This branch is originated from Vadakkethalackal Idichandy’s fourth son Oommummen. He had six sons and three daughters. They are as follows. Oommummen settled at Polachirackal Puthen Veedu, Vazhuvady. He is the founding father of Polachirackal Kudumbam.

  1. Oommummen’s sons Idichandi Vellavil
  2. Oommummen Koipuram
  3. Kurian Polachirackal Kizhakkethil
  4. Ninan Amayannur
  5. Ekka Polachirackal Puthen Veedu
  6. Cheria Polachirackal Puthen Veedu

Among the daughters – Elder daughter got married to Maramon Palakkunnathu. Second daughter to puthiyakavu Panicker Veettil and last daughter to Adoor Kannankottu.

Idichandy Vellavil - Sub-branch Idichandy was the elder son of Oommummen, who is the founding father of Vellavil. He got married Annamma from Thumbamon Puthen veettil. They have :-Idichandy Vellavil
Oommummen Vellavil
Ninan Vellavil Thekkethil
Kiriyan settled at Kozhencherry

Idichandy had four sons and five daughters. They were married to Maramon Chackalamannil, Puthiyacavil Padinjare Veettil, Cheppad Vadakkedathu, Punthala and Eraviperur Kattanisseril.

Oommummen Vellavil Vadackethil: (He was the elder son of Idichandy Vellavil) He married Chinnamma at Chengarur. They have two sons – Thomas and Abraham – and three daughters namely Achiamma, Mariamma and Chinnamma. Achiamma got married at Cherukole, Mariamma to Kallarackal, Thazhakara and Annamma at Venmony and the second marriage at Poovathur Kayyalakkakathu.

Thomas Vellavil: He married to Sosamma of Manilikulangara of Karathedathu family. They have five daughters – Chinnamma, Achamma, Mariamma, Kunjamma and Aleyamma. Chinnamma was got married to Geevarghese (Skaria) Kochumuttathu at Perisserry. Kunjamma was got married to George, son of David Kochayyathu at Mulakkuzha.

Aleyamma was got married to Idiculla Varghese of Thundiyil, Karichal. Mariamma was got married to Chanda Pilla Easo, son of Chanda Pilla, Vadakke Veettil, Kunnam. They have six children – Kunjumol, Kunjumon, Raju Easo, Ponnamma, Lalamma, Mercy (B.Com.).

Kunjumol was got married to P.V. Varghese, son of Oonnunny at Cheppattu Mannilpallil.

Ponnamma was got married to Baby Daniel, son of Daniel at Thattayil Kuzhittu. Lalamma was got married to John kutty (Sam), son of Onnunni, Puthen Veettil Vadackkethil at Adoor peringanadu East.

Mercy (B.Com.) was got married to Babu, son of George Karithotta Alakkottu Veettil at Kidangannur. Kunjamon unmarried. Raju Easo married to Jerry, daughter of K.M. Cherian, Kallelil, Haripad. He is a business man.

Abraham Vellavil Vadakkethil: He has married to Annamma, daughter of Chandapillai, Kochupurackal Manalel at Mannar.They have 4 sons and three dughters – Oonnunny (Abraham), Chanda Pillai (Pappachen), Thankachen, Thampi, Kunjamma, Chinnamma and Thankamma.
Kunjamma: She was married to Oommen Yohannan, son of Chona Oommen, Charuvila Puthen Veettil, Adoor, Manakala.
Chinnamma: She was married to Kurien, son of Varghese Thannapallil Thaiparambil, Alappuzha: After the death of Kurien she has returned to Vazhuvady with her brothers and purchased a house and staying with her son Achenkunju

(K.Varghese). She has only a son. He was working at Musct. He married Ammini (Nirmala), daughter of Daniel, Kalackkattu, Kollakadavu. They have two children – Smitha varghese and Biju Varghese.
Thankamma: She was married to Cherian, son of Abraham, Kazamkattil, Peerumedu.

Abraham (Oonnunni) Vellavil Malayil : The elder son Abraham Vellavil. He has married to Mariamma, daughter of Chanda pillai, vadakke veettil, Kunnam. They have five sons. They are Oommen Abraham (Kunjumon), Easo Abraham (Kochu kunju), Babu Abraham, Yohannan Abraham (Aniyan), Oommen Thomas (Rajan kunju).

Oommen Abraham (Kunjumon): He was working with Nelson Motors (Kayamkulam). He married to Kunjamma, daughter of K.K. Abraham Karukayil, Karichal. They have 3 children Mariamma Abraham, Rachel Abraham and Juni Abraham.

