(Translation from “ Vadakkethalakkal Kudumbacharitram” Second Edition, published in 1998 : under the Chapter of MAVELIKARA Sakha:Puthenpurayil Kudumbam: Page Nos 14-30)

As stated in our first edition, a great grandfather Idichandy who lived about 8 generations ago was the first family-head to the extent we know historically. He used to live at the house named “ Pazhaya pura”on the eastern side of the road & situated on the south side of the present Vadakkethalakkal family, “ theruvile Veedu”.

Idichandy had three sons- Cheriayachan , Ninachan( who married from Adangapurathu, Kalloppara) and Kiriachan. The families founded by these 3 persons got established as 3 important branches in the course of time. Eldest of the trio, Cheriyachan had 2 sons, Oommummen and Ninan. Oommummen established the Adoor Branch. Ninan established his family at Pazhayapurayil( Srampickal).


Oommummen married from Tharayil Thottathil, Kannankode,Adoor. To him were born 3 sons: Cheriya, Idichandy & Gheevarghese. Cheriya & Gheevarghese settled at Adoor, Melethil, inherited from their mother.

Idichandy who later got ordained as Kathanar(priest) got married to Accamma from Polachirakkal and lived at “Puthenpurayil”. Idichandy Kathanar had 6 children;

  1. Malpaan Thomas Kathanar( died without any issues)
  2. Kunju Ninan- Mammoottil
  3. Chandy Kathanar, Medayil
  4. Cheriya (died as bachelor)
  5. Simon (Police Writer)
  6. Achiamma(married to Kangalil family, Pallikkal)

KunjuNinan- Mammoottil ( 2nd son of Idichandy Kathanar)

He had 2 sons, Idichandy & Kochummen.

Idichandy ( Kunju Ninan’s first son), the elder one had 2 sons - Ninan ( Kochukutty) & Mathai and 1 daughter - Pennamma.

Ninan(Kochukutty) settled at Puthenpurayil, Thenmari,Elamdesam, Thodupuzha..He married Achamma, daughter of Oommachan, Modayil, Mallappally. Engaged in estate work, he bought land at Thenmari, Elamdesam in Thodupuzha, constructed a house there and named it “Puthenpurayil”. He had 2 sons: Alexander (Baby) & Oommen (Kochukunju). The elder Alexander (Baby) married Aliyamma, daughter of Varughese from Makkan kunnu, Pathanamthitta. He had two daughters named Susan & Mary. Susan got married to John, son of Paulose, Karivelil Karimannoor. Mary was married to Baby, son of Joseph, Nellikunnel from Chilavu desam.

The younger Oommen( Kochukunju) married Chinnamma daughter of Yohannan & Saramma, Kalluvalayathil, KizhakkePynummoottil, Mavelikara. He had 2 daughters named Bina & Bindu. Kuju Kunju left for his heavenly abode on 8.03.1999.

Mathai Mammootil settled at Puthenpurayil, Kalerkode. He married Mariamma, daughter of Yohannan & Sosamma, Itty Mathen Tharakan Veettil, Puthenkavu. They had 5 children: John (Rajan), Kochannamma, Sosamma(Ammini), Saramma, Kunjandamma(Baby).

Kochannamma was married to Varughese(KunjuKunju) from Arpookara, Kottayam. Saramma was married to K. Thomas (Thankachan), son of Kochu Koshy from Kunnum Purathu, Puthenkavu. Sosamma was also married ( details not known). Kunjandamma was married to P.T.Thomas Panniyadan from Veloor, Kottayam. John (Rajan), Mammootil Puthenpurayil, Kalerkode, Mathai Mammoottil’s only son is working as Assistant security Officer, TELC,Angamaly. He married Rachel, daughter of Varughese Pillai, Chirayathu Veettil, Kumpalampoika. They had 2 daughters, Raji & Aji, both students.

Kochummen ( Kunju Ninan’s second son) had 4 children: P.O.Ninan, M.O.Simon(Simochan), Daniel, & Sosamma.

Sosamma died at an early age.

P.O.Ninan,thayyil, Karapuzha, Kottayam married Annamma daughter of T.M.Mathai, Thayyil. They had 6 sons: P.N.Oommen ( Kunju kunju), P.N.Mathai ( Baby), P.N.Ninan ( Thankachan), P.N.Punoose ( Thampychan), P.N.Thomas ( Pappakutty), P.N.Simon ( Rajappan), and 4 daughters: Thankamma, Swarnamma, Vijayamma & Rajamma.

