma. Aleyama married to Enathu Parangam Vilayil, Achamma to Varikot Vakathanam at Thiruvalla and Annamma to Thumpamon Vadammekara Mukalilveettil.

Idichandy (Eldest son of Mathai):

He married Achiamma of Pallickkal Palamoottiltharayil and had got only one son. Parents of Mathai expired at his youngerstage.

P. Mathai (Kunjachan):

P.Mathai married Sosamma D/o .Bharanickavutharayil Purackal Mathai. He is now leading Post retirement life after 30 years of service as clerk in Munsif Court Adoor. Sosamma died on 1988. They have got one son, Mathai and 3 daughters, Kunjamma, Kunjumol and Rosamma. Kunjamma married to Cheriyan of Kaithavana Padinjattethil, Kattanam, Kunjumol to Kunjumon of Kalluppara Kalarickal and Rosamma to Angadickal Poothakuzhiyil Rajan.

P.M. Mathai:

He married Pannivizha Aluvila Thankamma and they have got 3 daughters, Susan Mathew, Jeena Mathew, Jyothi Mathew and one son Alex. Susan Mathew now working at Malaysia are now studying in schools and Mathai is now working at Sharjah in Gulf.

Joseph (Second son of Mathai, now residing at Puliyammadom from Peroor):

He, a Plantation Contractor married Mariyamma (Teacher) of Omallur Adiyathuvalakodu and they have got one daughter, Thankamma and 3 sons , Samuel, George and John. Thankama married to `O.M.Varghese (Vidwan) Kochalummoodu Vattethu Bungalow. Joseph died on 1931 and Mariyamma on 1961. Both of them were laid to rest at St.Mary’s church, Thumpamon.

P.J. Samuel (Eldest son of Joseph):

He retired from the post of village officer after serving as Surveyor in Military and now involved in land survey work. He served in Military for a second time while India-China war took place. Mariyamma, daughter of Kochukutty of Thumpamon Muttathil Pandakasala is his wife. They have got 2 daughters Mariyam. P. Sam and Lilly. P. Sam and one son, Jogy. P. Sam Mallasseriyil Thadathil M.C. Raju (B.E) married Mariyam. P. Sam and Mathoor Naduvilethu M.D. Koshy (BSc.), married Lilly. P. Sam. Jogy. P. Sam is a College student.

Joseph George

He, who has got 35 years of experience in trading in institutions Puliyamadom Textiles, Kanyaka Silk House and Southern Paper Bag in Pandalam Mini industrial unit. He was also a PWD Contractor. He married Marykutty, daughter of Mathai, Vadakkidethu Veettil, Charummoodu. They have got one daughter, Alice and 3 sons Roymon, Prasad and Monikunju. Alice wedded P.V. Mathews of Manthalir Illathu Thekkethil. Joseph George died on 16.1.94 and laid to rest at St. Mary’s Church, Thumpamon.


He married Jessy (BA), daughter of Thomas George, Thayillam Kandam Parampil, Chengannur. He is the Manager of Kanyaka Silks and has got 2 sons. Both of them are students.


He served as Magazine Editor of the youthwing of Vadakkethalakkal Kudumbayogam for 2 years. He married Sheela, daughter of Mathai Yohannan and Kunjamma, of Kottarakkara Mukalu Vilayil and has got one daughter Meera.


Reena, daughter of Parumalakadavu Chakkala Malayil K.V. Varghese and Saramma is his wife. He has got one daughter Nimmy.

All of the above three are in charge of Puliyammadom Textiles, Kanyaka silks and southern paper bag.

P.J. John (Youngest son of Baby Joseph):

He was a PWD section officer in Bihar for somtime and thereafter came to native place and constructed many buildings. He constructed Puliyamadom building near Pandalam Polytechnic and resided there. Besides Boarding, Lodging and Textiles Business are also conducted. He is efficient in arts like Drama, Balle and achieved reputation throughout Kerala for staging these arts. John (Artist Baby) married K.C. Annamma daughter of Chacko, Thalavadikunnel Veettil and has got 4 children, Valsa (B.Com), Jessy (B.Sc.,,M.A.(Lit), Samkutty John (B.Com), Mercy (Hindi Vidwan). Out of the 4 Valsa got married to Babu Varghese, son of Varghese, Mozhickal Veettil, Vallicode, Kottayam, Jessy to P.C.Kuttappan, son of Oonnunny , Palakkatt Veettil, Thengamath, Mercy to Babykutty, Chooralcodu Kottarethu. John died on 7.7.1995 and laid to rest at Thumpamon St.Mary’s church.

Samkutty Jhon:

He was the District President of Pathanamthitta and State Council member of KSU (S) and Treasurer of Vadakkethalakkal youth wing. He married Shiby (P.D.C), daughter of M.K. Varghese, Thumpamon Mangathu Vilayil. He was also engaged in PWD contract works. He is now residing at Puliyamadathil and has got one son, Shijil, now working at Mali.