Easo Abraham (Kochu kunju): He was working in K.S.E.B. He married to Mariamma (Kunjamma), daughter of P.M. Thomas, Thaikkuttathu Malayil Meppurathu, Akkanattukara. They have three children-Biju Oommen Easo, Binu Sinu Easo and Usha Easo.

Babu Abraham Vellavil Malayil: He is doing business and cultivation. Married to Annamma, daughter of Baby Puthen Vettil, Elam Pallickal, Thengamam. They have two childern – Saju and Sabu.

Yohannan Abraham (Aniyan) Vellavil Malayil. He married to Annie Abraham, daughter of P.K. Abraham Parakadavil, Pallam, Kottayam. He is working in private vehicle.

Oommen Thomas (Rajan kunju) Vellavil Malayil: He is working in Private Vehicle. He married to Mariamma, daughter of M.G. Geevarghese, Mekhasseril, Elanjimel. They have a son and a daughter.

Chandapillai Abraham (Pappachen): He married to Kuttiyamma, Kulangara Thekkethil, Kadambanattu. Pappachen passed away. They have a son V.C. Georgekuty and a daughter Kujamma. Kunjamma was married to John Tharakan, Karichal.

Georgekutty: Working in Saudi Arabia. Staying at Odanavattam.

V.A. Thomas (Thankachen): He married to Kunjamma, daughter of Abraham Kazamkattil, Peerimedu.

Abraham Thampi (Thampi) Elanthottathu: Fourth son of Abraham Vellavil. He married to Ammini, daughter of Mathai, Manakkalayil Elamthottathu, Adoor. He is doing business at Adoor, south of Central Junction. They have seven children. They are Annamma, Thankamma, Shobhi, Elsy, Charli, Subhodh.

Minimol married to Mathew Johny, Thattamamuttel Mudatha Mannil.
Thankamma married to Rajan, son of Baby Easo, Thazha Pandathu Veettil, Kumbazha. Shobhi married to Johny, Kallumpurathu, Kulakkada. Elsi married to Aniyachen, Kattunilathu Palayil, Niranam. Son is doing business. Rests are studying.

Ninan Vellavil Thekkethil (Puthen Veettil): Married to sosamma, Pallathu, Niranam. They have two sons – Geevarghese, N. Oommen and a daughter married to Keevarchen, Chakkala Mannil, Maramon.

Geevarghese Vellavil Thekkathil: Elder son of Ninan Vellavil. Married to Sosamma, daughter of Keevarchen, Kankkalil, Kayamkulam. They have two sons and three daughters namely Mariamma, Sosamma and Aleyamma.

Mariamma married to John, Thundathil, Muttam.
Sosamma married to Koshy, Elamasseril, Pathiyoor.
Aleyamma married to Baby, Kottarathil, Kallumala.

Ninan (George): Elder son of Geevarthese, Vellavil, married to Podiamma, daughter of Oommachen and Akkamma, Pathisseril, Mannar. They have 2 sons and 2 daughters namely, Varghese (Baby), Ninan Oommen (Raju) and Ammini (Mariamma), Gracy.
Ammini (Mariamma) married to Thomas (Kunjukunju), daughter of Thomas, Thundiyil, Karthikappally.
Gracy married to John. K. Tharakan (Thampy), Pathichirackal, Nangiarkulangara.
Among the sons – Varghese (Baby) married to Kunjumol, daughter of Perumal, Puthirethu, Vazhuvady. They have 3 sons. Binu, Bino and Biju. They are staying at Bombay. Varghese passed away.

Ninan Oommen (Raju) Vellavil: He is working in Transport Department at Ahammedabad. Married to Leelamma (working at Ahemedabad), daughter of Samuel, Manakala Padickkal, Ulanadu, Thumpamon. They have 2 sons. They are Liju and Liji. They all are staying at Ahmedabad.

V.G. Varghese (Thankachen): He was the Secretary of Vadakkethalackal Kudumbayogam born in 1915. After completion of Malayalam 7th class he joined as Vender in Municipal Court. He was an active participation in State Congress activities. Also working as a member in co-operative movement. He was also the member of Puthiyakavu Cathedral Managing Committee. He married to Mariamma, daughter of Koshy and Akkamma Kalakkattu Kuttiyil, Vazhuvady. They have a son Geevarghese (Babu) and two daughters namely Mariamma and Sosamma.

