Perumal Tharakan

He is the founder father of the Kanjirathinmoottil branch. He is the second son of Idichandy and the grandsonof Vadakkethalackal Kiriachen. Perumal Tharakan was a well respected person and a land-lord. In those days, he enjoyed the royal permission to ride on a horse back as a status symbol. Such privileges were bestowed only to well respected persons of the society. In recognition of his leadership and social status, he received the ‘THARAKAN sthaanam’ as a family honour from the rulers.

His wife was from the Thazhathuveetil family of Puthupally. Perumal Tharakan had six sons - Oommommen, Idicandy, Zacharia Kathanaar, Ninan, Mathunni Tharakan and Philipose Tharakan and two daughters.

While Oommommen, Idicandy, Zacharia Kathanaar and Ninan settled at Puthecavu and Piralacherry, Mathunni Tharakan chose to settle at Thumpamon. Philipose Tharakan continued to stay back at his fathers place – Kanjirathinmoottil Tharavadu at Puthiyacavu, Mavelikara.

Philipose Tharakan, Kanjirathinmoottil, Puthiyacavu, Mavelikara
(He was the sixth and youngest son of Perumal Tharakan)

His wife was from Maankavu family at Kattanam. He had three sons – Perumal Tharakan, Ninan Tharakan, Oommommen and six daughters married off to Karthigapally, Chakkalathukizhakethil Venmony, Thazhakara Vilanilathu Geevarghese Kathanaar, Chunakkara, Piralacherry and Karuvatta.

Perumal Tharakan – Kanjirathinmoottil, Puthiyacavu, Mavelikara
(Eldest son of Philipose Tharakan)

He had one daughter and two sons. His daughter was married to Theepanyil Srambical Kurien master, Thiruvalla. One among the sons, passed away without and descendants and the other was M.J. Varghese.

M.J Varghese
(Son of Perumal Tharakan)

He worked as an erection engineer at Madras. His wife was Pusiamma. They had three daughters – Lilly Varghese, Victoria Varghese, Thankam Varghese and a son John Varghese. Lilly and Thankam worked as nurses at Banares and remained unmarried. Victoria Varghese married Kochukunju of the Puthenpurackal family based at Niranam.

John Varghese (Thampy) Vadakekalary, Kanjirathinmootil, Paliakara, Thiruvalla
(Son of M. J. Varghese)

He is leading a retired life after having worked with Pampa River Factory. He married Kunjamma, the daughter of Kunju and Accamma of the Mattakackal family, Edathua. They have two daughters – Ruby and Mariamma John and a son – Raju (V. M. John).

Ruby is married off to Baby, son of Kunjukunju, of the Theveril Vengazhiyil family

Mariamma John (Daisy), is married off to Babu, son of KunjuKunju of the Vettipurathu Ottaplavinkal familiy, Pathanamtitta

V.M John (Raju) Vadakekalary, Kanjirathinmootil, Paliakara, Thiruvalla
(Son of John Varghese)

Raju is working abroad in the Gulf. He married Susheela, daughter of George and Thankamma of Koduman Kullanjimanil family.

Ninan Tharakan, Kanjirathinmootil
(Second son of Philipose Tharakan)

He married Saramma, daughter of KunjuNina Pynumootil, Thazhakara. He had 2 sons - Philipose Tharkan and Ninan Tharakan and 6 daughters – Sosamma (married to Kallupurathu, Puthiyacavu), Aleyamma (married to Edakkad, Chettikulangara), Mariamma (married to Thekkevettathu, Thonakkadu), Kunjamma (married to Karikottu, Thalavady), Annamma (married and settled at Trivandrum), Saramma (married to Kadavil, Thazhakara)

Philipose Tharakan, Kanjirathinmootil Valyayathu
(Eldest son of Ninan Tharakan)

He married Aleyamma (thevalkara Mannachalil). He had 4 sons – K.P. Ninan, K.P.John, K.P.Oommen, K.N.Thomas and a daughter - Saramma. Saramma remained unmarried.

