Gee Varghese:

Gee Varghese who shifted his residence from Peroor to Padinjatte Veettil has got two sons Gee Varghese and Ouseph. Gee Varghese is now residing at Padinjattee Veettil after his marriage from Puzhakkalil, Thumpamon. The children of Ouseph are residing at Peringanadu. Gee Varghese residing at Padinjatte Veettil has got three sons, Gee Varghese Kochukunju (Gee Varghese Koshy), Kunjachen (P.K. Varghese), Thomas (P.K. Thomas) and four daughters Saramma, Aleyamma, Sosamma and Rahelamma. Saramma married to Cheruvazhathadathil, Kaipattoor, Aleyamma to Cheriyan Mathai, Panarayil, Sosamma to Gee Varghese, Kattuvilayil, ,Punalur and Rahelamma to Unnoonny, Kuravanthundil, Pandalam.

Gee Varghese Koshy (Kochukunju) (Eldest son of Gee Varghese):

He married from Chakkala Kizhakkathil, Kaipattoor and his wife died after giving birth to one son Koshy Daniel. He again married Annamma, Mavullathil, Eanath and has got two sons, Scariahchen (K. Zachariah), Podikunju (P.K. Mathai). Gee Varghese Koshy died on 1970 and Annamma on 1989. Both of them were laid to rest at St. Mary’s Church, Thumpamon.

Koshy Daniel (Elder son of Gee Varghese Koshy):

He married Pennamma, Thengum tharayil, Eanathu and residing at Padinjatte Veettil. They have got one son Babu and three daughters, Deenamma, Lissy and Sherly. Koshy Daniel is working as Paint Contractor. His son, Babu married Alice from Konni. They have got two sons, Bobby and Ben and two daughters, Bessy and Betty. All of them are students. Babu is now residing in Padinjatte Veettil on return from Andaman Electricity Department. Deenamma married to Baby, Poovannam Vilayil Veettil, Chandanappally, Lissy to Thankachen, Charuvilayil, Paranthal and Sherly to Renji, Mulakkuzha. Pennamma, wife of Koshy Daniel died on 1997 and laid to rest at St. Mary’s Church, Thumpamon.

K. Zachariah (Second son of Gee Varghese Koshy):

He married Pennamma (Saramma), daughter of Thomas, Pandakasalayil, Thumpamon and residing at Raju Cottage, Keeruzhy. They have got one son, Raju and one daughter Sofy. Sofy married to Thomas Scariah (Sunny). K. Scariah is working as a Building Contractor in Delhi.

Raju Scariah, B.Sc.:

He married Leelamma, daughter of C.C. Varghese, Chandrapra, Mezhuveli. He is working as Executive in J.K. Company at Rourkhela. They have got two daughters, Roniyamole and Boniya Mole.

P.K. Mathai (Podiyan Kunju): (Civil Engineer):

Third son of Gee Varghese Koshy. He married Lissy, daughter of Thomas Ninan, Malappurathu, Thumpamon. They have got three children, Beena, Binny and Bincy. Beena (B.A, B.Ed.) married to Varghese George, son of V.C. George, Vellancherry, Thiruvalla, Binny Mathews has passed Hotel Management / Diploma in Computer Application. P.K. Mathai is now engaged in Home affairs after serving as Civil Supply Officer in Andaman and Bincy Mathew is a student.

Koshy Varghese (Kunjachen):

Second son of Gee Varghese. He married Sosamma, daughter of Oommachen, Peroor Thundil, Thumpamon. They are now residing at Keerukuzhy Padinjatte Veettil Puthen Veettil from Thumpamon. They have got three daughters, Lillykutty, Marykutty Chinnamma and one son K.V. Varghese (Kunjumon). Lillykutty married to Samuelkutty, Karambala Thadathil, Marykutty to Babu, Koduveli Parambil, Ernakulam and Chinnamma to Lt. Johnykutty, Bindu Cottage, Chettikulangara, Mavelikara. Kunjachen has expired.

K.V. Varghese (Kunjumon):

He is residing at Keerukuzhy after retirement from the Climate Observation Department of Indian Air Force. He married Rosamma from Kulathoopuzha and they have got one son Tintu (Robin Varghese) and one daughter Tilju ruby Varghese. Both of them are students. K.V. Varghese is serving in Mahindra and Mahindra Company.

Koshy Thomas (Third son of Gee Varghese):

He married Kunjamma from Ulanadu and residing at Padinjatte Veettil. They have got one son Monachen and four daughters, Marykutty, Kunjumole, Omana and Santhamma. Thomas is now engaged in agriculture. Monachen died at the age of 19. Marykutty married from Pathanamthitta, Kunjumole from Kaipattoor, Omana to Joy Alummoottil, Paranthal and Santhamma is now working as Nurse in Thiruvananthapuram.


Ouseph, who shifted his residence from Padinjatte Veettil to Peringanattu, married Chinnamma, Pandyalathundil. They have six daughters and one son Kutty. Kutty married Podippennu, Kurumkayil, Vadakkekkara, Thumpamon and residing there. Kutty has got two sons and one daughter. Eldest son is a bachelor and the details about others are not available.