Vadakkethalackal Maha Kudumbayogam is governed by a Central Committee formed on a yearly basis, consisting of representatives from all Shakha. A President, four vice presidents, a General Secretary, a Jt. Secretary , and a Treasurer are elected from among the shakha representatives. A Patron, normally a senior priestly figure from any shakha , will be the Supreme head of the Committee. Regular Central Committee meetings are held, to resolve and implement various programs taken up by the committee.
The annual General meeting of the MahaKudumbayogam is held in December every year, immediately after X-mas, normally on 26th . Dignitaries from out side the family are invited as Chief Guests and to inaugurate cultural programs and activities in this function. This is an occasion for all the shakha members from far, near and abroad to gather, to see and express love and affection and renew the family-bond, each other. Normally a thousand members attend this function.


For all matters concerning Vadakkethalackal Maha Kudumbayogam, the following office bearers may be contacted as required: (This will be revised every year)

President : Josey Paul Maret (Kunjumon)
Maret Joe Villa
M. North P. O., Puramattom
Thiruvalla- 689543
Tel: 0469-2677491
Mob: 8547377491, 9744064164

Secretary : P. C. Oommen
Thazhakara P. O., Mavelikara
Tel: 0479-2344487
Mob: 9605625341

Treasurer : Shri. K. O. Philip
Kunnam P.O.,
Mavelikara - 690 108
Tel: 0479-2300178
Mob: 9446916699


Designation Name Contact
Vice Presedent Rev. T.M. Philipose(Clery) 0469-2668167
Mr. Kurian Thomas, Adoor-Manakkala 04734-229355
Mr. K.T. Joseph, Puthankavu 9847563488
Mr. K.V. Varghese 9495156820
Joint Secretary Mr. Ninan P. Ninan 8547974222
Web. Coordinator Mr. Josey Oomman Maret(Achankunju)
Joint Web. Coordinator Dr. Noble P. Abraham, Ooriyapadickal 9497329980
Tharavadu Chief Editor, Youth Wing & programeco-ordinator, Add, Joint scretary P. G. Maret (Aji) 9946697230
Tharavadu Asso. Editor
Auditors Mr. Shibu M. Thomas, Maret 9949847055
Mr. Sajuvarghese,Adoor


Designation Name Contact
Patron Very. Rev.Fr.G.NinanCor-Eppiscopa 0479-2302887
President Mr. P.S. Varghese 0479-2343687
Gen.Secretary Mr. C.M. Thankachan 9846684148
Treasurer Mr. Simon P. Thomas 0479-2303441
COMMETTEE MEMBERS Prof.Alexander.V.George 0479-2304059
Prof. K. O. Ninan 0479-2304967
Mr. N. Ninan 9495184685
Dr. Jacob Varghese 9447356127
Mr. P.C. Oommam 9605625341
Mr.Ninan Varghese 0479-2302845
Mr. Itty iype 8547503251
Mr. K.O. Philip 0479-2300178
Mr. Raju K. Kurian 0479-2325087
Mr.Varghese Kurian 9947035024
Mr. P.C. Idichandy
Mr. Ninan Mathew 9745655774
Mr.Geevarghese Thomas 9446920025, 9447965325


Designation Name Contact
President Mr. Kurian Thomas 9946650596
Vice President Mr. Saju Varghese 9447029522
Mr. P.C. Thomas 9847757803
Mr. NimeshRajan 9744406050
Co - ordinator Rev. Fr. Rinju P. Koshy 9496321455
COMMETTEE MEMBERS Mr. M.J. Chacko 04734-230927
Mr. Varghese Simon 04734-229107
Mr. Oomman Cherian 04734-231059
Mr. Joy George 9645834079
Mr. Alex M George 04734-228674
Mr. P.G. Achankunju 944660129
Mr. Monachan George 04734-226752
Mr. P.G. Simon 04734-228910
Mr. Roy Abraham (Baby) 9562584415
Mr. A.G. Thomas 9447970342
Mr. Somar Cherian 9745049042
Mr. Thomas George 9847150301
Mrs. Ponnamma George 9847397690