K.P. Ninan (Kochupappy)
(Eldest son of Philipose Tharakan)

He was employed in the Government service and retired as Treasury Officer. He married Annamma, daughter of Kunjandi and Achiamma, of theTharayil familiy , Karunagapally. He had five sons – K.N.Philipose (Baby), K.N. Ninan(Babu), K.N.Oommen(Aniyan), K.N.Thomas (Kumaran), K.N.John(Kochumon) and 6 daughters –Ammini, Soma, Lilly, Sussie, Nirmala, Valsa

Annamma died in 1968 and K.P. Ninan passed away in 1978 and both of them are laid to rest at the St.Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Puthiyacavu.

Ammini was married off to Kunjukunju son of Itiavara of Ashariparambil, Chennitala

Lilly was married off to P.O.Oommen of Niranathu Puthupallil family

Sussie was married off to T.George, son of Thomas George, Kizhakekaloor, Thiruvalla

Nirmala was married off to T.V.Jacob,son of T.C Thomas, of Valyathethu family,Thiruvalla

Valsa was married off to T. M Kochoommen, son of Thaiyil family ,Kundara Soma passed away in 1967 and was laid to rest at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Puthiyacavu.

K.N.Philipose (Baby)
(Eldest son of K.P.Ninan)

After having worked with the Bhilai Steel Plant, as a civil engineer, he moved to the United States of America. He worked for the railways in New York. He was married to Thankama, from the Perathu family in Chennitala Thankama worked as nurse in New York. They have Manoj, Lissy, and Moncy as their children. All of them are settled in the United States Baby passed away in 1997 and is laid to rest at the St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral. His son Moncy passed away at the age of 28 (unmarried) and is also laid to rest at St. Mary’s Orthodox cathedral, Puthiyacavu.

K.N.Ninan (Babu)

He is working and settled at Kanpur.

K.N Oommen (Aniyan)

He married Mariamma, daughter of Kochukunju and Kunjamma of the Kanrunagapally Kotayathu family. They have 1 daughter – Annama Oommen and 2 sons - Renu Oommen and Renney Oommen. He was working as a conductor, in the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation. He passed away while in service, at the age of 48. He is laid to rest at the St.Mary’s Orthodox cathedral, Puthiyacavu.

K.N. Thomas (Kumaran)

He married Susamma, daughter of Baby and Aleyamma of Pulimootil family, Karthikapally. He is working in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They have a son Soju and a daughter Sowmya. Sowmya did her BSc. Nursing and is currently working at Mumbai. Soju is doing his higher studies in Hotel Management.

K.N.John (Kochumon)

He is working in a sea food company based in Ernakulam.

K.P John (Kunjunju)
(Second son of Philipose Tharakan)

He married Saramma(Thankamma) daughter of Geevarghese Perumal and Sosamma,Munjanaathu ,karuvatta. They had 3 daughters –Ponamma, Amini, Omana and 2 sons – John Philip (Kunjumon) and Joy. K.P. John passed away in 1984 and is laid to rest at the St.Mary’s Orthodox cathedral, Puthiyacavu.

Ponamma was married to Kunjunju, from Alappuzha

Ammini was married to Kunjachan, from Changanacheri. She passed away.

Omana was married to Mohan, from Wayanad

John Philip (Kunjumon)
(Eldest son of K.P. John)

He is working as an evangelist. He married Deenamma, daughter of Pastor T.T. John, of Matatil Vadakekara PuthenVeetil, Adoor.He has three daughters Sussamma,Jessy Philip, and Daisy Philip.

Susamma was married off to K.G.Ulahanaan(Kunjumon) son of Ulahanan Ittyavira, of the Karot Kuzhiyampaatu family,Kottayam.

Jessy and Daisy are married and settled at Adoor and Mavelikara respectively.

K.P.Oommen (Kochukutty) – Kanjirathinmootil, Kalayapuram
(Third son of Philipose Tharakan)

He became a member of the Marthoma church and worked as an evangelist. He married Rahelamma, daughter of Ika of Parakottu Poika Melethil Peedikayil family. He settled at Kalapuram Zion kunnu. Rahelamma was a music teacher. He had a daughter – Elizabeth (Joymol) and two sons – K.O.Samkunju, K.O.Johnson (Raju) K.P. Oommen died on 07-01-1995 and is laid to rest at the Kalyapuram Marthoma church.