Rajamma died young. Thankamma was married to Dr.K.M.Varughese son of Mathunny, Kalladal, Thazhakara. Swarnamma was married to Aby Joseph, son of Joseph ( Kunju) Puvathur, Chengannur. Vijayamma was married to Monachan son of M.J.John, Modayil Mavungal, Mallappally.

P.N.Oommen (Kunju kunju), Thayyil. Karapuzha ( Ninan’s eldest son) married Sosamma, daughter of Paul, Mukkalathil, Mepral. He is settled at Chennai. They have 4 sons Ninan Oommen ( Babu), Paul Oommen ( Tity), Sam Oommen( Mathew) & Joseph Oommen ( Jose).

Ninan Oommen is a Chartered Accountant and is working at ITI, Bangalore. He married Lucy ( Elizabeth Ninan) daughter of Varkey, Varikkattil thottungal, Thiruvalla. They have 2 sons: Ragne & Sojan, both students.

Paul Oommen ( Tity) is also a Chartered Accountant and is working as Supervisor at Singapore Airlines, Madras. He married Elcy ( Elizabeh Paul) who also works with Singapore Airlines. They have 2 sons.

Sam Oommen is married to Sheela and settled at Chennai. He is working in Saudi Arabia and has one son.

Joseph Oommen is working as a medical representative with May & Baker. He married Usha, daughter of .P.O.Ippuru and is also settled at Chennai. He has one son.

P.N.Mathai ( Baby) is married to Marykutty, daughter of K.E.Mathen & Mariamma, Kanjirappallil, Thiruvalla. He retired as Estate superintendent from Tata Finley. After retirement, he is settled at Green Gardens, Puthenpurayil, Thazhakara, Mavelikara. They have 3 children: P.M.Ninan ( Mohan)M.Sc, B.Ed, Kochannamma and Roy Mathew.

Kochannamma is married to John.V.John son of V.C.John, Velapparambil ( Baby Farm), Kanakappalm, Erumeli.

P.M.Ninan married Madhu, daughter of Paul Thomas, Kallethu, Thiruvananthapuram. He is working at Damascus. They have two daughters Manju & Manisha, both students. Roy Mathew completed his technical education ( electrical). He worked in Chennai for a while and now is working in New York, USA. He married Saramma( Ponnamma) daughter of K.M.Samuel, Malayil, Thalavady. They have one son, Riyan.

P.N.Ninan ( Thankachan), Thayyil, Chitrapuram married Sosakutty, daughter of Pothan, Srambikkal, Kottayam and settled at Bison Valley, Munnar. They have one son, Ninan P Ninan ( Sunny), an LIC Officer and 3 daughters, Chinnamma, Suseela and Santhy.

P.N.Punoose married Ammini, daughter of Zachariah, Elenjikal, Manganam and settled at Kottayam. They have 4 sons: Sajan, Jaimon, Biju & Jibu. Sajan retired from Military service and runs his business at Karapuzha. He married Rajini, Kanjiraparambil, Karapuzha. They have2 daughters.

Jai mon ( Jain P Zachariah) is working in CRP. He married Mercy, daughter of Thomas, Edakunnel, Kurichi, Kottayam. They have one son. Biju and Jiju are running their business at Kottayam.

P.N.Thomas ( Pappakutty) married Leelamma, Kanjiraparmbil, Karapuzha, Kottayam.

P.N.Simon ( Rajappan) married Pilees from Thiruvananthapuram. He is settled at Chennai and is a contractor. They have two sons: Anandan Asokan. and 3 daughters: Sobha, Alamma & Santhi. Anandan ( M.A) is an officer with Kottayam Urban Co- operative Bank.

P.O.Ninan died on 29.04.1981 at the age of 90 years. Annamma Ninan died on 30.03.1949 at the age of 50 years.

M.O.Simon ( Simochan) Mammootil Puthenpurayil, Municipal Office ward, Alleppey.

He married Baby, daughter of P.G.Ninan, Ponvanibham, Kayamkulam. They have one son, Raju and 2 daughters, Molamma ( Susan) & Elcy. Raju is an Engineer. Molamma is married to K.V.Varghese, an Engineer, son of Varkychan, Nadavallil, Kallumala, Mavelikara. Elcy kutty is married to E.V.John, M.A, son of Varughese who is from Mattackal, Chennithala staying at Valamparambil. Raju married Kunjumol, daughter of Philip.J.Kolel, Chengannoor. They both are working in USA. They have 2 children: Ilin Simon & Rosil Alice Simon.