Designation Name Contact
Patron Prof. O.A. Cherian(Baby) 0469-2664860
President Rev. T.M. Philipose(Clery) 0469-2668167
Vice Presideny-2. Mr. George Mathew 9946944962
Gen.Secretary Mr. Ninan P. Ninan 9446222241
Joint Secretary Mr. BabulalNinan 0469-2664071
Treasurer Mr. Mathews Koshy(Babu) 0469-2650744
Auditor Mr. Cherian Ninan
COMMETTEE MEMBERS Mr. O.A. Ninan(Babu) 0469-2664772
Mr. K.C. George
Mr.T.M Mathew 0469-2668295
Mr. Joji Philip 0469-2662326
Dr. Noble P. Abraham` 9497329980
Mr. Thomas Ninan
Mr. Oomman Thomas
Mrs. Annamma Abraham
Mrs. Valsamma George
Youth Wing Mr. Navin P. Ninan
Miss. LishaJoji Philip
Miss. NibiMariyam Thomas


Designation Name Contact
President Mr. P.A. George 04734-266313
Gen.Secretary Mr. Mathwe Alex 04734-266240
Treasurer K.V. Varghese
COMMETTEE MEMBERS Mr. K.P. Jacob(Roy) 9446091358
Mr. K.M. Joykutty 9495717872
Mr. K.T. Varghese
Mr. P.K. Babu
Mr. Biji Baby 04734-266464
Mrs. Suma Mathew 04734-266550
Mrs. Susamma Varghese 04734-266405
Mrs. Alice Varghese 04734-266628


Designation Name Contact
Patron Mr. Ninan O. Maret(Oommachan) 9446474727
President Mr. Josey Paul Maret(Kunjumon) 0469-2677491
Vice President Mr. Josey Oomman Maret (Achankunju) 0469-2630003
Gen.Secretary Mr. P.G. Maret (Aji) 9946697230
Joint Secretary Mr. Saji Zacharia 9961931791
Treasurer Mr. Thomas Cherian (Thomaskutty) 0469-2782075
Auditor Mrs.Mary Josey 0469-2630003
COMMETTEE MEMBERS Mr. Cyriac Mathew Maret 9847893693
Mr. M.M. Philipose(Achankunju) 0469-2677637
Mr. OommanBarsoma(Oommachan) 0469-2677865
Mrs. ThankamoniRajan(Moni) 0469-2782371
Mrs. Chinnamma George
Programme Coordinator Mrs. Disley Philip 9495757886


Designation Name Contact
Patron H. G. Thomas Mar Athanasios 9447791896
President Mr. K.T. Joseph(Kunjumon) 9847563488
Gen.Secretary Mr. George Kurian 9142500000


Designation Name Contact
Patron Mr. M. Thomas
President Mr. K.K. Alexander(Lavikutty) 9447117708
Vice President Mr. Oomman
Gen.Secretary Mr. K.P. Johnson 9747902765
Treasurer Mr. K.C. Oomman
Mr. James P
Mr. Bobby
Mr. Ajo Johnson


Designation Name Contact
Mr. K.P. Thampy 9496241749
Mr.Jiju Jibiy Paul 9447807896


Designation Name Contact
President Mr. George Cherian 0471-2433382
Vice President Mr. V.C. George 0471-2304468
Gen.Secretary Mr. Jacob Koshy 0471-2554465
Joint Secretary Mr. Shibu Thomas 0471-2733839
COMMETTEE MEMBERS Mr. K.K. Thomas 9947523524
Mr. Jacob Philip 0471-2540484
Mrs. Suma Titty 0471-2441284
Mrs. Susan Ninan 0471-2442519
Mrs. Mollykutty Chacko 0471-2540749