Joymol completed her BSc and BEd. She was married off to Kunjumon,of Chenganoor Mangalathu Thamaraseril family. They are working in Kuwait.

K. O. Sam Kunju
(Eldest son of K.O. Oommen)

He married Marriamma, daughter of P.I.George and Pennamma, of Plavilaputhenveetil familiy, Kadambanaadu. He has two sons Titus Sam and Tim K Sam. He was an officer in the Air force and then left for employment at Dallas, United States of America. He has returned from the US and is now settled at Puthoormukku, Kalyapuram.

K. O. Johnson (Raju)
(Second son of K.O. Oommen)

He married Princy, from Chenganoor Mangalathu Thamaraseril family. They are based in Kuwait. He has a son – Rana Johnson and a daughter Veena Johnson

Rana Johnson Tharakan (Kukku)

Rana did his B.Tech and M.B.A. He married Queency, daughter of Panthaplavil Mani and Susy. He is now working in Toronto, Canada.

Veena Johnson did her B.Arch. She is married to Rony David Cherian, son of Illyparambil Raju and Dally, Changanacherry.

K.N.Thomas (Kochunjuunni)
(Fourth son of Philipose Tharakan)

He was a socio-political activist. He had undergone imprisonment for participation in political. He married Chinamma, the daughter of Mathew and Mariamma of the Kozhikodu Pandethu family from Karunagapally. He had 4 daughters – Mercy, Omana, Annamma, Gracy and 4 sons T.Philipose (Babu) , T. Mathew (Aniyan), K.T. Ninan (Samkunju), John K Thomas (Sunny)

Mercy (Aleyamma) completed her B. Com. She is married off to P.V Varghese, son of Issac and aleyamma of the Kaarichalil Kallelil family

Omana is married off to Thomas son of Varghese and Thankamma, Keshmattu family, Thumpamaon

Annamma is married to Babykutty, son of Kunjoomen and Sosamma, Padathu puthenveetil, Ezhamkulam

Gracy is married to Kunjumon, son of Cherian, Saramma of Karipuzha Kuttiyil family

T Philipose (Babu)
(Eldest son of K.N. Thomas)

He married Lillykutty, daughter of Oommachan and Sosamma of Pawath Vadakethil, Kodukulanji. He has a son –Shinju Thomas Philip and a daughter – Shani Philip. He was working with the Kerala Police as the sub inspector of police. He passed away at the age of 56 and is laid to rest at St.Mary’s Orthodox cathedral, Puthiyacavu.

Shinju Thomas Philip

Shinju is now working in a Dubai based company. He married Sangeetha.

T Mathew (Aniyan)
(Second son of K.N. Thomas)

He worked and retired as an Engineer at the Kerala State Electricity Board. He also served as the Principal of Mar Basalios ITC, Mavelikara. He married Rajamma, daughter of George and Kunjamma, Leela Sadanathil, Anchal.He has two daughters –Anu T Mathew (Seema) and Ashwathy Mathew and a son –Arun Thomas Mathew

Anu T Mathew did her BSc. Nursing and is married to Thomas C Kuriakose, Edapon, Pandalam. Both of them are working in Abu Dubai.

Ashwathy Mathew did her MSc. Electronics and is married to Shine Sam Jacob, son of V.S. Jacob, Vettampallil, Cherukole, Mavelikara. Both of them are working as software professionals at Bangalore.

Arun Thomas Mathew

Arun did his B.Com and M.B.A and is married to Sophia Mathew – BSc. Nursing. She is the daughter of V.S. Mathew, Valuparambil, Anayara, Thiruvananthapuram. Both of them are working at Dubai.

K. T.Ninan (Sam Kunju)
(Third son of K.N. Thomas)

He married Annie,daughter of Thomas and Chinamma of Palamootil Kadaloor Paditathil, Thonakkadu. He is working in Dubai,United Arab Emirates. He has two sons Thomas Ninan (Sonu) and Jacob Ninan (Appus). Both of them are students.

John K Thomas (Sunny)
(Fourth son of K.N. Thomas)

He was one of the founders of the Youth Wing of the kudumbayogam.He was also the chief editor of the manuscript magazine. He married Leena, daughter of Thomas and Lillykutty, of ThiruvattaalMannil family Vennikulam. Both of them are working and settled in Melbourne, Australia.

