Kochukunju :

Kochukunju residing at Vadakke Veettil, one of the children of Mathunny Tharakan, has got only one son Mathunny. Mathunny has got 3 sons Kochukunju Chacko and Thomas. Thomas is now residing in the family.

Kochukunju (Thekkevilayil):

Mangalathu Mannil Mariyamma is the wife of Kochukunju who shifted his residence from Vadakke Veettil to Thekke Vilayil. They have got one son Kutty (Mathew) and one daughter, Kunjamma. Kunjamma got married to Vayala Puthen Veedu.

Mathew (Kutty):

His wife is Saramma, Chakkala Thekkathil, Venmony. They have got two sons, Georgekutty, Joykutty and one daughter Marykutty. Marykutty married to Thankachen, Velante Thekkethil, Pandalam. Mathew died on 1976 and Saramma has died. Both of them were laid to rest at St. Mary’s Church, Thumpamon.

K.M. George (Georgekutty):

After the long services in Indian Air Force, now he is working as Store Officer in Hindustan Aeronautical at Nasik. His wife is Mariyamma, Paliyappanathu, Mulanthuruthy who is also working at H.A.L. They have got two daughters, Mini and Suni. Mini got married to Wilson, son of Joshwa, Vettoor Madathilethu, Kumbazha and Suni is now working as Nurse in Military.

K.M. Joykutty:

He is now self reliant in works he married Podiamma daughter of Pappy, Kudathilkizhakkethil ,Kilivail Adoor . They have got two sons Named Lejo Joy and Rejo Joy. Lejo Joy married to Jiji George daughter of George , Mulavina House ,Paringalapuram ,Mavelikara .Lego is working as a civl engr in Kuwait and Jiji also working as B Sc Nurse in Kuwait. Rejo Joy after passing MCom and he is studying for MBA.

Chacko (Thoppi):

The wife of Chacko, who is shifted his residence from VadakkeVeettil to Thoppil, is Mariyamma, Chandravelayil Padinjattethil, Thatta. They have got 2 sons, Mathew, Varghese and three daughters, Rahelamma, Annamma and Kunjamma. Rahelamma married to Thannikkottu, Thatta, Annamma to Ranni and Kunjamma to Pannivizha.

Chacko Mathew:

His wife is Kunjamma, Meladathu, Thatta. Chacko Mathew died on 21st July,1963 and Kunjamma on October 1990. They have got four sons, Baby, Joy, Pappachen, Johnichan and four daughters Thankamma, Pennamma, Chinnamma and Gracy. Thankamma married to Madathilayyathu, Kadambanad, Pennamma to Mullankuzhi, Karaikkad, Chinnamma to Dr.Mathew, Choorakkad Mannil, Vadasserykara. Gracy (T.C. Mollykutty) died on 21st July, 1971 at the age of 22 years while engaged in charitable services for a short period.

Baby (T.M. Chacko):

Now residing at Madras with the family on retirement from the post of Flying Officer for a long period in Air Force. His wife is Ammini, daughter of V.T. Koshy, Alummoottil, Chandanappally. Ammini is residing at Madras on retirement from the post of civilian in Air Force. They have got three daughters, Saro (Annie Chacko), B.Sc., B.Ed., Sheela (B.Com.) and Suja. Saro, after marriage and both herself and her husband are now serving in Ootty. Sheeja on marriage residing with husband in America. Suja is residing in Madras after Computer course.

T.M. Joy:

Thankamma, Choorakkattumannil, Chittar is the wife of T.M. Joy, who shifted his residence from Thumpamon to Chittar after his seervice in Andamans. They have got two sons, Moncy, Pradeep and two daughters, Jessy and Zeena. Both sons are doing business in Goa. Moncy married from Chittar, Jessy is working as Nurse and Zeena is a student.

T.M. Varghese (Pappachan):

He is now residing at Thoppil after 15 years service in Air Force. His wife is Kunjoonjamma, daughter of A.V. George, Anchumuriyil, Eazhamkulam. He has got only three daughters, Sofia, Sonia and Sojia. Sofia after her studies, B.Sc. (Hon.) is serving in AIIMS on Bond for 2 years. Sonia is now doing Diploma in Nursing for three years and Sojia is a student.

T.M. John (Johnichan):

He is now serving in Air Force. His wife is Lillykutty, daughter of Late Mathaichan, Malethil Veedu, Aranmula. Lillykutty is serving in Government Hospital in Bhopal. They have got one son, Lijo and residing permanently in Aranmula.

T.C. Varghese:

Now residing at Thiruvananthapuram from Thppil, Thumpamon. Ammini, a native of Thiruvalla is the wife of T.C. Varghese, who served at State Bank of Travancore. Both of them expired. Thy have got only one daughter, Susamma married to Joseph, Alappuzha and residing permanently at Alappuzha.

Mathunny Thomas:

He is the youngest son of Mathunny. He engaged in Hill products business at his yunger age and his wife is Mariyamma, Chakkittatathu mukulampurathu. They have got four daughter, Mariyamma, Kunjamma, Anamma and Pennamma and son Kunjukunju (K.T. Chacko). Mariyamma married to Chackochan, Choorakkottu Elavukattil, Adoor, Kunjamma to George, Vadakkupurathu Thevallil (now Thumpamon Thevallil), Annamma to Daniel, Pannivizha Mokalambilavil and Ponnamma to P.E.Mathew, Puthenpurackal Parambil Peedikayil.

K.T. Chacko (Kunju Kunju):

He is the only son of Vadakke Veettil Mathunny Thomas and Mariyamma. After his High School studies engaged in Hill Products business along with his father. He married Ponnamma from Palaikkathazhethil, Karippuzha. They have got three sons, Raju (K.C.Thomas), Babuji (K.C. Abraham), Monachan (K.C.Jacob) and one daughter Molamma (Mary Chacko), B.A. Molamma married Soman, son of Abraham, Puthuvapadical, Karippuzha. Kunju Kunju is a popular and involved in social work in Thamamon. He becomes reliant through business and an important person in Vadakkethalackal family. He has also served as Treasurer and President of the Thumpamon Sakha. He died on 5th October 1994 and laid to rest at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Thampamon.

Raju (K.C. Thomas), P.D.C.:

After completed the course while engaging in business matters along with his father he contested in Panchayat Election in 1988 and declared elected by a majority lead and thereby become President. Now serving in America with his family. He married Molly, daughter of Mathew, Kolokulangara, Kattanam. They have got two sons, Renju and Sanju and one daughter Anju. All of them are students.

Babuji, B.A. (K.C. Abraham):

He served at Bombay for 5 years after his studies and now is in Gulf. His wife is Rachel, daughter of Late Thomaskutty, Thondamvelil, Thumpamon and they have got two sons, Roopan and Allen. Both of them are students.

Monachan (K.C. Jacob):

Now working in Gulf after his college studies. He is one of the major football players of the Central Travancore and received a good number of awards. His wife is Sally, daughter of T.V. Thomas, Parappuzha Thottampurathu P.T. House, Maramon. They have got two daughters, Neethu and Neenu.