Daniel Mammoottil, Alapuzha. He married Sosamma, daughter of Thomachan & Aliyamma, thymavungal, Cheriya karethu, chengannoor. Their only daughter Kuttiamma is married to Yohannan Philip ( Kutty) son of Yohannan & Aliyamma, Nadavallil, Cheppad. Daniel expired in 1992 . Sosamma died on 1st September 1991.

Chandy Kathanar, Medayil, Thazhakkara, Mavelikara.( 3rd son of Puthenpurayil Idichandy Kathanar).

He was born on 18.08.1843. He married Chechamma, Kaithavanaparambil, Meppadam. They had 7 Children: Idichandy, Daniel, Accamma ( married to Chacko, Pandalam), Kochachiamma (married to Chacko Panikkar, Panikkar Veettil, Puthenkavu), Kochannamma ( first marriage at Kurambala, second marriage at palakkal thazhe, Karipuzha), Kochu maria ( married at thekkinpadi, Valanja vattam) and Kocheli ( died early before getting married). Chandy Kathanar expired on 8th June 1913.

Idichandy, Thiruvananda puram. ( Chandy Kathanar’s eldest son).

His first marriage was to Achamma, Chakolil, Karthikappally. They had 3 children: P.I.Simon, P.I.Alexander & Kunjamma. Kunjamma was married to M.M.George. After Achamma’s death, Idichandy married Achamma from Kattanam. In the second marriage Idichandy got one daughter Thankamma who was married to Mathew, Mukkathu, Mepral.

P.I.Simon ( Retired High Court Judge)

He was prominent among the judges from our family. After taking law degree, he started his career as the Junior of Shri E.M.John, Elenjikkal. Through dedicated efforts he got proficiency in legal profession and gradually rose up to the position of Judge. He retired as Kerala High Court Judge. He married Kochu Mariamma daughter of Daniel Muthalaly, Konnakkattu, Chathannoor. They had 3 sons: Rajan, Alexander & Eapen and 2 daughters: Moly kutty & Ammini. Molykutty was married to C.J.Paulose, Chalakuzhiyil. Ammini was married to M.A.K.Muthalali son of M.A.Alexander Vakil, Kallada Malayil.

P.S.Rajan, Vadakkethalakkal, Thiruvalla. ( PI.Simon’s eldest son). After securing high educational qualifications from England, he married Molly daughter of P.C.Koshy, Polachirakkal, Mavelikara. After working in high posts at Calcutta, Delhi, Bombay etc he retired from Food Corporation of India as their Financial Advisor. He is presently staying at Thiruvalla. They have a son Simon Rajan and a daughter Mariam. Mariam, an M.S.W is married to Thomas son of P.M.Mathai, Palakkamannil, Shoranur.

Simon Rajan He married Anita daughter of Koshy, Palamootil Vadakkethil, Mavelikkara.. A chief flight Engineer with Indian Airlines, he and his family are staying in Calcutta. The couple has one son Subin Rajan.

P.S.Alexander ( P.I.Simon’s second son): He married ammini from Puthuppally and was settled in Canada. He along with his wife, son and daughter all perished in the Kanishka plane crash tragedy while they were coming to India from Canada.

Simon Eapen ( P.I.Simon’s third son).He along with his wife Leelamma are settled in New York, U.S.A. He is giving leadership to lot of social work at New York. The couple has 2 children: Mary & Simon, both students.

P.I.Alexander, Thiruvananthapuram (Retired Physical Education Director). He married Baby daughter of Uthuppachan, Elenjikkal, Niranam. They were settled at Thiruvananthapuram, also died and buried there. They had no issues. As Director of physical education, he created history in the field of physical education. He had acquired the degree of Master of Physical Education from U.S.A and was an excellent foot ball player too.

Daniel, Medayil, Thazhakara, Mavelikara.( Idichandy Kathanar’s second son). He married Achamma daughter of Ittycheria, Kattayikkal thundiyil, Pulikeezhu. They had one son M.D.Thoma ( Kochu Pappy) and one daughter Accamma. Accamma was married to Unnikunju, Vylippurathu.