Ninan Tharakan (Pappychen) – Kanjirathinmootil, Puthiyakavu
(Second son of Ninan Tharakan)

He is the second son of Ninan Kanjirathinmootil and was a Work Superintendent at the PWD and also managed the farming activities at the inherited ancestral property. He married Annamma, daughter of Kankallil Yohannan, Kayamkulam. Annama was a Government school teacher. They had four sons - K.N.Oommen(Kochunnoonny), K.Zachariah (Baby), K. Philip(Kuttappan) and K.N.John(Pappachan) and a daughter – Chinnamma. Chinnamma was married to Jacob Philip, the son of Reverend Father Philipose Kathanar of Poovathoor family, Chengannur.

K.N.Oommen Tharakan (Kochunnoonny)
(Eldest son of Ninan Tharakan – Pappychen)

He married Ammini (Sosamma), daughter of Thazhakara Mamootil M.K Thomas and Mariyamma.

Oommen worked at Bangalore Hindustan Aeronautical Limited and the Ordinance depot before returning to Mavelikara. He continued to be associated with some of the major business houses in the home town before retiring and looking after the farming of the inherited farmland. He settled at Pynummoodu, Mavelikara.

K.N. Oommen passed away on the 21st of August 2007 at the age of 95 and is laid to rest at St. Mary’s Orthodox cathedral, Puthiyacavu. He is succeeded by three sons – K.O.Ninan Tharakan (Sunny), K.O.Thomas Tharakan (Babu) and K.O.Philip Tharakan (Rajan) and four daughters – Kunjumol, Soosamma, Sally and Jessy.

Kunjumol (Mary Oommen) was married to Joy George son of Piravom Mulakulathu Vellayamaril V.S George and Aleyamma. They have two daughters, Shyno and Sherry. Both of them are married.

Soosamma married Mathews, son of Pallickal Menethu Pappy and Thankamma. They have a son Shibu and daughter Sheena. Both of them are married.

Sally married Mathew, son of Chengannur Kollareth Thomas and Thankamma. They have two sons – Anoop and Ajith.

Jessy married Wilson, son of Niranam Charummoottil Kottappallil Mathew and Thankamma. They have a son – Bibin and two daughters – Anju and Anu.

K.O. Ninan Tharakan (Sunny) – BE, Dip.TT, MISTE
(Eldest son of K.N. Oommen Tharakan)

He chose teaching profession and started as a lecturer in engineering. For many years he worked as the Head of Department of Civil Engineering in various polytechnic colleges. Then he took up a job as Project Engineer in the construction sector in Kuwait. After returning from Gulf, he continued his teaching profession for a few more years and retired as the Principal of Thodupuzha Government Polytechnic College. Post retirement, he also served as the Principal coordinator of the Kerala State Nimrithi Kendra and as consultant to major private technical institutes. He is settled in Kallumala, Mavelikara. He has been an active member in the central committee of Vadakkethalackal Mahakudumbayogam. K.O. Ninan Tharakan was unanimously elected as the President of the Vadakkethalackal Mahakudumbayogam in 2007-08 and has been re-elected to continue as the President. In addition to this, he is the Chief Editor of the ‘Tharavadu’ quarterly publication of our Kudumbayogam. His wife Omana (Mariyamma Ninan), who retired from a teaching career as a headmistress) is the daughter of Late C.M. Koshy and Dr. Mariyamma Koshy Thoompunkal family, Calicut. Omana passed away on 13/11/2008 at the age of 68 and is laid to rest at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Puthiyacavu.

Ninan and Omana have a son – Benoy Tharakan and a daughter Sonia Susan Ninan.

Benoy Tharakan – B.Tech, MBA, MIE

He is working at Chennai, as General Manager with Expeditors, an international shipping and logistics company. He is married to Dr. Preetha Elizabeth Chaly, BDS, MDS daughter of Prof. Alias Chaly and Prof. Annie Chaly from Mulanthuruthy Chalil family. Dr. Preetha is working as a professor in Meenakshiammal Dental College, Chennai. Benoy and Preetha have a daughter Meghna and two sons – Ruben and Yohan. The kids are doing their schooling.