Mariamma married to John, son of Idichandy, Chackala vadakkethil, Umbernadu, Kallumala, Mavelikara. Sosamma (Lissie) married to Georgekutty, son of Pappy Karuvelil Pathicheril, Mannar. Geevarghese (Babu) Vellavil: He was serving in Military Service and later joined in Sharjah. Married to Mariamma, daughter of Yohannan Varikkathara, Chennithala. They have two daughters namely Suma, Suja and a son Sunu varghese. Suma was got married.

Ninan Oommummen Vellavill Padeettathil: He has married to Sosamma, daughter of Oommachen and Achamma, Ramanayyathu, Cherukole. They have two sons namely Ninan (Baby) and Oommen (Thampan). After the death of first wife maried to Annamma. Sister of Advocate John Mathai, Enjakkalodiyil, Chengannur. In this marriage three sons and a daughter namely V.O. John (Rajappan), V.O. Mathew (Achenkunju), V.O. Varghese (Kunjumon) and Sophy.
Ninan died on 14-08-64 at 74.
Annamma died on 24-01-1989 at 84.
Sophy was married to Varghese. T.M., son of Mathew Thoombungal, Mavelikara.

Ninan (Baby) Vazhavila Padinjarethil, Edamon-P.O., Punalur. He has married to Kunjamma, daughter of Kuruvila and Saramma, Kallipalathinkal, kallisseril, Chengannur. They have 9 children. They are N. John, N. Kuruvilla, Babu, Kunjumol, Thankachen, Raju, Molly, Samkutty and Jose.

Kunjumol married to Monachen, son of Oonnunny Nedimuruppel, Variapurathu.
Molly married to Samkutty, daughter of Mathai and Sosamma, Vettickal, Kottarakara.
Among sons – N. John Vellavil, edamon-P.O.
He is running Chitty business at Edamon. He married to Annamma, daughter of Kurien and Achamma, Chandiappurayil, Chaliyekkara, Edamon. They have 3 children. Liju, Biju and Saju.

N. Kuruvilla (Achenkunju), Thannivilayil, Edamon: He is working in Estate Department. Married to Annamma, daughter of Lukose and Raichel, Mukaluvila Veettil, Edamon. They have 2 children, namely Binu and Liju.

Babu, Thannivila vilayil, Edamon-P.O., Vellimala Estate He is working in Vellimala Estate and staying there. Wife Thankamma. They have two sons, Shema and Sherin. They are studying.

Thankachen: He is working there. Married to Molly, daughter of Oommachen, Kaleeckal, Thalavady. Studying at Thalavady. They have one son Josy and a daughter both are studying.

Raju Vellavil, Edamon: He is working at Dubai. Prior to that he was working in Paper Mill. Married to Kunjumol, daughter of Thomachen, Elambal. They have a son namely Gigo.
Samkutty: He is doing Gospel work at Bangalore.
Jose: He is also doing Gospel work there.

Thankachen (Oommen) Vellavil Padettathil.
Ninan Oommummen Vellavill Padettathil:
Second son. Married to Marykutty, Kayamkulam. They are staying at Madras. They have four daughters namely Lalitha, Molly, Leelamma and Ammini.
Lalitha married to Oodattil and staying at Thoothukudi.
Molly working as Staff Nurse at Govt. Stanly Hospital, Madras.
Leelamma working as Nurse at Saudi Arabia.
Ammini married and send to Palakkattu.

V.O. John (Rajappan) Vellalvil Padeettathil. He is working as Manager in departmental Canteen at Bombay and retired and taking rest at his residence. Married to Suma, daughter of Philipose, Pulimoottil, Kallissery. Suma is working in Western Railway as Superintendent. They have two children namely Valsala John-B.Sc., and Keni John. They all are staying Chembur, Mumbai.
Valsala John-B.Sc. married to Joji of Thiruvalla an Engineer.

Kevin John Vellavil (Mumbai): He is working as representative in Military Canteen Sales Department.

V.O. Mathews (Achen kunju) Vellavil: He served in Military for a long time after retirement worked in Muscat and taking rest at home. He married to Moni (Teacher), daughter of Thomas Oolickal Muthu- marathil, Vayalathala,. They have 3 children namely John Mathew, Sanji Mathew-B.Com., Siji Mathew (Kochumol).
Sanji Mathew married to Roy (Thomas George), son of George Kopparayil, Vazhuthanam, Pallippad.
Kochumol – Nursing student.
John Mathew working in Musct and he is married.

Varghese. V.O. (Kunjumon) Vellavil: Married to Mariamma, daughter of Thomas. Ikuzhiyil, Naranganam. Mariamma working as U.D. Clerk in Naval Base (Mumbai). They have two daughters namely, Ani-B.Com., Mini Varghese and Sanu Varghese a son. They are staying at Mumbai.

