The members of Eramthottath Vazhuvadi sub divisions are the successors of the 3 fathers, Puthen Parakkal Cheriya, Alummottil Idicula and Eramthottath Idichandi who had shifted from Kandiyoor Eramthottath to Vazhuvadi.

The Puthenpurakal Vazhuvadi Division originated from the fifth son of Eramthottath Kurian. Cheriyachan had three sons named Keevareechan, Idichandi and Ninan and two daughters who were residing at Elavthoor and Viyapuram since their marriage.

KEEVAREECHAN (Eldest son of Puthenpurakkal Cheriya)
Cheriya had a son and four daughters. The son is Geevarghese Cheriya (Puthenpurakkal) of the four daughters Sosamma's marriage was at Kayamkulam, Annamma's marriage was at Pallikal, Achamma's marriage at the Ennakkad Mulavana and Saramma's marriage was at Vettiyar Palolil.

Geevarghese Cheriya
Puthenpurakkal Malayil Keevareechan the only son of Puthenpurakkal.

Gheevareechan had a son and two daughters. The son was called Cheriya Gheevarghese (Kariyachan) of the two daughters one is Mariyamma (Married to Karipuzha Kochupurakkal Oommachan) and the other was Annamma (Married to Karipuzha Padinjare Chakkanattu Oommachan) Gheevarghese Cheriya (Kariyachan) Puthenpurakkal Malayil.

He married puthenkavil Meleppurathe Sossamma. To them there were only two daughters named Thankamma and Kuttiyamma. Both Kariyachan and Sosamma passed away.

Thankamma was given away in marriage to Kunjukutty (Eappen) son of Pallippatt Neduveny Kulangara Kochukunju. Kurien, Son of Puthiyakavil Valiyaveettil Varkey, married Kuttyamma.

Idi Chandi Puthen Purakkeel
He had two Sons and two daughters. These Sons were named Cheriya kunj and Mossa. The daughters were Rahel (died before marriage) and Achiyamma (her husband) was Veeyapurathu, Chempumpuratharayil....

Cheriya Kunju
(eldest son of Idichandi Puthenpurakkal) he married Kunjamma daughter of Kunnathvadakke Veettil Philipose.they had a son called C.Alexander and two daughters named Mariyamma and Sossamma.Mariyamma was given away his marriage to Puthenpurakkal,Kartthigappallil Sossamma was married and she was nurse.

C. Alexander ' Puthenpurakkal
He was engaged in the work of a preacher (giving religious talk)begun by his father Cheriyakunj.he was a teacher for a long period in Kottarakkara Sabath Mission School. Beside he had been servicing as teacher and rendering service for the poor in different parts of India. He died in the year 1989 march 18th. His matrimonial alliance was with Chinnamma, daughter of MattathuKunnel Cheriyan. She died in the year 1968. This couple had three sons and two daughters.

Cheriyan Alex (B.Sc.), Abraham Alex (MA) and Georgekutty Alex (BSc.) were the sons. Mary Alex and Achamma Alex were the daughters. Of the two daughters Mary Alex is rendering her services as a nurse in KEM Hospital, Bombay. Her husband is N.V. Scaria. N.V. Mathew (BA) is the husband of Achamma Alex.

He was working in the Accountant General's Office, Trivandrum. His demise took place in the year 1971 October 9th at the age of 45. His wife is the daughter of Thirunelveli Thottungal P.M. Mathews. Alex Cheriyan (MBA) and Sophiya Cheriyan are the two children form to them.

Sophiya Cheriyan (M.Sc. B.Ed)
Captain Sasi who is the member of Mullamangalathu married Sophiya Cheriyan.

Alex Cheriyan (MBA)
He is the General Manager of Venus Sea Foods. He married from Mangalapuram and stays there. There is only one daughter to them.