Designation Name Contact
President Prof. S. Ninan 0484-2429057
Vice President Mr. K.C. Koshy 0484-2204692
Gen.Secretary Mrs. Leelamoni Mathew 0484-2784417
Joint Secretary Mr. Philip Kochummen 0484-2530145
COMMETTEE MEMBERS Mr. Jacob Cherian 0484-2550947
Mr. Abraham Cherian 0484-2541372
Mr. K.B. Ninan 0484-2323078
Mrs. Jolly Cherian 0484-2400248


Designation Name Contact
Patron George Alexander (Dileep), Mavelikkara 0479-2302596, 0479-2303162
President Dr. Noble P. Abraham, Ooriyepadickal 9497329980
Vice President Arun Mathai, Maret 9747586294
Gen. Secretary Sharon G Aniyan, Thumpamon 8281104123
Joint Secretary Reeba Mathew, Mavelikkara 9562993320
Treasurer Smitha Varghese, Mavelikkara 9496963364
COMMETTEE MEMBERS Simi Elsa Mathew, Thumpamon 9847631295
Justin Mathew, Thumpamon 8301045733
Manish P. Thomas, Thumpamon
Shown K. Sunny, Mavelikkara 8547357288, 9497331728
Jithin Thomas, Mavelikkara 8129643420
Ajo Philipose Johnson, Pathanapuram 9745970291
Rinoy George, Pathanapuram
Julie Esther, Pathanapuram 8156925235
Navin P. Ninan, Ooriyapadickal 8547974222
Deepthy Susan Philip, Maret 9526826348
Tojo T. Maret 8547582075
Pretty Racheal Philip, Maret 7034345814

The Central Committee, on behalf of Vadakkethalackal Mahakudumbayogam, would like to express its sincere gratitude to the following members who are sponsors of our website.
Name / Shakha Place
Adoor - Manakkala Shakha ( By Shakha Kudumbayogam )
Joseph Kunchattil Mavelikara
M. P. Thomas Maret Pulinkunnu
O. C. Abraham Ooriapadickal Texas, USA
Prof. O. A. Cherian Ooriapadickal Kumbanad
Dr. Jacob Varghese Kunchattil Mavelikara
K. T. Joseph Puthencavu Chengannur
Josey Paul Maret Kallooppara
K. O. Ninan Kanjirathinmoottil Mavelikara
K. O. Philip Kanjirathinmoottil Mavelikara
K. O. Thomas Kanjirathinmoottil Mavelikara
Binoy Tharakan Kanjirathinmoottil Madras
Geevarghese Thomas Mavelikara
George Alexander Mavelikara
P. A. George Thumpamon Thumpamon
M. E. Jacob Maret Kallooppara
K. M. John Thumpamon Thumpamon
Josey Oommen Maret Tiruvalla
P. G. Maret (Aji) Kallooppara
C. N. Mathew Mavelikara
N. Ninan Mavelikara
T. M. Ninan Ooriapadickal Kumbanad
Dr. A. Philipose Maret Trivandrum
Simon P. Thomas Mavelikara
Thankamani Rajan Maret Puthusserry.
Alexander V. George Mavelikara

(A Quarterly Publication of the Vadakkethalackal Mahakudumbayogam)

It was a long-cherished ambition of the Youth Wing of our Mahakudumbam that we must have a periodical family publication/news letter. The objective was to promote the creative thinking, effective communication, writing skills and other intellectual abilities among our youngsters.

Ignited by the spirit and values of our slogan ' TRADITION - BROTHERHOOD - TOGETHERNESS ', our talented brother Rajan A. Maret took the initiative and made it possible to release the periodical ' THARAVAD ' as a quarterly publication in the year 1995. He was the ' Founder Chief Editor '. His name will ever be remembered with gratitude, although he left us and entered the heavenly abode. The demise of dear Rajan was unexpected and caused an interruption of ' THARAVAD ' issues for sometime.

