Geevarghese residing at Kammamcheril from Peroor has got two sons, Kochukunju and Geevarghese. Geevarghese married Mariyamma, Kayyalackathu, Karthikapally and resided there.


He resided at Kammamcheril after marriage with Mariyamma Moosarethu, Vadakkekara, Thumpamon. They have got one son, Eappachan and five daughters, Mariyamma, Aleyamma, Annamma, Achiamma and Cheruchiamma. Mariyamma married Geevarghese, Mullankattu Kannankottu, Aleyamma to Kuttiplavil Melethundil Kiriyan, Annamma to Thumpamon Panara Padinjattathil, Achiyamma to Kaipattoor Kuthukallumpattu and Cheruchiyamma to Kochumoola Thekkathil, Thumpamon Vadakkekara.


Eappachen, who fought against Nair Jenmis of Thumpamon and obtained respect from all was very bold and handsome. Thumpamon Velluparambil Achamma is his wife and have got five son Geevarghese, Mathunny, Chacko, Joseph and Thomas and one daughter Aleyamma. Aleyamma got married with Mathai, Kanjiyil, Peringanadu. Eappachen died on 1957. Achamma also died and buried at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Thumpamon.

Geevarghese (Kochukunju), Eldest son ;of Eappachen:

Gee Varghese who is social and popular, married Mariyamma Cheruparathadathil, Kaipattoor. They have got three daughters, Thankamma, Aalikutty and Ponnamma. Thankamma married Kochukunju, Angadickal, Puthenkavu, Chengannur. Aalikutty to Daniel, Charuvillayil, Poruvazhy and Ponnamma to Georgekutty, Punarur vadackkathil, Pallickal. Gee Varghese died on October 1976 and Mariyamma on September 1988. Both of them were buried at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Thampamon.

SMT .THANKAMMA : She is the eldest daughter of Kochkunju She married to Cherian Varghese ,Malappuram, Angadical ,Puthencavoo. They are settled in KonayyathuMalaourath ,Thumpamon. They have two sons and three daughters: K.V.Varghese,K.V.Cherian,Annamma,Mariamma and Achamma .Annamma married to Baby Meenathethil, Thatta, Mariamma to George Kutty, Thachante – Now working in Dubai as a senior Lab technisition . He married to Lali daughter vadakkethil , Nellimughal, Adoor and Achamma to Kunjumon , Mulavinal House ,Puliyur, Chenganoor. Shri. K.V.Varghese. He is the elder son of Smt Thankamma He was working with Indian Railway in Jabalpure and after that he went to Dubai . He married to Annamma Varghese (Lissy) daughter of K.V.Varghese , Kunchenparampil , Vennikulam. They have two sons. Libu Varghese (MCA) Married to Thankamma Varghese daughter of Mr Joseph Cheriyan, Thankamma Benglow, Kudal, Pathanpuram . They are in California (USA) They have one daughter Emma Elisabeth Varghese. Shri. Sabu Varghese (MBA) He married to Regin (Swapna) Mcom daughter of Mr. Soman Thomas ,Mulachal House , Neerattupuram, Thiruvilla. Both are working in Dubai .They have one son Jefrry Varghese, and one daughter Rachel Varghese. Shri. K.V.Cherian (George Kutty) He is the second son of Smt Thankamma. He is engaged in Agricultural. He married to Marykutty.They have only one son Neil Cherian. He is studing. SMT. ALIKUTTY:

She is the second daughter of Mr. Gheevarghese. She married to Mr.Daniel ,Charuvilayil, Poruvazhi. They have two sons and three daughters. They are Joshwakutty, Thampi, Deenamma ,Ammukutty and Anni.

K.D.Joshwa (Joshwakutty) He is working in Muscat. He married to Omana daughter of Mr.M.E.Eapen, Muthirakalayil,Puthencavoo. Chengannur. They have one daughter Sherin (BSC Nurse) ,she married to Mr. Gibin ,Thekkattil, Rani. And one son Denni(B-Tec) is working as an instrumentation Engineer in Reliance Petroleum Plant.

Shri. Geevarghese (Thampi):

H e is working in Sharjaha. He married to Jessy (MA) daughter of Shri.Daniel, Tholurkizhakkethil , Kaipattoor. They have two sons, Benu and Babi both are studying.


Third daughter of Mr. Geevarghese, is married to Georgekutty, Punarur vadackkathil, Pallickal.

K.E. Mathunny (Second son of Eappachen):

K.E. Mathunny, after serving as Estate Contractor for a long time, is working engaged in Agriculture. His wife is Mariyamma, Karingattil (Kavil), Thumpamon who died on 29th November 1964. They have got two sons, Baby and Kunjumon and one daughter, Kunju Mariyamma. Kunju Mariyamma married Yohannan, Mulanilkunnathil, Ulanadu. Mathunny died on 17-09-93 and buried at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Thampamon.