Kiryan Vellavil:He is settled at Ranny and working in estate.

Idichandi Vellavil-Nadukke Veedu: He has married to Annamma, Puthen Veettil, Thumbamon. They have 7 sons and 4 daughters. Among them Cheriyan (Vellavil), Kochummen (Pulikeezhu), Mathan (Urukunnil), Abraham (Mangattu), Idichandy (Erumeli), Ninan (Mundakkayathu Peruvanthanathu kodikuthi), Kiryan (unmarried) died. Rahel (Valanjavattathu), Uzhattil, Kunjamma, Alumthuruthiyil, Mariamma, Valanjavattam, Kochachi (Thamarakulam) all were married in respective places.

Cheriyan Velllavil married from Kollad. They have Kunjamma and Sarakutty - two daughters. Kochummen married to Saramma, Mulanilkunnathil, Valanjavattathu, Pulikeezhu. Kochummen died. They have Baby, Cheriyan, Varghese, Abraham four sons and a daughter Annamma.
Baby: He is working in Pampa River Factory, Valanjavattam. Married to Saramma, Kadavil. They have four children. They are Saramma, Babu, Shaji and Suma.
Saramma married to Babu, Kunnanthanam. They have a daughter Suma, a I.T.C. student. Babu and Shaji both are working in Hariyana. Cheriyan married to Kunjannamma, Pulimoottil, Thadiyoor. Staying at Manjadi, Thiruvalla. He is working in State Bank of India. They have 2 children namely Mini and Shibu.
Varghese: He is serving in Gulf. Married to Sali, Chizhukunnil, Valakuzhy, Staying Vellavil, Alumthuruthi. They have 2 children namely Shiju and Raichel.

Abraham: He is the fourth son of Kochummen, Pulikeezhu, unmarried. Residing with mother.

Mathai Urukunnu (Kochukarippayil, Urukunnu-P.O., Punalur He has married to Aleyamma, (Thankamma), daughter of Unnunni and Mariamma, Kanakappalam, Erumeli. They are residing at edamannil, Urukunnu. They have 5 sons and 2 daughters namely Kunjumon, Babu, Aniyan, Jose, Joy and Kunjumol, Marykutty. Marykutty married to Abraham, son of Pappy, Puvannammoottil, Kulathooppuzha. Kunjumol married to Rajan, Kaimannil, Achenkovil.

Kunjumon Kochu karippayil, Oottakkallu, Edamon-P.O. He has married to Gracykutty, daughter Johnykutty, Omallur, Oottakallil. They have 3 children, namely Valsamma, Benny and Jessy. Valsamma was married to Valsalan, Oottakattil, Valsa Vilasam.
Jessy was married at Thiruvalla.
Benny unmarried

Babu-kochukarippayil, Urukunnu-P.O., Punalur. He is working in co-operative Bank. Married to Thankamma, Punthala, Punalur. They have 3 children namely Biju, Biji and Ligi. Biju working at Bhopal. Remaining one studying.

Aniyan-Kochukarippayil, Urukunnau-P.O., Punalur. He is doing agriculture. Married to Annamma, daughter of Josephiner. K.K. Karavalam. They have 3 children namely Santhosh, Raju and Sony and studying.

Jose-Karippayil, Urukunnu-P.O., Punalur. He is doing agriculture. Married to Achamma, daughter of N.M. George and Kunjamma, Naduvelil Puthen Veettil, Puthuvalil, Pathanapuram. They have 2 sons. Bleson and Jaison, students.

Joy: He is working in Estate. Married to Susamma, daughter of Samuel, Vadathottu, Punalur. 2 children. Abraham-Mangattu married to Mariamma, Karichal. 3 children. Rosamma, Omana and Kunjumol.

Idichandy staying at Kanakappalam, Erumeli route, Ranny.
Ninan-Vellavil staying Peruvanthanam-P.O., Kodikutti, Mundakkayam. Married to Rahelamma from Kuriyannur. He put his house name as Vellavil. They have K.K.V. Varghese, K.V. Abraham (Ponnachen), K.K. Cheriyan (Joy) 3 sons and a daughter K.V. Annakutty (Kunjumol). Ninan died.

K.V. Vrghese: He is in Military Service. Married to Alice (L.C. varghese), daughter of Mathen geevarghese and Kandamma, Anjilimoottil, Peringilipurathu, Chengarur. They have 2 children. Rahel and Varghese. They are residing at the place of work.
K.V. Abraham (Ponnachen)
K.V. Cheriyan (Joy)
Both are doing agriculture at Kodukutti