M.D.Thomas( Kochu Pappy). He married Kunjamma daughter of Yohannan & Sosamma, Theruvippallil, Periserril, Chengannur. They have 2sons: Thomas P Daniel (Kunju) & P.T.Alexander ( Thankachan) and 3 daughters: Thankamma, Moly kutty & Kunjunjama. Kunjamma expired on 15.09.1994. Thankamma was married to Eapen ( Dolychan) son of P.N.Mathew, Purakkal, Veeyapuram. Molykutty is married and living with family at Bombay. Kunjukunjamma is married to Jose son of Ignatius, Maliakkel, Thrisur.

The house where M.D.Thomas lived known as “ Medayil” was a double storied building constructed with red stones& wood according to ancient style. As per historical records this building was constructed for deacons to stay and study for priesthood. The building is 138 years old. In AD 1912 when the head of the family, Chandy Kathanar wrote his will at the age of 68, he had set apart an arch shaped box “ Qurbana Petty” containing his priestly attires, the holy oil (Mooron) received from the Patriarch Abdul Meshiha, a syriac book and other holy/ priestly equipments to be kept in safe custody at the house to be given to his priest-successor. This box was kept as a holy treasure for the last 78 years at the house. This box along with its contents & key was handed over by M.D.Thomas to His Grace Thomas Mar Athanasius Bishop of Chengannur Diocese who is also a member of Vadakkethalakkal family when the bishop came to visit Mr.M.D.Thomas who had fallen sick and was bed ridden. A photo also was taken at this rare occasion.

Thomas P Daniel ( Kunju) ( eldest son of M.D.Thomas); He married Saramma ( Mamy) daughter of Kochoyichan & Annamma Modiserril, Niranam. He worked with Indian Railways in accounts department and retired as Senior Auditor. He is settled at Bombay. The couple has 3 children: Ivan Thomas, Koshy Daniel & Susan Daniel. Susan ( B.A.B.Ed) is married to Renji Thomas son of Thomas Kurien, Karimbana tharayil, Manrcadu, Kottayam.

Ivan Thomas ( MBA)(eldest son of Thomas P Daniel):He is working with an advertising company at Bombay as their Accounts Director. He married Anita daughter of John, Thaluka chirayil, Anchal. She is working with Central Bank of India. They are living at Santa cruz, Bomaby. They have one daughter and one son, Daniel Thomas.

Koshy Danel ( youngest son of Thomas P Daniel): After taking MSW degree he is doing research at Bio medical centre, Bombay. He married Lini daughter of Mathew Koshy & Ammini, Velloor thottathil, Pallam, Kottayam. Lini works with Lupin Parmaceutical Company. They are living at Santa cruz, Bombay.

P.T.Alexander ( Thankachan) ( M.D.Thomas’s youngest son):He married Ponnamma, daughter of Kuriachan, Mullamangalathu, Varayannur, Maramon. They are settled at New Jersey, USA. They have 3 children: Vinnie, Doly & Annie, all students.

Simon- Police writer ( Idichandy Kathanar’s 5th son).

He married Thankamma, Alummoottil, Thazhakara. They had 6 children

  1. Samuel ( died without any issues)
  2. Kochachiamma, married to Geogre Vakil, Alummoottil, Vettiyar.
  3. Kochannamma, married at Pathiyoor.
  4. Thomas Kathanar
  5. Accamma, married to Mathaichan, Manappurathu, Uthimoodu.
  6. Idychandy, Village Officer

Vadakkethalakkal Puthenpurayil Thomas Kathanar (eldest son of Simon, Police Writer); He married Chechamma, Alinte Vadakkethil, Puthikavu, Mavelikara. They had 2 children: P.T.Simon ( Kochunnoonny) and Thankamma ( Salomy). Thankamma was married to Dr. P.K.Eapen son of Koshy, Palamootil Vadakkethil, Mavelikara. Thomas Kathanar served as rotating Vicar of St Mary’s Orthodox Church, Puthiakavu, Mavelikara. And Vicars of Karipuzha, Karzhma, Punnamoodu & Aranoottimangalam Churches. While he was the rotating Vicar of Puthiyakavu church, along with him Vadakkethalakkal Theruvile veettil Skariah Kathanar, Parambil Skariah Kathanar and Vilanilathu Mathai kathanar had also served as Vicars by rotation.

