Mathunny Tharakan, the Fifth son of Perumal Tharakan, an eminent person of the Kanjirathummoottil Sakha of Mavelikara Vadakkethalakkal family; was the founder of the Thumpamon Sakha. He was residing at Vadakke Veettil, west of Thumpamon Valiya Palli.

Tharakan, an intellectual, strong and powerful person was a member of the noble aristocratic and well established family since ancient times. Considering the limit for the availability of fertile land for agriculture in Mavelikara, he thought that it was essential to find out suitable and fertile land for the betterment of self and for future generation, he went in search of suitable and fertile land and finally realised that Thumpamon Desom is fit for Agriculture. Accordingly earnest efforts were made for settling there, the land, which is flat, free of rock, free from barren hill and have a good physical geography is found fit for residential purpose also, on the Southern side of the Achankovil river besides Mavera Padasekharam, an ancient church and market and shops nereby moreover a good number of Syrian Christian are residing in the locality have attributed him very much. So that he decided to settle there and he settled at Vadekke veettil for the time being.

While residing at Vadakkeveettil, Tharakan, who was a physically bold and handsome youth got wedded from Thumpamon Padinjattedathu family which is equally important in nobility and heredity like his family. Tharakan was an expert in horse riding. He was also talent, a good philosopher, fond of his disciples and moreover a Kalari expert. He trained alphabetic literacy, arithematic and other things to the children by staying with him as a member of his household and serving him. A good number of people have attained high positions due to the training imparted to them. He was also expert in code language in Malayalam namely, Moolebhadram, Akkapadam and in Sanskrit. He was a person of piety, not showing any dereliction of duties, fond of prayers and apt in carrying out his duties. He has got 9 children with 8 sons and one daughter.

In the meantime, Mathunny Tharakan, attained popularity and abundant extent of agricultural land including paddy field. The prosperity achieved by him made the Hindu leaders in the society jealousy and resentment. They have tried to degrade Tharakan in any possible way by playing tricks. Asan played tricks as a counter part. But finally be realised that he is not able to competent with them because they are large in number. But he is not desired to surrender before them due to his strong personality and nobility. At last he complained to the then ruling king of Pandalam and he in turn had sent his servant with warning to the Hindu leaders and provided apt security to him. The Hindu leaders were become hatred and tried to defeat Tharakan by playing sorcery. But these attempts were become obscure due to the deep prayers made by Tharakan, an aristocrate Chiristian believer. By this time Tharakan along with his family,Kalari cattles agricultural equipments and with his disciples shifted to Peroor, the new house constructed about one furlong south on the reason that will not be suit for him to continue. From there the only daughter got wedded to Kanicherriyil Thattayil. Out of the eight sons , one of them had gone without any incumbents. The other seven sons had settled on the following households respectively:

  1. Peroor Idichandy
  2. Peroor Mekmuriyil Kiriyan,
  3. Peranickal Mathunny Geevarghese,
  4. Kammamcheril Geevarghese,
  5. Panarakizhakkethil Chandappilla,
  6. Padinjatteveetil Geevarghese
  7. Vadakkeveettil Kochukunju.

All of them resided separately in seven families. The members of the Thumpamon Sakha of Vadakkethalakkal family are the progeny of the above seven persons.