K.M. Varghese (Baby), Civil Engineer:

He retired on 1909 after serving as Section Officer in Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board for a long time. He married Saramma, daughter of K.G. Koshy, Kunnumpurathu Kadavil Peedikayil, Puthenkavu, who is also retired from service as Regional Accounts Officer in Electricity Board. They are now residing at Kammamcheril Shaji Villa and has two children Shaji and Sherly. Sherly (M.A., B.Ed.) married Mathew Cheriyan (M.Com.), son of M.M. Cheriyan, Muthirakalayil, Thiruvalla. K.M. Varghese is now the President of Thumpamon Sakha.

Mathew. K. Varghese (Shaji), M.Sc., LL.B:

He is working at State Bank of India, Chengannur Branch. He married Suma (M.A., B.Ed.), daughter of V.C. Mathew, Assistant Manager, M.R.F., Madras. They have got two daughters, Anisha and Anila. Both of them are students and Suma is working as Teacher in St. John’s High School, Thumpamon.

K.M. John (Kunjumon), B.A., B.Ed.:

K.M. John while working as Teacher, M.G. High School, Thumpamon after retiring from Military service, entered on leave for 10 years for taking up employment in Gulf. On expiry of the leave he returned and continued as Teacher in Thumpamon High School and later on retired. He is the Vice President of Thumpamon Sakha. His wife Marykutty (Teacher), Kallumkal Bungalow, Anchal. They have three daughters, Mini. K. John (B.Sc., B.Ed.), Mincy. K. John ( M.A), Moncy. K. John (B.A) and one son Manoj. K. John. Mini. K. John married to Roy (M.Sc., B.Ed.), son of Solomon, Kolathu Veedu, Nilamel. Mincy. K. John to Shaji Thomas (U.S.A), son of T.K. Baby, Kalluvilayil, Paracode. Moncy. K. John married John Thomas, son of M.Y. Thomas, Retired Assistant Commissioner, Mundackal Veedu, Kottarakkara.

Manoj. K. John (BE): He is working in Dubai as an Engineer. He married Smt LIJJA BSC nurse working as a Tutor Nurse in Dubai, They have one son Rohan.

Mini. K. John married to Roy (M.Sc., B.Ed.), son of Solomon, Kolathu Veedu, Nilamel. Mincy. K. John to Shaji Thomas (U.S.A), son of T.K. Baby, Kalluvilayil, Paracode. Moncy. K. John married John Thomas, son of M.Y. Thomas, Retired Assistant Commissioner, Mundackal Veedu, Kottarakkara. Manoj. K. John is an Engineer.

K.E. Chacko (Third son of Eappachen):

Now residing at Kammamcheril, Nariyapuram. His wife is Mariyamma, Kallumkal Melathil, Vadakkekkara, Thumpamon and she died on 10th August, 1990 and buried at St. Thomas Catholic Church, Mambilali, Thumpamon. They have got three sons , Pappachen, Baby, Raju and two daughters Ammini and Gracy. Ammini got married to Nariyapuram, Thenguvilayil, Idicheriya and Gracy to Baby, son of Sri. Mathew, Kaithavana Thekkathil, Sooranadu North.

K.C. Pappachen:

Now leading post retirement life after 30 years of service as Headmaster from M.S.C. L.P. School, Paranthal, Pandalam since 1987. His wife is Mariyamma, Kuzhippara Padinjattekkara, Kulanada who retired from service on 1996 from the post of Headmistress, M.S.C. L.P. School, Thumpamon. They have got two sons, Roy, Suresh and two daughters Sussy and Lissy. Sussy married Lalen, son of Samuel, Chemathukandathil, Cheppad. Lissy (Sister Sowmya SIC) is now working as Teacher and residing in Bathery Madom. K.C. Pappachen also served as Secretary of Thumpamon Sakha.

Roy (B.Sc., B.Ed.) (K.P. Jacob):

He is now working as Teacher at High School, Omalloor. He married Anie (B.Sc., B.Ed.), daughter of Oommachen, Chiravarambathu, Kulanada and has got one daughter Sheen Mary Jacob and one son Darshan.

K.P. Suresh (B.E):

He is now working as Engineer in Dubai. He married Mariyamma (B.E), daughter of Mathunny, Kalpakasserry, Mukhathala, Kollam and working as Engineer in K.S.E.B. They has got only one daughter Anannya.

K.C. Varghese (Baby):

His wife is Ponnamma, Kannankara Kizhakkathil, Thuvayur. K.C. Varghese died on 16th August, 1991. They have got two sons, Saji and Biju and Saji married Rose Mary, daughter of Georgekutty , Perumala, Chandanappally and doing business at Nariyapuram. The second son Biju is working at Dubai on passing Civil Engineering Examination.