P.T.Simon ( Kochunnoony) He married Pennamma daughter of Chacko Varkey, Kavanattu, Karuvatta and retired from Govt Service as teacher. They had 3 children: Simon P Thomas ( Babu), P.S.Vaghese ( Kunjumon) and Susamma. P.T.Simon died in 1977 and his wife Pennamma in 1983. Susamma ( Susan Mathew) was married to Samuel Mathew, son of Samuel, Mannu Meledathu, Melukara, Kozhencherry. They have one son Gigo & one daughter Anu. Mr. Samuel Mathew who worked as Assistant Manager with Food Corporation of India died early in 1973. After husband’s death, Susamma is settled at Puthenpurayil SJ Vila, Thazhakara, Mavelikara.

Simon P Thomas ( Babu) ( P.T.Simon’s eldest son): He married Mariamma ( Molly) daughter of Koshy, Vayalirakkathu, Kalanjoor, Pathanpuram. He retired as Officer, State Bank of India. He has 3 children: Thomas Simon ( Jibu), Jiby Aley Thomas ( Jibi), Gisa Susan Thomas (Gisa). After death of first wife, he married Simsy daughter of Kuruvila, Chakkolil, Karthikappally. He also served as Secretary of the editorial committee of Vadakkethalakkal Kudumba Charitram II Edition.

Jibi ( M.Com) is married to G. Mathai (Kunjumon) (M.Sc) son of G.Mathai, Njavaroor, Kalayapuram. They have 2 sons Joffin & Jigin. Gissa, an Advocate, is married to Biju son of M.C.Jacob & Kunjukunjamma, Malayil, Ponekkara, Ernakulam and has one son, Ashley.

Thomas Simon ( Jibu) ( Simon P Thomas’s only son): He married Mary Thomas ( Silvy) daughter of Thomas , Pulivelil house, Karunagappaly. They have one daughter Linsey and one son Levin.. Jibu & wife Silvy are working in Kuwait.

P.S.Varghese ( Kunjumon) ( P.T.Simon’s youngest son.): He married Lillykutty, daughter of V.V.Thomas & Aliyamma Thomas, Vadakkethu, Kuriannoor. After taking degrees such as M.Sc , AICWA & FCMA ( U.K) he worked in senior positions both within India and in Zambia, Africa. He retired in the year 2006 as Finance Manager, CEAT Limited. After retirement, he is settled at Puthenpurayil, Thazhakara, Mavelikara. They have 2 children Abhilash Varghese Simon and Sonia Varghese. Sonia, an MCA, is married to Sajith Varghese, Malikkuttiyil, Chettikulangara, Mavelikara. They are settled at Mulund, Mumbai & have one son Reuben .

Abhilash Varghese Simon,(only son of P.S.Varghese) a Mechanical Engineer married Liji ( Electric & Electronics Engineer), daughter of T.K.George & Annamma George, Thayyil, Chettikulangara, Mavelikara.. Both are employed in Dubai. They have one daughter, Sana.

P.S.Idichandy ( Village Officer) ( third son of Simon, Police Writer): He first married Chinnamma niece of Pannayi kadavil Mattackal achan,Kopparayil, Cherukol. They had 3 daughters: Nayomi,Lillykutty & Mercy. Nayomi is married to Babykutty, son of Kochummen, Thoppil, Thumpamon. Lillikutty is married to Fr. M.C.Thomas, son of Rev Fr Jacob, Manappallil, Mavelikara. Mercy is married to Thampan kutty son of K.V.Varghese, Kottayil Puthuppallil, Veeyapuram. After the death of Chinnamma, Idichandy married Thankamma, daughter of Varughese, Keecheril, Kurathikadu. In the second marriage he has two children: P.I.Simon ( Viji) and Santhamma. Santhamma is married and settled at Palakkad.

P.I.Simon ( Viji) ( only son of Puthenpurayil Idichandy):He married Molly daughter of Kunju kunju & Mariamma, Virippu kandathil, Venmony. They have 2 sons: Vipin Simon & Subin Simon. Subin Simon, a second year Engineering student had an accidental death on 21st August 2008.Viji is working with Southern Railway, Thiruvananthapuram.

Vibin Simon is an Electronics Engineer. He married Annu (MBA), daughter of C.I. Alexander and Joyamma Alexander, Kavarattu, Karichal. Both are employed in Abu Dhabi. They have one daughter, Engella.