However, Mr. Joji Philip, Vadakkethoppil, Kumbanad and Mr. P.G. Maret, the successive Chief Editors ensured the uninterrupted release of ' THARAVAD ' ISSUES in a good manner and standard. They are admired for their sincerity and determination.

Thereafter Prof. K.O. Ninan, Kanjirathinmoottil, Mavelikara,who was also the President of VadakkethalackalMahakudumbayogam, took charge as the Chief Editor together with a team of resourceful Editorial Board until December 2012.

From January 2013 Mr. P. S. Varghese, Puthenpurayil, Mavelikara took over as Chief Editor with Prof. Alexander V. George as AssociateEditor and a team of proficient Board Members. This Editorial Board continued till December 2015.

The present Editorial Board was formed with Mr. P.G. Maret as Chief Editor and Dr Noble P. Abraham, Ooriyapadickal as Associate Editor together with a team of learned Board Members who took charge from January 2016.

We thankfully acknowledge the valuable support from our affectionate brothers and sisters towards ' THARAVAD ' publication and we anticipate the same in future too.

Tharavad Editorial Board
Chief Editor : P.G. Maret
Associate Editor : Dr Noble P. Abraham, Ooriyapadickal
Editors : Rev. Fr. Rinju P. Koshy, Adoor
: Prof. K.O. Ninan,Mavelikara
: Prof. O.A. Cherian, Ooriyapadickal
: Prof. S. Ninan,Ernakulam ()
: Dr. Jacob Varghese, Mavelikara
: Mr. C.A. Zechariah, Pathanapuram
: Mrs.Leelamoni Mathew, Ernakulam
: Mr. P.S.Varghese, Mavelikara


The Vadakkethalackal Mahakudumbam with its deep roots at Mavelikkara, spread to places like Kallooppara, Pathanapuram, Thumpamon, Adoor, Puthenkavu, Kayamkulam, Kumbanad, Kandanadu, etc., established different Shakha in all these places, flourishing and prospering in their life. Records show that Right from olden days members of these Shakha used to gather on every family occasion and discuss various issues and matters of importance. But a formal Kudumbayogam was organized only in 1915, having conducted its first meeting at Kunchattil, Vazhuvadi.

Rev. Decan Abraham Maret (who later became the Metropolitan of the Marthoma Church) presided over this function. It has been recorded that Judge Shri A. Philipose, Maret and Advocate Shri O. C. Ninan, Ooriyeppadickal were two of the noted members who spoke in this meeting.

The following table gives an Overview of our Maha Kudumbayogam (as per the records available at this time) and shall be updated as when more information is available:

1915 Kunjattil, Vazhuvadi, Mavelikkara. Rev. Decan Abraham Maret who was later elevated as Metropolitan of Marthoma Church Judge A. Philipose, Maret and Adv. O. C. Ninan, Ooriyeppadickal were the distinguished speakers on the occation
1916 Maret, Kallooppara Not available It was decided in the meeting to prepare an overall Vamshavali (Family Tree) and Shri Ninan Idichandy, Kunjattil & Shri Oommumman Oommumman , Kanjirathinmoottil were entrusted with this responsibility.
1917 Polachirackal Puthenveettil, Vazhuvadi, Mavelikkara His Grace Yuyakeem Mar Ivanios Metropolitan of Kandanadu The Thazhakkara Seminary Church, which was built in 1863 by Vadakkethalackal Family, was handed over to the custody of Yuyakeem Metrpolitan in 1917.
1918 Residence of Kunju Nina, Thannimoottil, Kandiyoor Rev. Fr. Thomas Kathanaar, Kizhakkethalackal, Puthenkavu.. Rev Fr. Thomas Kathanaar was the father of late Mar Peelaxeenos Thirumeni, Kizhakkethalackal, Puthenkavu and was an indispensable priest in the Malankara Orthodox Church.
1919 Residence of Shri Cheriachan,Kottackattu, Kayamkulam. H. G. Abraham Marthoma Saffragan Thirumani Thirumani was a  Shemmachen" when his grace presided over the first Kudumbayogam in 1915 The next Kudumbayogam was scheduled to take place at the residence of Adv. O. C. Ninan, Ooriyeppadickal. For some reason this yogam could not be held and this break continued till 1973.

