The elder son of the Idichandy-the founder father of Vadakkethalackal Mahakudumbam-was Cheriyachen. Cheriyachen’s second son Yavanan (i.e. Ninan) who was residing at Pazhayapura-afterwards known as Srambickal-is the founder of the SRAMBICKAL BRANCH. He had two sons, named Ninan and Varghese.

Ninan’s first marriage was from Alappuzha and he had two sons, named W.N. Cheriyan and W.N. Oommen.

Both the sons were settled in Kochi for their employment in English Companies. During that period, Orthodox churches and the members of the Orthodox Church were rare at Kochi; so they were mostly associated with C.M.S. Church. After they returned from Kochi, they purchased the Parambil Thekkethil land and built the house there. Even after their arrival at the native place, they continued the association with C.M.S. Sabha but later in due course Cheriyachan and his sons joined the Marthoma Sabha. Any how Oommachan preferred to continue in the C.M.S. Sabha only. and W.N. Oommen.

After the death of his wife, Ninan’s second marriage was with the sister of Kochu Kunju of Alinte Thekkethil (Ananda Bhavanam). In this marriage they had four children named Mariyamma, Annamma, Aleyamma and Idichandy (W.N. Alexander), who is residing at Kunnukuzhi, Trivandrum.and W.N. Oommen.

Mariyamma was married at Chengarur.
Annamma was married to A.G. John, B.A.L.T. of Nedunagappillil of Mavelikara.
Aleyamma was married to Kottarathil Adv. K.T. Thomas at Chengannur.

W.N. Cheriyan His marriage is from Kummampuzha Veedu, Kodukulanji and had four children. W.C. Thomas (Kochi), W.C. Ninan (Chennithala), W.C. Cheriyan (Olassa, Kottayam) and Kunjamma.

Kunjamma was married to Thomachan of Varppu Purayil, Mavelikara, W.C. Thomas (Kochi) married to Mary, daughter of Korula Master at Kottayam. They have five children.

His son Oommen Thomas was the M.D. of Forbs Ewart and Figies Pvt. Ltd (Kochi) and daughters were Mary, Sosamma, Annamma and Sara Zachariah.

Mary married to Adv. Abraham Thomas of Puthuchira.
Sosamma was married to Dr. S. George of Karimpanackal, Chengannur.
Sara Zachariah expired.

Ommen Thomas Vadakkethalackkal, Srambickal, Kochi.
Oommen Thomas was an admirable luminary of Vadakkethalackal family and was in the appex executive position of the well known industrial concern, M/s. Forbs Ewart and Figies Pvt. Ltd., Kochi. He is the son of W.C. Thomas and Mary Thomas of Vadakkethalackal, Srambickal born on 12th November, 1925, graduated in Economics from Madras Christian College and did three years specialisation course in Tea Tasting from U.K. and returned to India in 1951. He joined with Forbs Ewart and Figies Pvt. Ltd. at Kochi. In due course, step by step he was elevated to the dignitary position as the Managing Director of the concern. He was married to Alice, daughter of Dr. Paul Puthuran and Smt. Anna Puthooran of Ernakulam. They had 3 childred.

Meera Thomas, Mohan Thomas and Anu Thomas.
Oommen Thomas died in December, 1990.
Among the daughters Meera Thomas was married to Paulose Joseph, son of Major General P.T.Thomas.
Anu Thomas was married, she graduated in Sociology from Stella Mary College, Madras.

Mohan Thomas after graduated in Commerce from Madras Christian College went to London for higher studies in Tea Tasting. After return to India he also joined with Forbs Ewart and Figies Pvt. Ltd., Kochi as one of the Directors.

W.C. Ninan(Second son of W.C. Cheriyan) - residing at Srambickal, Chennithala. He had four daughter and one son. Son is W.N. Cheriyan, daughters were Gracy, Kunjamma, Ammini and Chinnamma.

W.N. Cheriyan He was worked with Peet Memorial Training College, Mavelikara and now leading a retired life engaging in agricultural activities. He married from Karuvatta and had two daughters both were married.