Dr.Sonia Susan Ninan (daughter of K.O.Ninan Tharakan) did her BDS from KMC Manipal and is married to Dr. Pradeep John George – BDS, MDS – son of Mavelikara Kallelil Dr.K.G.George and Emily George. They have two sons Joshua and Jordan, who are doing their schooling.

K.O.Thomas Tharakan (Babu)
(Second son of K.N. Oommen Tharakan)

He worked in Kuwait for many years as a Mechanical Engineer for the National Petroleum Company, before returning to his hometown for permanent settlement. K.O. Thomas Tharakan is an active member of the Vadakkethalackal Mahakudumbayogam. He is an elected member of the Malankara Association of the Orthodox Sabha and is also an active member of the Kerala Congress(M). He is married to Aleyamma, daughter of Omalloor Karavallil Mathayichan and Annamma. They have two sons – Arun and Ajit and a daughter Anju.

Arun Oommen Tharakan
(Eldest son of K.O. Thomas Tharakan)

He did his B.E. Computer Science and Engineering from Karunya University and is currently working as a System Architect in IBS, a leading IT solution provider based at Technopark, Trivandrum.

Ajit Mathew Tharakan
(Second son of K.O. Thomas Tharakan)

He did his B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Anna University and is presently working in Chennai with Foxcon, a multinational mobile phone OEM company.

Dr. Anju Susanna Thomas, daughter of Thomas Tharakan, did her MBBS studies from Pushpagiri Medical College and is currently doing her house surgency. She is persuing her higher studies.

K.O. Philip Tharakan (Rajan)
(Third son of K.N.Oommen Tharakan)

He is working as a Branch Manager at the State Bank of Travancore(SBT). He is married to Susan, daughter of Karinjapallil Mathewkutty and Annamma Kappil. Susan is also a Branch Manager at the State Bank of Travancore.

They have a son Anish and a daughter Asha. K.O. Philip Tharakan was the treasurer of the Vadakkethalackal Mahakudumbayogam for many years.

Anish Philip Tharakan

He did his BE in Computer Science and Engineering after which he did his Business studies (M.B.A) from Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore. He is currently working as a Senior Business Analyst at IBS, a leading IT solution provider based at Technopark, Trivandrum.

Asha Susan Philip did her B.Tech in Information Technology from Kerala University. She is married to Bibin Varghese Cherian, M.B.A, son of Vennikulam Kachirakkal Thoyat T.V Cherian and Susan Cherian. Asha and Bibin are working in Kuwait.

K Zachariah Tharakan (Baby)
(Second son of Ninan Tharakan)

He retired as Head Cashier from the State Bank of Travancore and is settled in Vazhuvady. He married Annamma, daughter of Pathichira Konneth K.P. Varghese and Sosamma. Annamma was a teacher at Mattom St. John’s High School. She passed away at the age of 79 and was laid to rest at St. Mary’s Orthodox cathedral, Puthiyacavu. They have four sons – Ninan Zachariah (Joy), Varghese Zachariah(Thampi), Oommen Zachariah(Sunny), Mathew Zachariah (Johnny) and a daughter Molly Zachariah.

Molly did her MA and is married to Engr. C.K. Jose, son of Mukhathala Cherukara Puthen Bangalow Oommen Kunjukunu and Annamma.

Ninan Zachariah (Joy)
(Eldest son of K.Zachariah Tharakan)

He married Leelamma, daughter of Pathichira Mamoottil P.O. Varghese and Marykutty. Both of them were working in the USA for many years and returned to settle in Vazhuvady. They have a son Sunil, and two daughters Suja and Susha.

Ninan Zacharia’s wife Leelamma passed away at the age of 55. She is laid to rest at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Puthiyacavu. After the death of Leelamma, he remarried Mariamma, daughter of Thankachan and Ammini of Chittoditharayil family, Mattom. They have a daughter Susan.

Sunil Zachariah

He is married to Thripthy, daughter of Markose and Sarala, Vadakkayil house, Kattanam. Suja is married to Varghese of the Kottappallil family, Niranam. They have a son Jeremaya. Susha is married to Thomas, son of Karur Modayi Thomas Philip and Lalitha, Mulakazha. They have a son Jaiden. All of them are working in the USA.