K.C. Thomas (Raju), B.A., M.Ed.:

Shalini, daughter of K.O. Issac, Retired Employment Officer, residing at Kollenvariathu, Jawahar Nagar, Trivandrum is the wife of K.C. Thomas. He is now working as Teacher in Sacred Heart High School, Mylapra on return from Nigeria. They have got three daughters, Ranjana, Sabeena and Swapna. All of them are students.

K.E. Joseph (Kutty), (Fourth son of Eappachen):

He is now engaged in Agriculture on return from Military Service. A Spiritualist and Missionary worker Sri. K.E. Joseph died on 27th September, 1984 at the age of 73 and buried at St. Mary’s Church, Thumpamon. Adoor, Konnayil, Saramma is the wife of K.E. Joseph and they have got two daughters, Ammini, Pennamma and two sons, Achenkunju and Georgekutty.

Ammini: got maried to Alexander, Muttathil vazhavilayil, Thumpamon.

Pennamma: is married to Shri. E.Georgekutty son of Shri. Tharayan Idichandy ,Thekkeveetil, Thattarambalam, Mavalikera. After retired from Military service he has joined to O N G C. At present they are settled in George Villa Thekkeaveetil, Thumpamon. They have two daughters. Prema and pretty. Prema married to Jiji Joseph son of Shri. T.K.Joseph,Therakathinal , Karakkad, Chenganoor. Pretty married to Sunil T Abraham son of Sri .T. Abraham, Thengum Villayil , Manakkala, Adoor.

K.K. Thankachen (Achenkunju), Mechanical Engineer:

He is now working in Gulf after serving at Delhi for five years on passing Mechanical Engineering from Calcutta. He married Kunjumole (B.A.), daughter of Gee Varghese, Kemathu Kizhakkeplavil, Kizhakke Theruvu, Kottarakkara. They have got one daughter Simi and one son Selin. The 75th year Platinum Jubilee Celebration of the Vadakkethalackkal Kudumba Yogam was conducted on 28th December 1990 at his residence.

K.J. George (Georgekutty):

Now working in Kuwait . Hew married to Valsamma daughter of Scariah, Mundappaly, Kipattor They have got one son James and two daughters Named Jessy and Jensy. James is working as an IT Engineer in Dubai and Jessy working as a staff Nurse in Delhi , Jensy finished her Engineering.

K.E. Thomas (Fifth son of Eappachen):

K.E. Thomas who participated fervently in the ‘Vimochana Samaram Struggle’ and also contested in the Panchayat election. Mariyamma, daughter of Gee Varghese, Kollantayyathu is the wife of K.E. Thomas and she died on 18th September 1993. They have got three sons, Samuel, Thankachen, Babu and four daughters, Kunju Mary, Kanjoonjamma, Chellamma and Santhamma. Kunju Mary married to Baby, Mundatharayil, Ullannur, Kunjoonjamma to Kochunnoonny, Thoppil Thekkathil, Puthenkavu, Chellamma to K.T. Chacko, Kollamala kizhakkathil, Mallappally and Santhamma to P.O. Daniel, Poovanna Nilkunnathil, Kodumon.

K.E. Samuel:

Now permanently settling at Bangalore after Military Service. His wife is Ammini, Palathinte Kizhakkathil, Mavelikara. They have got two sons, Kochumon, Sunny and one daughter Susan. Kochumon and Sunny are now working at Bangalore. Susan (B.A., LL.B) got wedded to Johnykutty, son of Mathen Chandy, Kattuvettickal, Kottayam.

K.T. Varghese (Thankachen):

On retirement from Indian Air force he is engaged in home affairs .He is the secretary of Thumpamon Sakha. His wife is Marcy Varghese daughter of Baby , Iranatharayil Thriuvanvandoor they have got one son Anil Varghese ( Jinu) and one daughter Jeny Varghese . Anil Varghese Married Reni Thomas Daughter of Shri Thomas Mathew, Kinuruvillil Thumpamon . They have got one son and one daughter Named Anchlo and Athiena . They are working in U S A . Jeny Varghese married to Shaji Lukose son of Shri. M. Y. Lukose , Mugulu villa ,Pannavely, Kottrakara. They have one son and one daughter Named Stefin Shaji and Kezia Shaji.

Babu Thomas (B.A):

Now working in Dubai as a senior Lab technisition . He married to Lali daughter of Kunju kunju,Vattankalayil, Mekkozhur ,Pathanamthitta. They have got one son, Sijo Babu Thomas working as a Graphs designer in Dubai .He married Smt Jemy, BSC Nurse daughter of Shr Babu Pannikuzhy, Kanavil, Ulanad . She is also working in Dubai.