W.C. Cheriyan Vadakkethalackal, Olassa - Kottayam. He was married to Saramma of Thattarethu, Olassa, Kottayam and adopted (Dhathu) there. He was died at the age of 80 and left three sons.

  1. W.C. Cheriyan (Manager, Malabar Hotels, Kochi)
  2. Jacob Cheriyan (L.I.C. Assistant Manager)
  3. W.C. Thomas (Forbs Company Employee)

W.C. Cheriyan Munduchirackal Vadakkethalackal, Veloor, Kottayam. He worked as the Manager of Malabar Hotels, Kochi and married to Chinnamma of Munduchirackal family, Veloor, Kottayam. They had 3 sons, Laji Cheriyan (Shaji), Kurien Cheriyan and Jacob Cheriyan. W.C. Cheriyan died.

Laji Cheriyan Munduchirackal Vadakkethalackal - Veloor, Kottayam.He was working in Navy and had one child.

Kurien Cheriyan (Shaji) Kunjuchirackal – Veloor, Kottayam. He had his own business in Ernakulam and married to Anitha, daughter of K.A. Kurien, Kanjirathil, Chengalam, Kottayam on 25-08-1991.

Jacob Cheriyan Vadakkethalackal – Olassa, Kottayam.He was working as the Assistant Mananger in L.I.C. of India, Kottayam.He was married to Thankamma of Cherthottu Veedu, Pampady, Kotayam.They had 3 children, Jeena Jacob-M.Com., Jibu Jacob and Tinu Susan Jacob.Jacob Cheriyan died on March, 1993.

W.C. Thomas Vadakkethalackal – Olassa, Kottayam.He is working with Forbs Ewart and Figies Pvt. Ltd., Kochi.

W.N. Oommen His marriage was with Achamma, daughter of Mathaichan, Thoompunkal. He had one daughter in this marriage named Kochannamma. Kochannamma was married at Kolath, Maramon. After the death of Achamma (first wife), Oommachan then married to Sosamma, daughter of Mani, Edattukalathu, Panampunna, Kottayam. In this marriage they had 9 children – 4 sons – they are W.O. Mani (Kunju), W.O. Oommen (Baby), W.O. Ninan (Kunjachen) and Pappy expired. 5 daughters were Aleyamma, Mariyamma, Sosamma, Saramma and Thankamma.

Aleyamma married to P.O. Chacko, son of Mathachan, Pallathu, Mavelikara.
Mariyamma was married to M.K. Thomas, Mamoottil, Mavelikara.
Sosamma was married to Ponvanibhathil family, Kayamkulam.
Saramma married to C. Geevarghese, Madavana, Kottayam.
Thankamma was married to George, Kattanam.

W.O. Mani (Kunjoonju) Vadakkethalackal, Prayikara, Mavelikara. He is the son of W.O. Oommen, born on August 1898 and married to Achamma, daughter of K.I. Iype, Kottapurathu in January, 1929. He worked with Anglo Iranian Oil Company. In 1951 he returned to his native place after 29 years of service and settled in Srambickal, Prayikara, Mavelikara. They had six children – two sons – The elder one is Dr. Oommen Mani and the younger son Iype Mani (Balu) and 4 daughters - Gracy, Lissy, Moly and Ammukutty. His retired life spent for Agricultural farming and church related social works. W.O. Mani died at the age of 69 on 16th February, 1968 and laid to rest at the Christ Church cemetery, Prayikara. His wife Achamma also died.

Gracy was married to G.K. Kurien, Fisheries Director at Ernakulam.
Lissy was married to Prof. K.C. Chandy of Puthumadathil family.
Moly also married.
Ammukutty was married to Jacob Thomas of Mundappallil Kattasseril, Thiruvalla.

Dr. Oommen Mani, M.B.B.S – (Sunny) – Vadakkethalackal, Ernakualm Dr. Oommen Mani married to Ammukutty, B.Sc., B.Ed., daughter of C.S. Philip, Ayiroor Cherukara. Both of them were working in Kuwait. Now settled at Ernakulam. They had 3 daughters named Suma, Sara and Sneha. Suma is a Dental Surgeon and married to Bipin. Dr. Suma and her husband Bipin both are now in U.S.A. Sara is a Chartered Accountant and married to Arun. They are also in U.S.A. Sneha married to Joe in Kochi.