Abraham Alex (B.A.)
This gentle man is the second son of Alexander Puthen Purackal. He is working as a textile consultant in Benny and Company. He married Thankamma (B.SC, BT) who belonged to Thiruvalla. She is a teacher working in Bombay.

Anil Abraham (B.Tech.)
and Annie Abraham are the two children of this couple. Annie Abraham is married Georgekutty Alex (BSc.) is the third son od Alexander Puthen purackal. While working as a Chemist in Bhopal Municipal Corporate water works, he died. His wife Annamma George (MA, BT). To them, there are two children.

Ninan is the third son of Cheriyan Puthenpurakkal. Mammy and Kutty Amma are the daughters. Pallikal Alummoottil Thomas married Mammy and Pynumoottil Puthenkulangara Geevarghese Son P.G. Esso(Puthen Purakkal) married Kuttiyamma.

Idikula Alummoottil
He came and stayed in Vazhuvadi. Alummoottil from Kandiyoor Eramthottath. He had two sons known as Kiryan and Mathew and two daughters were married and sent to Ayiroor and Thalavadi.

Kiriyan Alummoottil
He is the eldest son of Idicula Alummoottil. He was only a son called Mathai. This son is stayed at Cherukol Thattakkatt.

Mathai Thattakkattu Cherukole
He has a son named T. M. Kurien(Kochukutty) and four daughters called Eliamma, Annamma, Saramma and Kochappi.

Niranath Vizhalil Thommi Tharakan married Eliyamma.

Karthigapally Kalakkattu Kiryan Panicker married Annamma.

Edathua Kochithara Varghese (Kochukutty) married Saramma.

Koshy (Kunjappi) the son of Rev. Fr. Kochiyil Thiruvalla married Kochappi.

T.M. Kurian (Kochu Kutty)Thattakkalt. Cherukot (The only son of Mathai Thoattakkad.

At first he was an employ in National Quilon Bank. Since the liquidation of this Bank, he served in M.K.V. Bank, Mavelikara on 14-02-1971 he died. He married Kunjamma daughter of Pallipatt Koramadathil Nelpurayil Geevarghese and Rachel.

They have 3 sons and 3 daughters. The sons are named K.Mathai (Johy), T.K. Varghese (George) and Raju Kurian (Raju) and the daughters are known as T.K. Mariyamma(sr) T.K. Annamma and T.K. Mariyamma (jr). Their mother Kunjamma died on 27th November 1988.

Irukuzhiyil Mannalath George married Mariyamma. Mr. Jacob Koshy (Raju), son of Thiruvella Pynummoottil Koshy and Mariyamma married Annamma.

T.K. Mathai (Jony)Thaikkat, Cherukol
He was an employer in Postal Department. Now he is a pensioner. He married Rachel Mathew (Ammukkutty), the daughter of Kalakkat Plammootil Chacko and Sosamma. The couple has four daughters named Shyny, Shyla, sherly (DPharm) and Shalu.

Shyny is married in Theveril and Shyla in Kodukulanji. Shalu is an employee in a Private Company in Kottayam.

T.K. Varghese (George) Thottakkat, Cherukol
After working as an agent in L.I.C., he is now engaged in Contract Work. He married Saramma daughter of Payippat Attumalil M.P. Alexander and Eliyamma. The couple has two daughters named Sussan and Elizabeth. Both of them are students.

Raju Kurian (Raju) Vadekkethalakkal
This gentle man is working in Indian Oil Company as DISTRICT CHARGE MAN. He married Moly, daughter of Kumbanad ooreooadical Punnakal Kunjechan and Mariyamma. Moly was a Steno in Asian Paint Company, Madras. Now she is a housewife after tendering resignation from where she was working. This couple has two daughters called Vinu and Anu. Both of them are students.

Mathew Alummoottil
His matrimonial alliance is from Elanthur Kochuveedu. He has four sons and two daughters. The sons are Philiphose(Pulikeezh), Idicula (Meledath Vazhuvadi) Thoma Charuvil, Vachuvadi) and Idichandy Alummoottil. The daughters are Eliamma and Annamma. Eliamma is married from Ayiroor Kalladavathukkal and Annamma is given away in marriage to Pulikeezh Kadavankal Pappy.