Perror Joseph (Younger son of Perror Idichandy):

He is residing at Perror Kudumbam and married Achiamma of Thumpamon Nalledayil. They have got 2 sons, P.J. Chandy, P.J. Abraham and 2 daughters Kunjamma, Annamma. Kunjamma got married to Valliyathu, Cherukole and Annamma to Pandalam Tharaka kettil.

P.J. Chandy:

He married Kunjamma, daughteer of Thiruvalla Thonttankal Varkey. He begins his career as teacher and retired as school Inspector. He has got a good number of disciples and reputed careership and was one of the self respected people in our family. He died on 3rd January 1975 and buried at Thumpamon St. Mary’s Church. He has got 2 sons. P.C. Joseph, P.C. Varghese and 2 daughters, Thankamma and Kunjumol (B.A., B.T). Thankamma married to Mulakkuzha Vallyathu Kunjukunju and Kunjumol to Chiramannil Varghese.

P.C. Joseph:

He residing at Peroor Puthenveettil, married Meenathethil Rajamma. He returned to hereafter the service as Foreman in Ordinance factory at Jabalpur for a long time. He died on 11.11.1992 and cremated at St. Mary’s Church, Thumpamon. He has one son Alexander (Babu) and one daughter Betty (M.Sc). Betty married to John (M.Sc.) from Cherukole, Mavelikara.

Alexander (M.A):

He, who is working at Madras, Ashok Lyland, married Elsy (M.A) of Chengannur, Mangalathu Peedikayil and they have got one daughter Jeena a student. Alexander died on 11.04.1997.

P.C. Varghese (Kunju Kunju):

He passed the B.Sc in 1945 and entered service as Teacher in Kaippattoor High School and thereafter resigned from service to join as Petroleum Chemist in Gulf. He served there for a long time and permanently settled at Madras on return for Gulf. His wife Mariyamma (Kunjamma) is a member of the Shappil Family. The have got 2 sons. Chandy Varghese, George Varghese (M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D) and two daughters, Sobha (M.A) and Chikku (M.A) out of this, Chandy Varghese died on 1973 at the age of 17 years and buried at Kilpauk Cemetry at Madras. Sobha (Ammini Philip) got married to Kayamkulam Thayyil Veetil P.J. Philip (M.A, M.B.A, LL.B, Ph.D) and Chikku (Elizabeth George), M.A. B.Ed. to George Simon (B.Com, B.A) of Thiruvankulam Thukalem Veedu. Jojy Varghese is now working as Sub Editor in Hindu Business Line and married Neetha George (M.Sc) of Kollamparambil, Kottayam. They got 2 Children, Anju Mariyam George and Rahul Mariyam george.

P.J. Abraham:

Abraham who is a Trustee of Thumpamon Valiya Palli, founder of Thumpamon M.G. High School and thereby attained popularity, married Venmony Keerikad Tharayileth Saramma. They have got one son, P.A. George and two daughters, Thankamma and Chinnamma, Thankamma got married to Marikavil George and Chinnamma to Niranam Kullankeril Kunjachen. Abraham died on 17.02.1977 and Saramma on August 1995. Both of them were laid to rest at Thumpamon St. Mary’s Church.

P.A. George:

He returned home after 4 years Military service in 1946. He served as office Manager in Malayalam Plantation in several Branches since 1947.

He is involved in agriculture after his retirement. He is interested in social work including Trade union. He also constructed a church at Cheruvalli Thottathil on his own effort. He served as President of Vadakkethalekkal Thumpamon Sakha and alsoas President of the Vadakkethalakkal Maha Kudumbayogam. His wife is Kunjukunjamma, daughter of Kaviyoor Kochiyil Kudumbathil Karikkot Kunju. They have got 2 sons, George Joseph (Lalu), George Varghese (Lowie) daughters. Lissy, Leena and Litty. Lissy (M.Sc., M.Ed.) got married to T.A. Alexiyos (M.A), son of T.A Alexander, Mathunka Paramburath and Leena to Reji (B.Com.) son of R.V. Joy, Ramanath, Trivandrum and Litty to Kuzhikkala Puthenchira veettil.

George Joseph (B.Sc. Engg.):

He is now working as Engineer in Saudi Arabia. Sherly, daughter of Elenthoor, Kakummathu Johny. They have got 2 daughters. Achu, Ameesh and one son. Asheer. All of them are students.

George Varghese:

Susan (Staff Nurse, Arabia), serving in Saudi Arabia, daughter of Punalur Kariyothu Mamoottil Pappachan is the wife of George Varghese. They have got one daughter Amitha and one son Anoop. Both of them are students.