A number of members belonging to various Shakha of Vadakkethalackal Mahakudumbam have moved to and settled in and around Trivandrum either because of their official requirements or due to personal reasons. As time passed by it has become more and more difficult to communicate and keep in touch with these members even for important family events.

Hence the idea of a Chapter for Vadakkethalackal Mahakudumbam at Trivandrum was conceived in 2004 and was approved by the Mahakudumbayogam Central Committee during the Navathi Celebrations held at Mavelikara. Some progress was made in this direction by the members of Trivandrum chapter during the last four years but could not effectively function as a chapter or hold regular meetings as envisaged due to various reasons.

The need to revamp and streamline the function of Trivandrum Chapter was felt very much by many of our members and especially by the Central committee under the leadership of President Sri K. O. Ninan, Kanjirathinmottil, Mavelikara and a meeting of the Chapter members was organized at the Residence of Shri K. O. Johnson (Raju), Kanjirathinmoottil, at Ambalamukku, Peroorkada, Trivandrum, at 11 AM on 14-03-2009 which was presided over by Shri K.O. Ninan, president of Vadakkethalackal Mahakudumbayogam. The meeting started with the usual devotional songs and Bible readings. The absorbing, cool, compassionate and consolidating Presidential address was rich in affection and awakening in family values.

Many members from other Shakha also attended the meeting. The Senior Vice President of our Mahakudumbayogam Prof. O. A Cherian, Ooriapadicakal, Kumbanad offered special prayers and messages during his speech. It was also decided to have a formal committee consisting of a President, a Secretary, a Joint Secretary and Committee Members as required, to take care of the activities of the Chapter and this committee will be re-constituted based on review / re-election every year.

The formal re-introduction of Trivandrum chapter was an enchanting family occasion, marked by the glow of candle lights passing hands to hands and the grace of songs & prayers by the participants hand in hand filling the ambience, reinforcing the spirit of brotherhood, love and unity among the members from all Shakha.