The following members rendered their valuable services for the revival of our Mahakudumbayogam:

(From left), (1) Shri. N. Alexander (Ex. M.P), Mavelikara, (2) Shri. M. M. Mathai (Ex.M.L.A) Maret, Kallooppara,
(3) Shri M. P. Paul, Maret, Kallooppara,(4) Shri. A. Maret, Kallooppara, (5) Shri K. E. Mathai, (Parappuram), Mavelikara and
(6) Shri C. N. Alexander, Kunchattil, Mavelikara.

1973 Residence of Shri A. Maeret,Maret Mission House, Puthusserry Not available The annual celebration of the Maret Shakha Kumbayogam was held. Representatives from all other Branches were invited and were present in this meeting. The revival of the Central Kudumbayogam was one of the main agenda. All matters were discussed and a committee was formed for the follow up, thus making the revival of the Vadakkethalackal Maha Kudumbayogam a reality.
1974 Residence of Shri K. E. Mathai(Parappuram), Mavelikkara Most Rev . Thomas Ramban Maret presided over the Function. About a thousand members from all branches participated in this meeting. A triple Holy Qurbana was conducted in the Seminary Church, Thazhakkara. on this occasion. It deserves special mention that Rev. Scariah Kathanaar, Vadakkethalackal was present through out the function in spite of his age and ill health, with the same enthusiasm as ever before. Dramas, Dances, Songs and such other items by the family members added very much colour and attraction to this function.
1975 Residence of Shri P. C. Thomas,Kottanellur, Adoor. Rev Fr. George Scariah Kathanaar presided over the function and Very Rev Thomas Ramban inaugurated the programs. The function was very colorful. About thousand five hundred members attended. Shri N. Alexander Ex M P, M. M. Mathai Ex M L A, Prof O. A. Cherian, K. E. Mathai Parappurathu, K. T. Joseph, C. A. Sachariah, Dr. C. James, P. O. Pappachan, Oommen Ray Varghese, Dilip Alexander, Kurien Thomas, K. N. Mathew, Oommen Thomas, A. Maret, V. George & Santhamma Thomas participated in different meetings and spoke on various subjects.The Drama “Vazhiyambalam” by Parappuram enacted by the youth wing of Mavelikkara Shakha was the main attraction among various the cultural programs.
1976 Residence of Shri O. C. Ninan,Ooriyeppadickal Rev T. N. Koshy, Ooriyeppadickal The function was very grand. Prominent members like O C Ninan, N. Alexander Ex MP, Rev K. T. Thomas, Puthenkavu, Rev Abraham Maret, Rev G. Ninan, Thannimoottil, A. Maret & K. E. Mathai, Parappurathu, spoke on the occasion. An important item among the various programs was the drama “Bahrin Kunjannamma” enacted by Mavelikkara Shakha.
1977 By Pathanapuram Shakha,Makkulam Orthodox Church Compound, Pathanapuram Not Available Not available
1978 Residence of Sri P. A. George,Peroor, Thumpamon Not available Not Available
1979 Residence of M. P. Joseph,Maret Kizhakkethalackal (Peroor) Not available Not available
1980 Residence of Shri C. N. Alexander,Kunjattil, Mavelikkara. Not available Not available
1981 Residence of Shri P. G. Thomas Melethil Pulickal, Adoor Not available Not available
1982 Residence of Shri T. N. Ninan,Ooriyeppadickal, Thoppil Not available Not available
1983 By Pathanapuram Shakha,Makkuulam Church Compound, Pathanapuram Not available Not available
1984 Residence of Shri KunjuKunju,Puliyanmadhathil, Thumpamon. Not available Not available
1985 Residence of Shri M. P. Joseph,Maret Kizhakkethalackal (Peroor) Not available Not available