Varghese Zachariah (Thampi) – M. Pharm
(Second son of K Zachariah Tharakan)

He is married to Dr. Susheela M.D. They are working in USA. They have a son Jomon and a daughter Aanet. Both of them are medical students.

Oommen Zachariah (Sunny) – M.A.
(Third son of K Zachariah Tharakan)

He is married to Susan (Emsy) M.Sc. B.Ed, B.P.T. – daughter of Pathichira Alintethekkethil Nirmala Bhavan C. Yohannan and Mary Kutty. Both of them are working in the USA. They have a daughter Riza Oommen and a son Oommen Tharakan. Both of them are doing their studies.

Mathew Zachariah (Johny) – M.A.
(Fourth son of K Zachariah Tharakan)

He is married to Suni, daughter of Pulikeezh Alumoottil Manapurath Chandy Abraham and Susamma. Both of them are working in the USA. They have two school going daughters Susan Zachariah and Shano Zachariah.

K Philip Tharakan (Kuttappan)
(Third son of Ninan Tharakan)

After working in the State Bank of Travancore for many years, he retired as Spl. Assistant and is leading a retired life at Trivandrum. He married Annamma (Baby), daughter of Mampallil Mathew and Aanie, Thiruvananthapuram. Annamma retired as Sr. Superintendent at the NCC department of Central Government. Annamma passed away and is laid to rest at the Pattoor Orthodox Church cemetery.

They have a daughter Susan Philip (Geetha) – MSc. She is married to Thomas Mathew (Susheel), son of Poikayil Mathew and Deenamma. Susan Philip is section officer in the Kerala University and Thomas Mathew is managing his business. They have a son Mathew Thomas(Reejo) – B.Tech who is working as an engineer at Coimbatore, and a daughter Reeba Ann Thomas who is an engineering student.

K.N. John Tharakan (Pappachan)
(Fourth son of Ninan Tharakan)

He retired from Government service as senior superintendent in the NCC department, and is leading his retired life at the ancestral Kanjirathinmoottil Tharavadu at Puthiyacavu Mavelikara. He married Saramma, daughter of Late Fr. P.J. Yacob Kathanaar and Mariamma, Kilinnamannil Planthoppil. They have three sons Ninan John (Roy), Jacob John(Kochumon), John K. Philip (Biju) and two daughters Jessy John and Susan John.

Jessy is married to Boben Mathew, son of Pathichira Mamoottil M.C.Mathew.
Susan John is married to Varghese Mathew, son of Kurathiad Kattumthalakal Varghese.

Ninan John (Roy)
(Eldest son of K.N. John Tharakan)

He married Suja, daughter of Puthencavu Ulappakuzhiyil Baby Varghese and Mariamma. They are working in Kuwait and have a daughter Shini Sara Ninan who is a student.

Jacob John (Kochumon)
(Second son of K.N. John Tharakan)

He married Gigi Jacob, daughter of Abraham and Mariamma of Kurunthottathu, Elanthur, Pathanamthitta. They are working at Dubai. They have one son Arun John Jacob Tharakan and a daughter Anita Sara Jacob, both of whom are doing their schooling.

John K. Philip (Biju)
(Third son of K.N. John Tharakan)

He married Mili, daughter of Late Joseph and Estherkutty of Puthenparambil family, Kottayam. John Philip is working in Dubai. They have a daughter Neha Sara Philip.

Oommommen Classifier – Vazhuvady
(Third son of Philipose Tharakan)

Oommommen Classifier was a prominent member of the Kanjirathinmoottil branch. He is well known for his practical wisdom and for his position as classifier of land properties and fixing tariff on behalf of the government. He was accepted by all as a mediator for almost all the problems and civil cases arising amongst family members as well as among the general public of the locality. He was a landlord as well.

It is worthwhile to note that Oommommen was one among the two members who were entrusted with the task of preparing an ‘Aakamana Vamsavaly’ (genealogy chart) of our Vadakkethalackal Mahakudumbom. This decision was taken at a kudumbayogam held at Maret House during the 40th day memorial prayer of Maret Avaraachan.