Iype Mani (Balu) Vadakkethalackal Srambickal – Prayikara, Mavelikara. He is engaged in banking business and married to Annie (Bava), daughter of P.M. Thomas, Retired Headmaster, Modayil, Mallappally. They have two children, Mani Abraham and Achamma Mani.
Mani Abraham, M.I.B. (Executive, Aspinwall & Co.) married to Dr. Teena Anns Abraham, daughter of Daniel Abraham, Vazhakkoottathil, Chennithala, Mavelikara.
Achamma Mani married to Jetty, J.J. Cottage, Mavelikara.

W.O. Oommen (Baby) Jolly Cottage - Cherukole, Mavelikara. He worked as a Cashier in the National Quilon Bank and married to Marykutty, Kuttiyil, Cherukole, Mavelikara. They had 3 daughters – Soma, Daizy and Jolly.
Soma married at Kallooppara, Daizy at Kottayam and Jolly married at Thumbamon. W.O. Oommen and his wife Marykutty, both died.

W.O. Ninan (Kunjachan) Wadakkethalakal - Cherukole, Mavelikara. W.O. Ninan was married to Graceykutty, eldest daughter of Mathai Sir, Chempakasseril, Cherukole, Mavelikara. They lived in Bombay till he retired. They have 4 children; Susan Itty (Monikutty), Raju O. Ninan (Raju), Mathew Ninan (Vinoo) and Mani Ninan (Suku). W.O. Ninan passed away in 1992 at the age of 83. Graceykuttynow lives in Cherukole.

Monikutty (Susan) is married to Dr. Itty John, Karavelil, Kaviyoor. They have a son, Dr.John Itty and two daughters, Preethy and Renu and all are married.

Raju Oommen Ninan is working in Kuwait and is married to Asha Oommen, (Suma), KunnumpurathuVeedu, Kallooppara. They have two daughters; Kavitha Elizabeth Oommen is working with Mphasis in Bangalore and Kiran Anna Oommen is working with Goldman Sachs in Bangalore.

Mathew Ninan Wadakkethalakalis working in Indonesia and is married to Anita, daughter of Mr. K.M. Joseph, KoduppanaValiaveettil, Pathanamthitta. Their son Joseph Matthai Wadakkethalakal is a businessman in Jakarta in the area of Private Equity and Mobile Technology.

Mani Ninan Wadakkethalakal is working in Kuwait and is married to Ruby (Elizabeth Mani Ninan), daughter of late P.C. Mathew, Kadavil, Kaipattoor. They have 3 children: Navin Ninan Mani is working as the managing partner of B-GHUD Institute in Mavelikara, Nikhil Mathew Mani is working in USA in Technology field and Namitha Elizabeth Mani is working in Kuwait as an Education consultant.

Idichandy. W.N Kunnukuzhi, Trivandrum. Idichandy. W.N. and his wife Mary settled at Kunnukuzhi in Trivandrum. They had five children and a child expired in the infant stage. W.A. Ninan-Trivandrum, W.A. David-Trivandrum, Mary Alexander-Trivandrum and W.A. Mathews (Kunjachen) – Trivandrum. Only daughter Mary Alexander is married with K. George, M.B.E., son of Mathaichan, Pulimoottil, Mavelikara.

W.A. Mathew (Kunjachan) W.A. Mathews married to Rajamma, daughter of Jacob & Jacob and Mariyamma, Kaniyamkulam, Kottayam. They have 3 daughters, Meena Mathews, Neena Mathews and Reena Mathews.

Mena Mathews married to M.A. Abraham, son of Kuruvila Abraham, Pulikuttisseril Moonu Malayil, Kottayam.
Neena Mathews married to Sajan Abraham, son of T.C. Mathew, Thulakkulathil, Mulanthuruthy.
Reena Mathews married toThomas Philip (Tomy), son of Thomas Philip, Plathan Puthen Bungalow, Thevarethu Kavala, Edayaranmula.

W.N. Alexander Settled in Kunnukuzhi, Thiruvananthapuram.