1986 Residence of Very Rev. George Scariah, Cor Episcopa,Parambil, Mavelikkara. Not available Not available
1987 By Adoor Shakha,Govt. U. P. School, Manakkala. Not available Not available
1988 Residence of Shri O. A. Ninan,Ooriyeppadickal, Grace Mount Not available Not available
1989 Res. of Shri P.G. Geevarghese,Bright House, Pathanapuram Not available Not available
1990 Res. Of Shri K. K. Thankachan,Kammancheril, Thumpamon Not available Not available
1991 Res. Of Shri M. P. Joseph,Maret Kizhakkethalackal(Peroor) Not available Not available
1992 By Mavelikkara Shakha,Marthoma Trinity Hall, Cherukol, Mavelikkara. Not available Not available
1993 By Adoor Shakha,Orthodox Church Auditorium,Kannamkodu, Adoor. Not available Not available
1994 Res. Of Shri O. A. Ninan,Ooriyeppadickal Grace Mount Not available Not available
1995 By Pathanapuram Shakha,St. Stephen’s Auditorium Not available Not available
1996 By Thumpamon Shakha,St. Gregorios Auditorium Not available Not available
1997 By Maret Shakha,St. Stephen’s Orthodox Church-Auditorium, M. North. Not available Not available
1998 By Mavelikkara Shakha Not available Not available
1999 Not available Not available Not available
2000 Not available Not available Not available
2001 Makkulam Hermon Orthodox Church, Pathanapuram Not available 27-12-2001: Youth Camp 28-12-2001:Mahakudumbayogam
2002 Thumpamon M G Auditorium Not available 26-12-2002: Youth Camp,27-12-2002:Mahakudumbayogam
2003 Not available Not available Not available
2004 St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral Auditorium,Puthiyakavu, Mavelikara Not available 27-12-2004: Youth Camp,28-12-2004: Navathi Celebrations
2005 Kannamkodu St. Thomas Orthodox Church Auditorium, Adoor. Not available 27-12-2005: Annual Celebrations.
2006 By Ooriyeppadickal Shakha,Grace Mount Auditorium Not available 26-12-2006: Annual Celebrations
2007 St. Mary's Cathedral Auditorium, Puthenkavu Not available 27-12-2007: Annual Celebrations
2008 Thumpamon Shakha. Presided over by Sri. K. O. Ninan, President of Vadakkethalackal Mahakudumbayogam 27-12-2008 : Annual Celebrations
H. G. Geevarghese Mar Themothios Metropolitan inaugurated the website of Vadakkethalackal Mahakudumbam
Dr. Alexander Jacob I.P.S. was the chief guest
2009 Maret Shakha. Presided over by Sri. K. O. Ninan, President of Vadakkethalackal Mahakudumbayogam, and the blessing speech by H. G. Thomas Mar Athanasios Metropolitan. Annual day Celebrations held on 26-12-2009 H. G. Thomas Mar Athanasios Metropolitan inaugurated the function. The Shakha Deepa Sangamam was the special attraction of the event in which members representing all Shakha participated in a colour-full march holding candle lights followed by lighting of the main Bhadradeepam.
2010 Mavelikkara Shakha. Presided over by Sri. K. O. Ninan, President of Vadakkethalackal Mahakudumbayogam, The blessing & Opening speech by H. G. Thomas Mar Athanasios Metropolitan. Annual day Celebrations were held on 28-12-2010 at Idichandi Nagar (St. Mary’s Orthpodox Cahtedral Auditorium, Puthiyakavu. H. G. Dr. Joshwa Mar Ignathios Metropolitan gave the Inaugural speech. Shakha Deepa Sangamam was another attraction of the event in which members representing all Shakha participated in a colour-full march holding candle lights followed by lighting of the main Bhadradeepam.
