Sankaranarayana Bhattathiri of "Karamana illam" in Kodungallore, after accepting Christianity from St.Thomas, travelled to south and have come and stayed in Thazhamon mutt, Chengannur. He married Devaki "Antharjanam",a member of the Thazhamon mutt . After a while it was discovered by Thazhamon family members that Sankaranarayana Bhattathiri is a follower of Christianity and they were in dilemma. Contrary to the normal practice of declaring them out-cast and sending them out of the family, they decided to move them out to another safe and convenient place. The place they chosen was in Mavelikara, the north end of Mavelikara market, a site not much exposed but convenient for living. Sankaranarayana Bhattathiri and Devaki Antharjanam were said to have been brought here on an elephant escorted by body guards and servants.

Sankaranarayana Bhattathiri and Devaki Antharjanam were later known by their Christian names Thomas and Maria and the house they lived was known as “Pazhayapura”. They had only one son who was popularly known as Varkey.

There was an "illam" called Cheriyamadam nearby and Parvathy Antharjanam was the only inheritor. This Brahmin family also accepted Christianity and Parvathy changed her name as "Sosamma". Varkey married Sosamma. This couple had four children; Itty Avira was the eldest son and was the first Christian priest in the Vadakethalackal family.

Fr.Itty Avira married Kocheliyamma of Palakkunnathu Ambattu family, Maramon. By and during the times of Fr.Itty Avira Vadakethalackal family attained great heights in wealth and influence like some other contemporary families in Mavelikara.

From Fr. Itty Avira a few generations down the line we meet our forefather Idichandi in Pazhayapura and his off-springs and the ones succeeded established various Shakha and Upashakha of Vadakkethalackal Mahakudumbam.

By virtue of location and by descent the present Mavelikkara Shakha comprises the following Upashakha:

  • Srambickal-Mavelikara
  • Puthenpurayil-Thazhakkara
  • Eranthottathil-Kandiyoor
  • Eranthottathil-Vazhuvadi
  • Kanjirathummoottil-Vazhuvadi
  • Parambil-Thazhakkara
  • Kunchattil-Vazhuvadi
  • Kizhakkepynummoottil-Thazhakkara
  • Kottackattu-Kayamkulam
  • Theruvile Veettil-Thazhakkara, Mavelikara
  • Polachirackal Puthenveedu, Vazhuvadi, Mavelikara
  • Vellavil-Vazhuvadi, Mavelikara
  • Polachirackal Kizhakkethil-Vazhuvadi