Philiphose Pulikeezh
Philiphose is the eldest son of Mathew Alummoottil. It is from Pulikeeezh Valiyaveettil that he married. He has a son called Kuttappan and a daughter besides Thankamma.

Kuttappan Pulikeezh
He married from Thiruvalla Thirumoola Puram. He had a son called Thomas (unmarried) a daughter.

Idicula (Kochukunju)
He is the second son of Meledathu Vazhuvadi Mathew Alummoodu. He has two sons and five daughters. The son are Mathew and Idicula Ninan (Kochukutty). The daughters are 1. Sossamma (married from Puthuppalli Kochuveettil, 2. Achamma (Kumbazha Thekku Nilkkummathil Kunjuchan married her) 3. Eliyamma (Haripad Thattantayath Kochukutty married her) 4. Chinnamma (Haripad Kottarathil Kizhakkothil Daniel married her) and 5. Annamma (Kochan cherry Kuppakkad GeorgekKutty married her).

Mathai Meledathil Alleppey
Idicula (eldest son of Kochukunju Meledathu) Idicula has a son (Thankachan) and a daughter besides.

Idikula Ninan (Kochukutty Meledath)
His first wife is from Thalavadi Mattakal. Annamma is his wife. For this couple there is a daughter called Ammini. After the death of Annamma, he married Sosamma, daughter of Mannar Panakkamattath Parapurath Keevarich and Mariyamma. In this marriage alliance they have two sons(Mr. Mathew and Varghese) and five daughters (Ammini, Annamma, Eliyamma, Mariamma and Saramma.

Mannar Panakkamattath Oommachan's son R. Prakash (Aniyan) married Ammini.

Niranath Valel kochukutty's son Kunjumon married Annamma.

Pathanapuram Kizhakke Thalackal George married Eliyamma.

Scaria son of Kalluppara Valloomtharayil Eapen and Mariayamma, married Mariyamma.

Johns son of Chengannur Plamthara George married Saramma.

Mathew Ninan-Meledath Vazhuvadi one of the two sons is working in Gwaliar suitings. He married Gracy, daughter of Haripad Aachakkatt Kizhakathil Mr. Samul and Rachel. Giji Mathew, Gini Mathew and Gibi Mathew are the children born to them. Giji Mathew married Kalavelil Sango Villa's Varghese Mathew and Elikutty Varghese daughter Susan Ninan Mthew. Both of them are working in Bahrain. Jiji Mani married Uday Mani, son of Mr. & Mrs. Abil Mani. L/T Flat -33, Vijay Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai. They are settled in UK. Jeba Alexander married Kithakkal Shalom Villa's Mr. Alexander John & Mrs. Leelamma John's son Ajil Alexander Manikanteswaram, Trivandrum. They were working in Bahrain.

The other son of Idiculla Ninan Mr. Varghese Ninan Meledath married Elizabeth, daughter of Kayamkulam Madathil Varghese Baby and Eliamma. Mr. Varghese Ninan is engaged in Business since his return from Gulf.

Thoma Charuvil Vazhuvadi
Third son of Mathew Alummottil. He married Annamma from Pulikeezh kadavu. The couple have a son and two daughters. This son is named Mathew Thomas and the daughter's are Mariyamma and Sosamma.

Chennamkeril Kochamkulath Kunjeria married Mariyamma.

Chennakkeril Puchalil P. C. Abraham married Sosamma.

Mathew Thomas Charuvil Vazhuvadi. He is the only son of Thomas Charuvil. He married Vizhalel Athimmoottil Yohannan Edikula's daughter Kunjamma. The couple has seven sons named Raju (C.M. Thomas), C.M. Baby, C.M. Thankachan, Aniyan (C.M. Mathai), Kochukunju (C.M. Mathew) Jose (C.M. Varghese ) and C.M. Babu. They have two daughters also. They are Susamma Mathew and Leelamma Mathew.