2011 Adoor-ManakkalaShakha CHERIAN NAGAR Presided over by Sri. K. O. Ninan, President of VadakkethalackalMahakudumbayogam, The blessing &Inaugural speech by H. G. Thomas Mar Athanasios Metropolitan. Annual day Celebrations were held on Tuesday 27-12-2011 at Cherian Nagar (Thapovan Public School Auditorium, Manakala. H. G. Dr. Zacharias Mar Apprem Metropolitan was chief guest. Shakha Deepa Sangamam was another attraction of the event in which members representing all Shakha participated in a colour-full march. followed by lighting of the Bhadradeepam. Usual cultural programs also conducted
2012 OoriyappadickalShakha NINA AVIRA NAGAR Presided over by Pro. K. O. Ninan Prayer and Blessing by Rev. T.M. Philipose and opening speech by O.A.Cherian Annual day Celebrations were held on Wednesday 26-12-2012 at Nina Avira Nagar (Grace Mount School Kumbanadu). H. G. Thomas Mar Athanasios Episcopa was chief guest. Shakha Deepa Sangamam was another event in which members representing all Shakha participated in a colour-full march. followed by lighting of the Bhadradeepam. Also held cultural programs.
2013 PuthencavuShakha THOMMA KATHANAAR & RACHEL THOMMA KATHANAAR NAGAR Presided over by Pro. K. O. Ninan Prayer and Blessing by H. G. Thomas Mar Athanasios Metropolitan. Annual Celebrations were held on Thursday 26-12-2013 at THOMMA KATHANAAR & RACHEL THOMMA KATHANAAR NAGAR. H. G. Dr.Joseph Marthoma Inaugurated the Function. Dr. T. Tijuwas chief guest. Shakha Deepa Sangamam, cultural programs and a Class on “Deterioration of Family Values – Present Trends” by Smt. Grace Lall were other main eventsShakhawise group photo was also taken.
2014 100thKUDUMBAYOGAM at SIMON MAR DEEVANNASIOS NAGAR Mavelikara. (Pthiyacavu St. Mary’s Church Auditorium) Prof. K. O. Nina presided. Blessing by H.G. Thomas Mar Athanasios Metropolitan. Chief Guest: Major Arch Bishop Cardinal George Alancherry. Other distinguished guests: Dr. Alexander Jacob &Dr.Jancy James. Programs depicting the history of VadakkethalackalMahakudumbam, the rich centuries old religious Heritage of the family and the great personalities who made immense contribution in the political, Social, Cultural and Educational arenas of our State in particular and also the Nation at large were the main attractionsof the Centenary. A New Directory and A Memento (to all family) and a special Edition of “Tharavadu” were released on this occasion. Inauguration of the year-long Centenary Celebrations was held on Thursday 1st May 2014 at Bethel Aramana, Chengannu Human Rights Commission J. B. Koshy.was the chief Guest , Debates, classes, cultural programs and charity programs were conducted by various Shakhas over the entire year as per a Shakha Schedule. The Final Grand Centenary Celebrations on26-12-2014 at SIMON MAR DEEVANNASIOS NAGAR Mavelikara. The wholehearted participation of all Family Members from all Branches are greatly appreciated in making this Function a great success.
2015 ThumpamonShakha THARAKAN’S NAGAR (St. George Orthodox Syrian Church, Thumpamon) Prof. K.O. Ninan presided. Prayer and Blessing by Rev. T. M. Philipose. Annual day Celebrations were held on Saturday 26-12-2015 at THARAKAN’S NAGAR (St. George Orthodox Syrian Church, Thumpamon) Dr.SarammaVrghesewaschief guest. Shakha Deepa Sangamam was another event in which members representing all Shakha participated in a colour-full march, followed by lighting of the Bhadradeepam. Cultural programs of the young and old were enjoyed by all members.