Adoor branch of Vadackkethalackal family was established by the elder son of Cheriyachen, Mr. Oommummen Cheriyachen was the elder son of founding father Idichandy.

Oommummen was married in A.D. 1814 from Adoor Kannankottum tharayil Thottam. His sons were Cheriya, Gee Varghese and Idichandy. Oommummen got approximately 3.6 Acres of agricultural Paddy field along with acres of other cultivable land at Adoor as dowry. So Cheriya and Gee Varghese settled in Adoor in the Malayalam year 984. The youngest son Idichandy settled in Mavelikara at their Puthenpura House.

Cheriya a good personality and cleaver, Gee Varghese also brilliant and educationist had owned residential system of teaching. Both the two were well known in Adoor area and nearby Kadambanad etc. because they were taking active parts in settling disputes and conflicts among christian families in this areas.

In due course Cheriya and Gee Varghese lived in Adoor but later Cheriya resettled at Manakkala near Adoor. The hereditary of Cheriya became the Manakala sub branch and of Gee Varghese became Melathil sub branch.

After the reformation one family get-together was conducted in 1974 at Parappuram, seven members from Adoor Branch also participated. Next family get together in 1975 was conducted at Manakkala branch.

This sub branch seems to be very prominent in Adoor Manakkala areas in political and social arena.