Kainakari Paruthikulathil Francis son Joseph married Sussamma Mathew.

Mr. Thomas son of Venmoni Malayil kizhakathil Thomas married Leelamma Mathew.

Raju (C.M. Thomas) Charuvil Vazhuvadi Kunnam

While working in Indofil Chemical Factory, Bombay, Mr. Raju died. He had married Annie, daughter of Kainakari Paruthikulathil Francis. The couple has two children named Mathew Reni and Retti Thomas.

Since the death of Mr. Raju, his wife Anny Thomas who got appointment in the same factory shifted to Bombay with children and they now stay there. Mathew Reni married Kollaasseril Pathanapuram John Thomas & Valsamma John's daughter Jiji. They have two daughters, they are Angelin and Ashlin, both of them are students. Mr. Jithesh Zeyriac, son of Zeriyac Augustine and Annie Zeyriac from Nellikunnel Pala married Retti Thomas. He is working as Chief Officer of Merchant Navy. They have a son named Jeffery Jithesh.

                    C.M. Baby

He works in Gulf relinquishing the job in a company in Bombay. He married Cheriyand Vanpuzhavelil Ponnamma. This couple had two children called Binoy and Bincy. Binoy works in Gulf. Bincy works as a nurse in New Delhi.

                    C.M. Thanakachan

He is serving the Indian Navy. He married Lillykutty, daughter of Othara Malayil Baby. This couple has two children. Helen and Christy Both of them are students. Helen is studying B.Sc Nursing final year and Christy is studying in 12th. He has retired as a Honourary Sub. Liecetenant

                    C.M. Mathai (Aniyan Charuvil)

He works in Gulf now. He married Kochumol (Nurse in Rajastan) daughter of Melpadath Vanchipurakkal Thomachan. This couple has a son called Anish Mathew. He is an Engineering Student.

                    C.M. Mathew (Kochukunju Charuvil)

Relinquishing a job in a Company in Bombay, he works in Gulf now. He married Jessy daughter of Cheriyanad Thuruthimel Panamkuttiyil Ommen Baby and Thankamma. Jyothi and Jomi are the children of this couple both of the children are students. Jyothi is an Engineering Student and Jomi is studying in 12th std.

C.M. Varghese (Jose) Mr. Jose is the sixth son of Charuvil Thomas. He married Jolly from Kurathikadu. Jojo is the son of this couple. He is studying in 12th std.

C.M. Babu (Seventh son of Charuvil Thomas) He married Jessy daughter of Adoor Palli vadakkathil John and Eliyamma. This couple has two daughters called Betina & Benita.

Idichandy Alummottil
He has three sons and six daughters. The sons are named A.I. Mathai, Alexander and Koshy.

Of the daughters Pennamma got married from Alummoottil Malayil , Kunjamma from Vennikulam, Thankamma from Ayyampalli, Chinnamma from Chengannur Angadical, Kuttiyamma from Nedumangadu. The youngest daughter Baby married to K.T. Thomas , Kalluzhathil Chengannur.

Alummoottil A.I. Mathai
He is the first son of Alummottil Idichandi. He was born in 1079. After completing his High School carrier, he got a job in Thazhakkara M.S.S. High School and went on with the goal. He retired from service in 1963. He is no more(died). He had earned a good name as a famous teacher. In addition to this he was familiar and respectable to the whole people of Thazhakkara as the Founder and President of the Handloom Industrial co-operative Society. His wife, Kunjamma is the daughter of Karuvatta Mannuparambil Geevarghese and Mariamma. There are four sons and three daughters born to them.

Alex Mathew (
He is the son of Alummoottil A.I. Mathai. Alex Mathew was a Military Captain since his retirement from Military Service. He serves as a Security Officer in Calcutta .

Mr. George Mathew, brother of Alex, is engaged in business in Bangalore. The youngest brother of Alex is Mathew. He is in an instrumentation factory in Mysore.

                    A.I. Alexander

He was the second son of Alummoottil Idichandy, born in the year 1908. After completing his High School education, joined in Tamilnadu Electricity Board and retired as Electrical Supervisor. His matrimonial alliance was with Thankamma Kozhy, Valiaparambil House, Chengannur. A.I. Alexander's demise was in the year 1990 and Thankamma died in the year 1994. Their only daughter Santhi (M.A. B.Ed).

                    Santhi Varghese (M.A. B.Ed)

She is given away in marriage to C.R. Varghese M.A. (Raju) son of C.O. Philiph and Saramma Philiph(Kuttiyamma) Churulukuzhiyil Vennikulam, now residing at Santhi Villa, chengannur. The children born to them are Jean Raju Varghese(Kuwait) Jeeva Sara Varghese (U.S.A.) and Jim Raju Varghese (U.S.A)

Koshy (Joy)married Moly and stays at Anariyil. The couple has a son named Vinu and a daughter called Viji. Joy is now settled down in Bangalore with his family. Viji also is married.

Evoor Kalarikkal Vadakkathil Daniel married Mariamma, the eldest daughter of Idichandy and Achiyamma. Idichandi ---husband died when a son was born to them. So leaving the bridgroom's house she stays in her family house at vazhuvadi.

When the attained maturity she purchased a landed property in Malayil and settled down there.

Pynummoottil Alummoottil Puthenpurakal

C.D. George the only son of Mariyamma and Daniel married Eliyamma, the eldest daughter of Chengannur puthen kavil Ayirukuzhiyil Makkunnil Chacko Abraham (late) .........................

They are named as follows:

  1. Wilson George
  2. Reji George
  3. Jessy George
  4. Biju George
  5. Binu George and Sunil George.

The eldest son Wilsonmarried a girl from Bangalore. As he is employed they stays there now. The second of son Reji (Kuwait) married Reny the eldest daughter of Malakkara Anjilukuzhiyi family member Mr. Baby and Kunjumole. This couple has a child.

Mr. Jacob, son of Thumpamon Kachiramannil Pappachen and Kunjamma married Jessy. The three other children are students.

Eramthottathu Idichandy Kathanar
Pulikot Mar Divanadios Thirumeni got admission to Thazhakkara Seminari Church. As a result of that Idichandi Kathanar became Thirumeni's dearest disciple and happened to be one among the Governing body of the church to serve always. Idicula Kathanar is thus, a great personality. In a community case Idikulla Kathanar took a strong and courageous step (stand) against Mathews Mar Athanious in the case.

The Rev. Father (Second son of Eramthottathu Kirian's son Yavana's second son) settled down at Vazhuvadi from Kandiyoor Eramthottathu. In Sabha affairs as well as in other social matters he worked sincerely and in the devotion. He is also one among the beginners who worked hard for the M.G.M. Secondary School.

He donated 15(fifteen) cents in the heart of his property for the creation of a building for Sunday School. It is this Sunday School that became the Vazhuvadi Govt. L.P.S. later. Besides this there was another L.P.S. known as MGM LPS which has already began to function. P.I. Chacko, son of Rev. Father handed over this School to the community and Mr. Chacko became the Local Manager and continued in this capacity for some time. He was later, lied due to Rheumatic complaints for a short period and at last died. It was Baselious Catholica Bava Thirumeni who guided the religious notes in convection with death. He (Rev. Father) has a son named Chacko and a daughter named Eliamma. Maramon Ravara Thomas Kathanar married Eliamma.

P.I. Chacko (The only son of Eramthottath Idichandy kathanar) He married Peedikayil Kalluvalayathil Achama the couple has no issue. Both of them no more.